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What is SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 Error? How to Fix It?

You bought yourself a fancy new Smartphone. After inserting the SIM from the old phone into the new phone, you are excited to make calls to your friends and family. But then bam! The phone shows an error saying SIM Not Provisioned MM #2.

It won’t let you make calls or connect to the mobile data. As frustrating as it is, the SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 error is quite common and has easy fixes.

So, in this troubleshooting guide, we will understand what exactly does the SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 error means. We will also see how to fix this error in simple steps.


What Does SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 Error Mean?

When I say Subscriber Identity Module, you might not recognize the term. But when I say SIM Card, then you know it as the tiny thing that we put in our phones to make calls.

All modern GSM, LTE, or any latest cellular technology phones need a SIM card in them to connect to a cellular network. It can be either a physical card or an e-SIM that comes pre-installed on the phone.

The SIM Card contains all the necessary data such as the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) Number, PIN, PUK, and also network-specific data.

Once you properly insert the SIM card and it registers with the provider, then you can make phone calls, use data, etc.

Apart from the essential information, the SIM Card also contains some contacts (we call them SIM Contacts), text messages, etc.

It is clear that the SIM Card is an important part of modern mobile phones. It is very frustrating if there are any problems with SIM Card as you cannot make any calls.

One such common error is the SIM Not Provisioned MM #2. But what exactly is this?

This error occurs when you insert a SIM Card into your new phone. There are also cases where this error prevails with new SIM Cards.

The reason for this error is your SIM Card is not yet activated by your network provider or is temporarily suspended. To be specific, the SIM is it is not authorized to be used on your new phone.

Some other reasons for this error are:

  • Physical damage to the SIM Card
  • Improper placement of the SIM Card in the Phone
  • Network issue with your carrier / provider (problem with server)

How to Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 Error?

If you face this error, then you have to “provision” the SIM with the new phone so that the carrier can activate it. But how to do that? How to fix the SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 error? Let us see the methods now.

Wait for Some Time

If you see the SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 error immediately after you insert the SIM Card, then we recommend you to wait for some time. The activation process is automatic and takes no more than an hour or two.

But if there is any problem with the carrier’s server, then it might take slightly more time. So, wait for some time and see if the error has disappeared.

Restart Your Phone

This is probably one of the popular solutions to several phone-related problems. Turn your phone off. Wait for 30 seconds. Then restart the phone. Several users reported that a simple restart solved the SIM Not Provisioned error.

Chances are, this method might work for a majority of the users. If this didn’t work for you, then read further to see other possible solutions.

Take Out the SIM Card and Re-Insert It

If you did not insert the SIM Card properly or if there is a problem with the seating of the SIM Card in the slot, then there is a possibility of getting the error.

Using a SIM ejector pin, take the SIM Card out, wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth, and re-insert it.

Additionally, you can also your phone after you re-insert the SIM card.

Check for Physical Damages to the SIM Card

When you take the SIM Card out, check it for any scratches or other physical damages. If there are any cracks, scratches, or other damages, then you have to replace the SIM card.

Use Airplane Mode

The Airplane mode is an essential feature on all smartphones. When you enable the Airplane mode, the phone disables the RF Transceivers for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular network. This means you cannot connect to the network provider, a Wi-Fi Router, or a Bluetooth headset.

This is a simple way to disable all wireless activity of the Phone while leaving it powered on.

You can try to turn on the Airplane mode, wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute and disable it. Although the SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 error is mainly due to the SIM Card, there is no harm in trying this method.

All modern smartphones have pull-down quick settings. The Airplane mode will be here. You can also go to Settings and Connections to see Airplane mode.

Check if Your SIM Card is Activated or Not

Some carriers such as AT&T will throw the SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 error if the SIM card is not activated.

Even though this is an automatic process, sometimes the user might need to manually activate it.

There are several ways to do this. Check the carrier website and look for device activation. As our problem with SIM card only, you need to choose the SIM Card only option.

Another way to activate the SIM card is by dialing a special number that is a combination of numbers and special characters (* and #).

You can call the customer care of your carrier from another working phone and ask them to activate your SIM Card.

Again, this depends on the carrier. So, check with your carrier on how to activate the SIM card.

Put the SIM Card in another Phone

If you see the error in your new smartphone, try to take out the SIM card and insert it into another phone. This method will determine whether the problem is with your SIM card or the handset itself.

A faulty SIM will not work on the other device as well. In this case, the problem is definitely with the SIM card.

But if there is no error and you can make calls on the other phone, there you need to worry as the problem might be with your new smartphone, although chances of this are slim to none.

Contact Your Carrier or Network Provider

If none of the above methods worked, then you have to contact the customer care of your network provider. They will clarify the nature of the problem.

You can also get information on what caused the error. If the problem is with their server, then you have to wait for a specified time. Usually, they will resolve the issue within this period.

In case there isn’t any issue with the server, they will guide you on the troubleshooting steps and other alternatives.

Replace the SIM Card with a New One

The last solution is to ditch the SIM card and get a replacement. You can either contact the customer care of your network provider or better go to a local store to get a new SIM Card.

An authorized store will cancel the old SIM and add the new SIM card to your account.


One of the common problems with new smartphones and SIM Cards is you get an error saying SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 as soon as you insert the SIM Card.

It is annoying to see this message as you cannot make any calls with your fancy new smartphone. The cause for this error is an activation issue, where your carrier hasn’t activated the SIM card to use it with the new phone.

In this guide, we saw the possible reason for the SIM Not Provisioned MM #2 error. Then, we saw some simple troubleshooting solutions to fix this problem.

We hope that one of the solutions that we mentioned here fixed the issue for you.

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