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DPU storage accelerator handles 200 Gbps

Panther III, a DPU storage accelerator from MaxLinear, brings 200-Gbps throughput with ultra-low latency to enterprise and hyperscale data centers. With its 16-nm DPU architecture, Panther III also provides 12:1 data reduction, encryption, deduplication, and data protection.

MaxLinear believes the Panther III will open new opportunities within the storage market, including all-flash-array and non-volatile memory express (NVMe) systems. As with previous generations of Panther products, Panther III offers powerful data reduction technology that intelligently offloads the CPU to open all tiers of storage to their full bandwidth potential with no CPU or software limitations.

The combination of NVMe-based SSDs and the Panther III storage accelerator enables faster access to large datasets. To meet six nines reliability, Panther III features built-in end-to-end data protection via real-time verification of all transforms, NVMe protection, and in-line CRCs and parity checks to ensure data integrity and eliminate data loss. A software development kit containing API, drivers, and source code eases integration with end application software and software-defined storage.

MaxLinear will offer Panther III in two production-ready, industry-standard adapter cards in OCP 3.0 and PCIe form factors. The Panther III MxL8807A-EA-B is sampling now.

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