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Open-Source CPU Board Equipped With Communication Module

EdgePro introduces EdgePro1 consisting of an open-source development platform that makes use of formidable hardware and cutting-edge software built on the POSIX-compliant Real-Time Operating System. The main benefit of EdgePro1 is the full use of the LuaJIT interpreter to develop and run programs written in the Lua scripting language. The U-Blox NINA-W102 communication module that the EdgePro1 is equipped with allows for Wi-Fi and BLE connectivity, but its greatest benefit is the full use of the LuaJIT interpreter for creating and running Lua scripting-based applications.

Open-Source 600 MHz CPU Board (Credit: CrowdSupply)

The JIT(Just-In-Time) technology employed by the LuaJIT interpreter enables it to execute Lua code as quickly as native C code when feasible. In addition to a built-in antenna, this communication module contains a robust open CPU that supports customized applications. Additionally, the ATECC608A security chip is a separate option available.

The main features of EdgePro1 are 600MHz clock frequency and supporting 1MB RAM including TCM (Tightly-Coupled Memory). It provides high-performance real-time processing with NXP i. MX RT1064 Micro-controller accompanied with Cortex M7 and 4MB on-chip Flash. With the help of U-Blox NINA-W102, it supports an open CPU for customizable applications and consists of Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n with Dual-mode Bluetooth v4.2. It needs a 1.2 A 3.3 V DC-DC converter and has 22 pins, 17 programmable GPIOs, 1 reset pin and 1 RGB LED.

Important Features of MCU

  • 32 mm x 16 mm
  • NXP i.MX RT1064 microcontroller with Cortex M7
  • 4 MB Flash
  • 1 MB RAM including 512 KB TCM
  • 600 MHz clock
  • Micro USB with USB-to-Serial and Application firmware programming 
  • Dual-Core Tensilica 240MHz, 520KB RAM, 2MB Flash
  • Small footprint and internal antenna
  • Microchip ATECC608A security chip

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