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My Ex continues to be crazy about Me. What’s the Right Thing to Do?

Reader Question:

My ex remains in love me and that I’m cougar dating website their closest friend. About four or five months in the past, I broke up with my date of seven several months. We just were not right any longer. Today per month . 5 afterwards, he confessed he has got and always will cherish me.

Note: I’m a teenager, making this different relationship than adults.

What’s the right action to take?

-Rebekah (United States Of America)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Rebekah:

What is the “right” course of action is actually a tremendously different question from exactly what “should” i actually do. This isn’t an etiquette question. This might be a question regarding the feelings, the thoughts of your own ex-boyfriend and also the emotions of their best friend.

You have got quite a nest of thoughts to take into account here, darling. A i will perform is describe a few pre-determined questions for you to consider.

Firstly, when he was actually the man you’re seeing, did you split up because you two weren’t appropriate or since you missed a way to find out some dispute quality abilities?

And it is your partner really in love with at this point you, or maybe you’ve are more appealing as you are holding hands along with his companion?

And what about the purposes of his pal? Is actually he contending along with his pal or being a truly mindful boyfriend?

I differ to you about a very important factor. Dating for teenagers actually diverse from matchmaking for adults. Every relationship we now have affects any other connection we will have. We are training ourselves becoming a beneficial lover all our lives.

Are you currently learning how to end up being type, loyal and truthful while getting clear about getting your needs met? Or are you bowing to challenges from dudes in tries to feel “liked.”

My personal recommendation: work out who you are, what you need and speak that demonstrably to both teenage boys. It is your feelings that issue here.

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