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Dual N-channel JFET lowers noise in precision instrumentation and sensors

The LS844 monolithic dual N-channel JFET from Linear Systems provides low input capacitance, substantially reducing intermodulation distortion. Targeting precision instrumentation and sensor applications, the LS844 offers a combination of high transconductance, low noise of 2.5 nV/√Hz typical at 1 kHz, and low input capacitance of just 3 pF typical and 8 pF maximum.

Constructed by interleaving both JFETs on the same piece of silicon, the LS844 is able to provide very good matching and thermal tracking. Maximum voltage and current for each transistor is 60 V (gate voltage to drain or source) and 50 mA (gate forward current), respectively.

Packaging options for the dual JFET include surface-mount plastic SOIC 8L, PDIP 8L, and SOT-23 6L. It is also offered in TO-71 6L and TO-78 6L through-hole metal cans. The LS844 in the SOT-23 6L package costs $1.19 each in lots of 1000 units.

LS844 product page

Linear Systems 

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