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10 Best Cabinet Jack Reviews in 2022

When it comes to installing upper cabinets, cabinet jacks are necessary. One of the first things that the cabinet jacks do is to take the weight off your shoulder to let you screw and clamp the cabinet. However, since all jacks are not manufactured in a top-notch manner, we will talk about the top 10 best cabinet jacks you can choose. Before we move into the best cabinet jacks, we will find the parameters you must consider while choosing a cabinet jack that will help you easily install the cabinets. We check every parameter before selecting these tools.

  • Maximum and minimum length: The first thing you need to be sure of while choosing the cabinet check is their maximum and minimum length. You need to ensure that it will provide support irrespective of where you want to mount your cabinet. Since different jacks are available in different ranges, you must be sure about their height before you choose the cabinet jack that can assist you. Remember that it is not helpful if it does not support the maximum and minimum length you need.
  • Weight support: The next most important thing that you need to consider is the weight that the jack can support. Most of these jacks are manufactured for heavy-duty use and therefore, they can provide the ultimate support when it comes to weight. However, to stay assured and make sure that the jack can be helpful for your needs, you must be sure about the weight first before choosing the cabinet jack. It is always advisable not to put excessive weight than the mentioned weight by the manufacturer.
  • Body construction: To remain assured that the cabinet Jack has the capability of handling the hardcore requirements, it needs to have robust construction. So, when you choose the top cabinet jack, ensure that it has a heavy-duty framework with an excellent holding capacity. Metal construction is generally a good choice for such purposes as it can provide the ultimate support that you require.

While there are various other essential features that you need to check, these are only a few to mention. Later in this guide, we will come across a comprehensive “Buying Guide” that can help you in making your decision. Since you have to be very vigilant while deciding on a cabinet jack that can support your heavy-duty work, our choices will certainly help you. So let us find the top 10 best cabinet jacks you can choose.

Best Cabinet Jack

Best Cabinet Jack Reviews

1. Laserjamb Cabinet Jack

Laserjamb Cabinet JackThe Laserjamb FastCap Support System has been designed in a way to provide the ultimate support for upper cabinets. You can do it after you have correctly installed the base cabinet. The cabinet jack has been designed to help you in residential construction. It is constructed with solid steel and ABS material that provides additional durability to the cabinet check. You can stay sure that the cabinet jack has the capability of holding the weight and helping you throughout.

This high-end cabinet jack has the ability to support a load capacity of 150 LBS. So, it can become the perfect helping hand for you in times of requirement. It can range from 16.5 inches to 22.8 inches to help you in your constructional purpose. Its ranging ability can provide you with the ultimate help you require while installing cabinets. Besides, included with textured rubber pads on this jack provides better gripping. So, your cabinet will stay in place while you can make the necessary adjustment.

It has fully articulated ends and an action lever providing secure pressure. Its amazing design and action lever infusion also help in quick release. The availability of two oversized 6″ x 6″ support feet can become a good base for your installation requirement. It has the perfect design for lifting and supporting your upper cabinet. So, if you are in need of an extra hand, this cabinet jack can be the ultimate choice for you.


  • Inclusion of precision pump jack.
  • Micro-adjustment capability offers better help.
  • Ranges from 16.5 to 22.8″.
  • Included with two oversized 6″ x 6″ support feet.
  • It has the ability to hold loans up to 150 LBS.
  • Designed with rubber fats provide ultimate gripping.


  • Works great within the size range.
  • It is genuinely the 3rd hand.
  • Paddings are helpful.
  • It saves half of the work.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Makes installation very easy.


  • Produces a grinding sound.

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2. XINQIAO Cabinet Jack

XINQIAO Cabinet JackThe XINQIAO Third Hand Tool 3rd Hand Support System is a premium quality third-hand support system that one can use for multiple purposes. It is handy and perfectly constructed to take different types of projects like drywall jack, cabinet jack, arrange food, crown molding, and a lot more. It is an excellent choice if you require one proper jack for your woodworking project. It has the GS certification that provides you with the assurance you need.

The jack has a weight capacity of 70 kgs or 154LBS, which makes it a heavy-duty tool. Being constructed with high-density metal along with a premium aluminium handle, it becomes a good choice for your woodworking project. To make sure that it does not slip around, it has the TPR pads included in it. The tool ensures no scratches and can be the best choice for different working conditions.

The adjustable laboursaving arm can hold it tight in different positions. It is also the reason why it can be used for several purposes. The long rod can expand from 4 to 9.5 feet, the short rod can expand from 1.5 to 2.5 feet, and the medium rod can expand from 2 to 3.8 feet. The availability of handles ensures minute adjustment.

Included with the spring-loaded pins that easily pop out in the outer pole can be used for locking the height. The presence of a white calibration line can help you to realign pins if the rod is rotated. The availability of a safety lock helps to hold a safer position of this hand tool.


  • Supports a range of woodworking projects.
  • Insured with the GS certification.
  • The pool has a weight capacity of 154LB.
  • Included with TPR pads to make it sleep resistant.
  • Adjustable arms in three different positions for different requirements.
  • Safety lock to keep the jack safe.
  • A white calibration line helps to realign pains when the rod is rotated.


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • It makes the job easy.
  • Great micro-adjustment features.
  • Keep everything in place.
  • Value for money.


  • Breaking of the tool while using.

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3. TOLOO Cabinet Jack

Toloo Cabinet JackThe TOLOO Hand Lifting Tool Jack Set is the upgraded version. The new upgrade is made in 2022 to meet the diverse requirements. It is a tile adjuster that has been constructed with superior metal materials. Such high-quality materials make this product rustproof and durable.

It has a combination of a soft, comfortable rubber handle and steel handle that allows users to hold and easily use it without putting much effort. This arm tool jack features a high-strength steel spring to provide everlasting elasticity and excellent compression resistance and would not deform even after making repeated uses.

This lifting cabinet jack has a height that can be adjusted from 1 to 10 cm. It is constructed with hardened stainless steel or aluminum materials that have the capability of withstanding 550 kgs. It is not only an excellent choice for your woodworking but also suitable for installing floors, ceramic tiles, and glass. This handheld jack can provide the ultimate third hand with controlled accuracy. It saves time, money and improves productivity.

The inclusion of a pressing plate base and thickened supporting plate provides additional support. So, this board lifter has the durability and sturdiness that it requires. Apart from this, it has the Silico manganese steel compression spring that provides sufficient elasticity and durability. Therefore, it becomes a good choice for high-end load balancing work.


  • A universal tool for pressing, controlling, tightening, and lifting.
  • The Silico manganese steel compression spring provides elasticity and durability.
  • The cabinet Jack is constructed with hardened aluminum or stainless steel.
  • It can hold 550 kgs of weight.
  • It is an excellent choice for woodworking and other heavy-duty work.
  • The use of high-quality metal makes it rustproof and durable.
  • It can be adjusted between 1 to 10 cm.


  • Great at its intended purpose.
  • Does lifting properly.
  • Robust quality.


  • Does not bear much weight.
  • The jacking mechanism stopped.

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4. MASSCA Cabinet Jack

Massca Cabinet JackThe MASSCA Viking Arm Hand Lifting tool Jack is a great multipurpose hand jack that can be an excellent lifting tool. It can provide support and help you in a variety of frameworks, including drywall, decking, doors, cabinets, windows, flooring, and a lot more. Keeping in mind about the need for heavy duty use, this fantastic hand lifting tool has the capability of lifting up to 330 LBS of weight.

It is not only a lifting tool, but this versatile lift arm can maintain precise leveling during installation. Thankfully the simple lock and release mechanism included in it provides controlled and smooth lowering. It has a unique law mechanism that can provide additional security.

This amazing tool has been designed with heavy-duty material that provides its ultimate safety and strength. It has been tested by FIMTECH to ensure its reliability and effectiveness. You can use this handheld for a wide range of purposes. It has an operational range of 6 to 215 MM that supports precise exterior and interior installation.


  • Unique lock and release mechanism.
  • Extremely precision-controlled flooring.
  • The capacity of holding 330 LBS.
  • It has an operational range of .23 to 8.46″.
  • Hard aluminum and stainless steel body material.
  • FIMTECH tested for additional security.


  • A well-made product.
  • Worth the price.
  • High-quality jack.
  • Saves your time.


  • knocked off while in use.
  • It’s a bit overpriced.

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5. SAND MINE Cabinet Jack

The SAND MINE Adjustable Support Pole is a great quality adjustable support phone constructed with high-density metal and heavy-duty ABS plastic.

It provides the strength that you need while doing heavy-duty work. It has a blue oxide finish that provides the ultimate durability to the product. It is specially created for different types of drywall support and becomes your helping hand in times of requirement.

It is considered the third hand as the support system provides a height adjustment from 45 to 114 inches. So, you will be able to use the product for doing heavy-duty work. Its huge height adjustment is a great advantage. Apart from this, the spring-loaded springs and the turning bar in this support pole provide additional space for adjustment. So, it becomes a valuable choice for different purposes.

It is a great choice to keep your hands free from use. It is literally the third hand while you’re working alone. It is a quick support tool that can help you while installing the upper cabinets, crown moulding, drywall, light fixtures, and a lot more. It has a load-bearing capacity of 66LB and non-slip pads to ensure additional security. You can stay sure that the support pool will not slip around while using it.


  • Adjustable pull constructed with high-density metal and ABS plastic.
  • The blue oxide finish provides additional durability.
  • You can adjust it from 45 to 114 inches.
  • Spring-loaded pins offer easy height adjustment.
  • Included with the turning bar provides additional adjustments.
  • It has the ability to bear loads up to 66LBS.
  • Included with non-slip padding to provide extra security.


  • A great choice for super heavy use.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It makes installation super easy.
  • Great product.
  • Several levels of adjustments.


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6. FastCap Cabinet Jack

FastCap Cabinet JackThe FastCap 3-H Little Little Hand is extendable base support that comes with easy adjustment. Its precise jack system provides ultimate versatility with its simple adjustment. You can easily support different heights with this extendable weight support lift. It can become the perfect third hand for you to help you in the lifting.

This expandable base of cabinet Jack has a telescopic design. It can extend to different heights from 23.5 to 38 inches. So, based on your requirement, you can adjust your height between these. It is included with the oversized 6 x 6 inches support feet that provides reliability and peace of mind. It ensures the stability that you require.

It provides unbelievable strength as it has a load capacity of 150 pounds. Therefore it can easily take on any kind of lifting work. The package includes two lifts and a travel-friendly bag to make it easy for you to transport. It can be the best choice for you to help you in the lifting activities.


  • It becomes easy to adjust due to its versatility.
  • A Telescopic design for easy lifting.
  • It has adjustable heights between 23.5 to 38 inches.
  • Includes oversize 6 x 6 inches support feet.
  • Has unbelievable strength of lifting upto 150 pounds.
  • The package includes two lifts for great help.
  • Includes are travel-friendly back for portability.


  • Provides great support.
  • Very stable equipment.
  • The carrying case is a big help.
  • Robust design and material.


  • Low-grade plastic use is a big negative.

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7. DPMYPH Cabinet Jack

DPMYPH Cabinet JackThe DPMYPH Labor Saving Arm Jack is multifunctional lifting equipment with some significant advantages in woodworking. It can improve productivity and save your valuable money and time. It has a multifunctional handheld labor-saving arm that can help you do all the work independently. The total height is around 12 inches and which can be lifted to 5.9 inches.

The cabinet Jack includes a double cross base of a 3.8 x 4.1-inch base. It is a sturdy base that has a lifting capability of 220 pounds. It is a practically auxiliary installation tool that provides you with the versatility of use in different scenarios. It can help you with door lifts, cabinet jacks, plank lifts, drywall lifts, hide adjustment of wall tile, and a lot more.

It includes arm saving design along with a handheld design that allows you to rise it quickly. All you need is to press the grip of the installers, and it will perform the actions gently. The inclusion of a stainless steel base which is reinforced and thickened, provides ultimate stability and security. The major component of this tool is the strong compression string. It is manufactured from Silicon manganese that offers the toughness and strength required.


  • A tool said of perfect labor-saving arm Jack.
  • High-strength compression springs manufactured with silicon manganese provide toughness and strength.
  • Double Cross base for improved security.
  • The capability of holding a maximum lift of 130 kgs.
  • Manufactured with hard and stainless material.
  • It has a total height of 12 inches.
  • It can be used for a variety of purposes like drywall lifts, cabinet jacks, and a lot more.
  • Included with handheld grip and design ensures quick rise.
  • Gentle pressing can do the work.


  • Looks very sturdy.
  • Very static handle.
  • Comfortable use.
  • Installation is simple.
  • A handy tool.


  • The handle keeps snapping while using.

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8. LHOOVMEE Cabinet Jack

LHOOVMEE Cabinet JackThe LHOOVMEE Labor Saving Arm is a manual jack tool that can be used for unlimited purposes. It has the perfect labor-saving design that can be used as a tile adjuster to make your work easy.

It is a great tool to replace all your conventional tools. It has a lifting capacity of 120 kgs, which makes it the perfect choice for those heavy-duty lifting applications. The operational range of this labor-saving arm is between 5 to 115 MM.

You can use these tools for a range of purposes, like installing windows, doors, and cabinets. Apart from this, it is also an excellent choice for flooring and the construction of frameworks, decks, and porches. It provides the best opportunity as a versatile tool. Being manufactured with hard and stainless steel provides long life and durability to the material. It is a sturdy choice for practical use.

It has a high-strength spring that is manufactured with silicon manganese and provides super strength and toughness to this tool. Besides, thickend steel support plates give the stability that are required while working. Also included with a comfortable handle made with steel makes it easy to press and use for a range of purposes. The perfectly designed steel body provides the strength you need while doing a range of work.

Thicker support provides the capacity for improved load bearing. Besides, being lightweight and small in size helps you to carry this tool everywhere. It has an anti-decoupling design that gives you the control and precision that you require during construction. So, if you want great satisfaction, choose the best tool and enjoy working without facing any problems.


  • Thick and steel support plates provide stability while lifting.
  • A comfortable steel handle with a widened design makes it easy to press.
  • Teak and steel support plates can help you for different purposes.
  • Made with a high-strength spring of silicon manganese provide strength and toughness.
  • Has the capacity to bear a load of 120 kg.
  • It has an operational range of 5 to 115 MM.
  • Small in size and lightweight ensures easy portability.
  • It can be used for a range of purposes.
  • Anti-Decoupling design provides precision control.


  • Makes any job more manageable.
  • Very strong for the size.
  • Super handy design.
  • Works great.


  • Might need two of these for heavy-duty work.

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9. HARNCENN Cabinet Jack

HARNCENN Cabinet JackThe HARNCENN Furniture Hand jack, Lever Lift is a labor-saving Jack with a capacity of 223LB. It has a listing range of somewhere in between 0.16 to 7.72″. So, it helps you do all the precision work in detail. It includes a strong base of 3.65 x 3.35 inches. It is a minijack lift that comes with extreme portability but helps to do your work with ease.

It includes a pressing plate, base, and support plate for hand lifting cabinet jack. These are taken and included with precious springs to provide ultimate elasticity and durability. It also becomes easier to balance load due to being more reliable and stable for the design. It can help in different working procedures.

Included with thick and pressure plates, bases, and rails of lever arm tool help it to take a good amount of loads. Remember that you must not exceed the weight range as it might crash the spring. You can control the accuracy and precision with this easy handheld device. It is the best choice for installing doors, windows, cabinets, porches, floors, frames, decks, and a lot more.


  • The tool has a 3.65 x 3.35-inch strong base.
  • It has a lifting range between 0.16 to 7.72″.
  • The minijack lift is portable.
  • Thickened base, pressing plate, and support plate provides security.
  • Included with a pressure spring for additional elasticity and durability.
  • It has the ability to bear a weight of 223 pounds.
  • It improves productivity and saves your money.
  • You can use it for installing different things at the same time.


  • Makes cabinet lifting very easy.
  • Looks sturdy.
  • Can be carried anywhere.


  • Welds on the jack are not robust.
  • Not able to take much pressure.

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10. ROCKSTAR TOOLS Cabinet Jack

ROCKSTAR Tools Cabinet JackThe ROCKSTAR TOOLS Labor Saving Arm Jack is an innovative hand jack that includes a set of two. It can easily replace a range of traditional tools that are used for household tasks. It can do all the household installation work like windows, flooring, doors, cabinets, dicks, and a lot more. This cabinet jack includes a high-strength spring that provides it the strength to carry huge loads.

It is included with a comfortable and labor-saving handle that helps you to use it without putting much pressure. You don’t need any additional hand or help for using this tool. It is created with an all-steel base that provides the durability and strength it requires. It has a lifting capacity of 220 pounds, which helps you to do high-end work. The adjustable lifting height is somewhere between 6.7 inches.

It is a great tool that becomes a perfect helping hand for people who are looking for good support. It does not have any hard things, and hence it can be easily used by anyone. The hand jack is designed for comfort and efficiency. You can squeeze the handle quickly and raise the steel prongs. The overall weight of this tool is 2LB which makes it extremely lightweight.


  • A versatile household tool.
  • Easy lowering and raising steel prongs.
  • It is an innovative cabinet jack for different purposes.
  • Includes all steel bases.
  • High-strength spring provides ultimate durability.
  • Labour saving and a comfortable handle helps you to do your work with ease.
  • Has the capability of bearing weight up to 220 pounds.
  • It can be lifted to a height of 6.7 inches.


  • It is simple to lift.
  • Extremely useful.
  • Very strong material.


  • Does not work with heavy-duty work.

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Buying Guide for the best cabinet jacks

With the top 10 best cabinet jacks included in the list, hopefully, it will become easier to make a choice for you. Since these are required for heavy-duty usage, you have to be very vigilant while making a choice. However, you must know the crucial factors you must consider while choosing the cabinet check. Since different brands claim to provide the best tool, checking in specific can give the best result. It will always help you to make an informed decision. So let us check the essential factors to consider while choosing the best cabinet Jack.

1. Maximum and minimum length

The first thing you need to ensure is the maximum and minimum length of the cabinet jacks. Since these are used for a variety of purposes, staying assured about the length in previous can help you in making the right decision. Some jacks will provide higher lengths, while others will just lift to some minimum inches. However, it is based on your usage that you need to choose a cabinet jack.

2. Weight support

The next most important thing you need to be sure about before buying these tools is the weight they can support. You should always keep in mind that you must not put overweight on this tool. Depending on your need, you must choose a jack that can support a maximum weight. Bearing more than the written or mentioned weight can break the tool.

3. Body construction

The next most important thing you need to check is its body construction. Since these are created for heavy-duty use, you have to make sure that it is made with a steel body for taking the heavy-duty work. Most of the time, stainless steel and metal bodies are used to provide the strength required. Make sure it does not have any plastic material as it will result in breaking or shrinking during heavy lifting.

4. Base material

When choosing the cabinet jack, you must ensure that it has been included with solid bases. It is always better if the base is made with metal, aluminum, or other metals. Using metal products will always provide additional strength to the development and help you to do any heavy-duty work.

5. Spring material

Since the spring plays a vital role in the world cabinet jack, it is crucial that you check the spring quality included in this tool. Most of the time, the tool consists of high-end metals created with steel to provide strength and durability. Remember that when the spring has excellent quality, it will be able to hold strong materials.

6. Gripping

Gripping is another crucial thing that you need to check. It is always better if the base includes a rubber grip as it will secure the tool in a fixed position. It is great when you can extend to different heights. So, gripping is extremely important to check.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a need for you to find different cabinet jacks for wood working? 

Ans: Since different cabinet jacks have different lengths, you must be sure about the length it can stretch before you buy one. These work as the best helping hand and different jacks are intended for different purposes, so you must research accordingly to acquire woodworking help.

2. Do grips ensure anti-slip properties? 

Ans: Yes! The rubber grips are included in the plates to make sure that it sticks to the material and does not slip away. The presence of grip provides the assurance that the jack will be a safer choice especially when it can run to higher lengths.

3. Which is the best material for spring in cabinet jacks? 

Ans: Most commonly the cabinet jacks have been included with powerful springs. These springs are generally metal constructed to provide these products an additional strength of lifting.


Now that you have comprehensive knowledge of the buying guide and the top 10 cabinet jacks available in the market, it is time to start making your purchase. However, if you are waiting for the top three expert recommendations, the following are some of those.

  • XINQIAO Third Hand Tool Support System is an excellent choice as it supports woodworking projects. It has the GS certification and a capacity of bearing 154lbs. It has a safety lock and three adjustable positions.
  • SAND MINE Adjustable Support Pole has the adjustable pull constructed with ABS and metal. It can be adjusted from 45 to 114 inches and has the capability of bearing 66lbs. Spring-loaded pins ensure easy height adjustments. Slip padding is also included for additional security.
  • DPMYPH Labor Saving Arm Jack is the perfect labor-saving arm jack. The strong compression springs made with silicon manganese provide strength and toughness. Made with hard and stainless material and can lift a maximum of 140kgs. Even gentle pressing will work wonders for your work.

So now that you have got the idea about everything associated with the best cabinet jacks, buying will become more accessible and better. Choose appropriately for the best results.

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