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IC power integrity tool improves productivity

The Cadence Voltus-XFi custom electromigration and IR drop (EM-IR) software eases the design of efficient, low-power ICs. Seamlessly integrated with the company’s Quantus extraction tool, Virtuoso design environment, and Spectre simulator, Voltus-XFi can enhance productivity by as much as three times versus existing solutions.

The transistor-level EM-IR tool delivers foundry-supported SPICE-level accuracy for power integrity signoff. It allows engineers to extract, simulate, analyze, and debug IC designs. Further, the intuitive EM-IR results browser lets users view violations, zoom into areas of interest, and overlay results in the Virtuoso environment, enabling easy identification and violation repair.

Teamed with Cadence’s Voltus IC power integrity solution, Voltus-XFi has access to a seamless flow for full-chip signoff verification. It creates a power-grid-view macro model of the analyzed transistor block/IP and passes the model to Voltus IC. The voltage-based method provides a smaller memory footprint and runs faster than the industry’s conventional current-based method. This option automatically balances accuracy and performance tradeoffs based on user specifications.

“Cadence’s Voltus-XFi solution increased our designer productivity by over 3X in identifying and fixing EM-IR problems”, said Alan Poon, vice president engineering at The Six Semiconductor. “We look forward to deploying the solution to accelerate our design closure.”

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