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9 Best Cooler For PS5 Reviews in 2022

PS5 has made a lot of noise in the market ever since its release. With a spectacular set of specifications and the capability to run high-end games, it has managed to turn a lot of heads and a lot of dedicated PC gamers have also decided to go with the popular console for a change. And the wide selection of games being developed for the console certainly makes it one of the most popular options available in the market right now.

However, it is not the perfect gaming as a lot of us expected it to be and there are some additional measures that need to be considered if you want your console to last long. One such factor is keeping the console cool and maintaining its temperature under the design limit while playing demanding games for long hours. Fortunately, it is not that difficult as a lot of brands are offering dedicated coolers for PS5. Here are some things that you should consider before you buy a cooler for a PS5.

  • Noise Levels: While the cooler is mainly designed to maintain the temperatures of the console under a certain limit, it sometimes creates a different issue which is probably more irritating for some users, which is loud noise. Almost everyone can get behind the fact that silent coolers are the best options as they don’t interfere with your gaming experience. Therefore, all of the options that we have covered in this guide offer a silent yet powerful performance.
  • Cooling Capacity: As we are looking at special accessories designed for the sole purpose of cooling the PS5, their cooling capacity becomes a major factor. If your PS5 cooler cannot handle your console under heavy load, then it certainly won’t be a worthwhile purchase. Therefore, make sure you take a look at the cooling capacity of the cooler before you make your decision.
  • Special Features: While a PS5 cooler can efficiently maintain your console, it should also offer some additional features so that you can get more use out of it. While some options are simple standalone coolers, some are quite more than that. In fact, some coolers are more of an all-in-one deck to place your console, controllers, and even your collection of PS5 games for quick access. Such options certainly make the console even more fun to use and offer you quick access to the PS5 accessories.

As the PS5 itself is not a cheap machine to own, its accessories certainly hold up to its standards and are available at a premium price point. Therefore, you are going to have to invest quite a sum to get the best cooler for your PS5. And to get the best option, you will first need to investigate the best option available in your budget. To help you with that, we have already created this list of the best coolers available in the market designed for a PS5. So, you can check all the specifications and features on our list and make a choice without much trouble. Make sure you also check our Buying Guide for the best cooler for PS5 to know more about these accessories.

Best Cooler For PS5 2022

Best Cooler For PS5 Reviews

1. OIVO PS5 Stand with Suction Cooling Fan

OIVO PS5 Stand

If you have just purchased your PS5, then buying just a cooler won’t be enough. Instead, you should consider getting a complete docking station for your PS5 like one made by OIVO.

The OIVO PS5 Stand is our top choice for the best cooler for PS5. However, it is more than just a cooler. Thousands of PS5 owners have already got this all-in-one docking station for PS5 that offers many great features. As for cooling, the OIVO PS5 Stand offers a customizable cooling performance with 3 cooling speed settings offering turbo cooling performance along with silent performance.

You can use the OIVO PS5 Stand as low, medium, or high cooling capacity based on your requirement, offering 3500, 4000, and 4500 RPM fan speeds respectively. Apart from cooling, the OIVO PS5 Stands also introduces a dedicated charging station for your controllers and creates a shelf space for 12 games to add up to your collection. And with its fast charging capacity, the OIVO PS5 Stand can charge your dual sense controllers within 2½ of plugging in.

Best Features

  • All-in-one docking station for PS5
  • Comes with a year of warranty
  • Offers space to store up to 12 games
  • Charges controllers within 2½ hours


  • Most trusted option for a PS5 cooler
  • Offers a wide range of features
  • Offers a secure PS5 mounting station


  • Comparatively larger than many other options

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2. Auarte Cooling Charger Station

Auarte Cooling Charger Station

Auarte also has a great all-in-one docking station for PS5 that works as an official charger for your controllers for multiple functionalities. Since this brand focuses on gaming products, you will find many console-related accessories designed by Auarte.

The Auarte PS5 Cooling Charger Station is our 2nd choice for the best PS5 cooler on this list. Just like our last option, this is also a versatile pick on this list as it offers additional slots and ports to increase the applicability of the device. The Auarte Cooling Charger Station is powered by dual cooling fans so that you can expect silent performance from the system. You will also find 3 additional USB ports on the deck for connecting USB-powered peripherals.

Apart from cooling, the Auarte Cooling Charger Station offers you extra space to stack up to 14 games so that you can create a great gaming setup with easily accessible games. But despite that, the Auarte Cooling Charger Station is very compact and available at a much cheaper price point compared to its competitors. And since the stand offers vertical installation of the console, its cooling performance is further improved.

Best Features

  • All-in-one docking station for PS5
  • Comparatively smaller option for a stand
  • Offers storage for 14 games
  • Silent cooling performance


  • Cheaper option for a PS5 cooling stand
  • Powered by a silent cooling system
  • Multifunctional PS5 cooler


  • Cooling performance should have been better

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While there are a lot of budget options available in the market for a PS5 cooling stand, brands like EXTREMECOOL still offer a premium pick with better performance and reliability. This is also quite a popular choice in the console gaming community for a PS5 stand.

The EXTREMECOOL PS5 Stand is also one of the high-powered options for a PS5 cooler and secures the 3rd position on our list. This cooling station is equipped with 2 cooling fans operating at 3500 RPM to ensure a sufficient cooling performance. Still, the noise level of the EXTREMECOOL PS5 Stand is maintained under 25 dB so that it won’t be distracting while you are gaming. These fans are assured to offer nearly 10000 hours of performance, offering a reliable lifespan.

Furthermore, the EXTREMECOOL PS5 Stand also offers docking space for 2 dual sense controllers along with charging capabilities. Once connected, it can charge the controller simultaneously within 3.5 to 4 hours. You will also find helpful LEd indicators to ensure the charging status of the controllers along with 3 additional USB ports for added connectivity options. The EXTREMECOOL PS5 Stand also has 4 magnetic Type-C USB dongles to ensure safe and secured mounting of the controllers on the deck.

Best Features

  • PS5 cooler with controller deck
  • Comes with 4 Type-C magnetic dongles
  • Fans operate at 3500 RPM
  • Noise levels are kept below 25 dB


  • Premium choice for a PS5 cooling stand
  • Powered y 2 silent but powerful fans
  • Fans are rated for 10000 hours of lifespan


  • Charging speed is very slow

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4. QEGMO PS5 Accessories Stand

QEGMO PS5 Accessories Stand

QEGMO is a rather unique brand of choice on our list today compared to other options. It has a versatile range of products including console accessories, home appliances, and even healthcare and lifestyle supplements.

The QEGMO PS5 Accessories Stand is yet another great choice for a PS5 cooler on our list since it offers many additional functionalities with the system. This PS5 cooler is also powered by 2 suction cooling fans to efficiently exhaust the heat from your system and prevent overheating of the console. Plus, the fans operate at a lower noise level to ensure a silent cooling performance.

You will also find 2 dedicated docking plus charging stations for your dual sense controllers on the QEGMO PS5 Accessories Stand. Once docked, it can charge a controller within 3 hours, making it ready to be used again. And unlike most other choices, it has a compact shelf on the side to stack 10 PS5 games of your choice to create a complete setup. You will also notice an additional smaller slot for the PS5 media remote that you might own if you watch movies or browse web content via your PS5.

Best Features

  • All-in-one docking station for PS5
  • It has dedicated slots for 10 games and a media remote
  • Charges the controller within 3 hours
  • Helpful LED indicators lights for charging status


  • It offers variable speed option for the fans
  • Multifunctional PS5 stand with 2 USB ports
  • Offers storage shelf for 10 games


  • A few similar options are more affordable

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5. Nargos PS5 Cooling Fan

Nargos PS5 Cooling Fan

If you have purchased your PS5 quite some time ago, then you probably own an accessory stand or a charging station as well. In such a case, you should go with a standalone PS5 cooler to avoid adding extra expenses.

The Nargos PS5 Cooling Fan is the first product on our list of the best cooler for PS5 which is a standalone cooler dedicated to only cooling the system. As you might have guessed, it is a pretty compact option and can be attached to the console directly without taking up any extra space on your desk. Since the Nargos PS5 Cooling Fan is specially designed for PS5, it is attached directly to the USB port of your PS5 and latches on to the rear exhaust vent of your system.

Even though the Nargos PS5 Cooling Fan takes up a USB port on your console, it has an additional USB port on the back, offering the same number of free ports after installation. And all 3 fans of the Nargos PS5 Cooling Fan are efficient cooling fans that offer decent cooling performance with lower noise levels. The Nargos PS5 Cooling Fan also has built-in LED lights to further improve the aesthetics of your setup.

Best Features

  • Standalone PS5 cooler
  • Comes with a year of warranty
  • It has built-in LED lights
  • Comes with an extra USB port


  • It has a reliable warranty period
  • Easy to install
  • Powered by 3 fans


  • Offers only 1 functionality

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6. EEEKit Cooling Fan

EEEKit Cooling Fan

EEEKit is also a great choice if you want a simple and affordable cooler for your PS5. It also attaches directly to your console, keeping the desk free from clutter.

The EEEKit Cooling Fan is one more dedicated cooler designed for both digital and disc versions of the PS5. It also has 3 built-in fans that can maintain the temperature of your system below critical levels. Plus the sleek design of the EEEKit Cooling Fan makes it less obvious than other similar options. The EEEKit Cooling Fan can be attached directly to the PS5 without needing any tools or additional accessories.

The EEEKit Cooling Fan features an onboard ON/OFF button so that you can turn OFF the cooler when it is not required. And since it is directly powered by the USB port of the console, you don’t have to provide any additional power supply to the cooler. It also has an extra USB port so that you don’t miss out on the connectivity. Compared to other similar options, the EEEKit Cooling Fan is a much more affordable choice for a standalone PS5 cooler.

Best Features

  • Standalone PS5 cooler
  • Budget option for a PS5 cooler
  • No additional power supply is needed
  • No tools are required for its installation


  • Powered by 2 small and 1 large cooling fan
  • Allows horizontal placement of the console
  • No adapters or power source is required


  • Offers only 1 functionality

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7. OLYGIVE PS5 Cooling Fan

OLYGIVE PS5 Cooling Fan

Coming back to multifunctional PS5 coolers, we have a great option coming from OLYGIVE. This is also one of the brands that are dedicated to producing handy accessories for popular consoles like the PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

The OLYGIVE PS5 Cooler is a compact and multifunctional option that we are including on our picks of the best cooler for PS5. In comparison, it is significantly smaller than standard PS5 coolers, measuring about 13.62 x 7.8 x 1.89 inches in size. Still, it offers a secured placement for vertical placement of your console along with 2 charging docks for your controllers. These docks support fast charging and can charge your controller within 2 hours of plugging them in.

You will also find 3 additional USB ports on the side of the OLYGIVE PS5 Cooling Fan that add more connectivity options to the system, and in turn to your PS5. As for cooling, the OLYGIVE PS5 Cooler certainly does not disappoint as it has 2 small fans running at about 3000 RPM to maintain the temperature levels of the console. The charging docs of the OLYGIVE PS5 Cooling Fan also have LEd indicators to check the charging status of the controllers.

Best Features

  • PS5 cooler with a controller deck
  • Measures only 62 x 7.8 x 1.89 inches in size
  • Introduces 2 controller charging stations
  • Supports fast charging


  • It is capable of charging a controller within 2 hours
  • 3 additional USB ports on the side
  • Sleek and concealed design


  • It does not have shelf space to store games

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8. SIKEMAY PS5 Cooling Stand

SIKEMAY PS5 Cooling Stand

There are only a handful of brands like SIKEMAY that offer a complete set of attachments for all of your PS5 accessories. And still, the following option from SIKEMAY is one of the cheapest options on this list today.

The SIKEMAY PS5 Cooling set is one of the most versatile as well as affordable options that you could find in the market right now for a PS5 attachment set. This set includes almost everything you need for your PS5 and its accessories such as a standalone cooler, media control remote slot, docking station for your controllers, and even shelf storage for up to 12 PS5 games. And the best part is that the headphone stand and cooler are detachable. So, you can choose not to use these attachments if you don’t need them.

The SIKEMAY PS5 Cooling set, unlike any other options that we have seen so far, introduces double cooling action for your PS5. It has dual powerful cooling fans at the bottom along with a 3-fan detachable exhaust fan set for the rear action of your console. The base fans operate at about 6000 RPM to introduce the best cooling performance and airflow. And with the 3 additional fans, all excessive heat will be removed from your PS5 pretty quickly.

Best Features

  • All-in-one docking station for PS5
  • Comes with 4 Type-C magnetic dongles
  • Supports most PS5 accessories
  • Fans offer 6000 RPM speed


  • Most versatile option for a PS5 cooling system
  • Detachachable attachments for space saving
  • Charges the controllers within 3 hours


  • Base footprint could have been smaller

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Our last pick for the best PS5 coolers is also more of an all-in-one choice that ensures the best applicability for most users. It is also one of the most premium choices for a PS5 cooler that offers a wide range of attractive features.

Finishing up our picks for the best cooler for PS5, we have the MAGETHUG PS5 Stand. This stand comes with built-in suction cooling fans operating at up to 4000 RPM. Thus, these fans generate almost 12.6 CFM airflow to ensure maximum heat dissipation in a quick time frame. Still, this system is rated for low-noise output which is preferred by a lot of users. And apart from cooling your consoles, it can also recharge your controllers within 4 hours.

The MAGETHUG PS5 Stand is a 6-in-1 multifunctional stand that also offers an extra USB port, a headphone stand, and a shelf for storing up to 17 games at a time. Therefore, it is an ideal pick for game collectors and hardcore PS5 gamers. If you are charging only a single controller on the station, it will offer fast charging performance and charge your controller within 2.5 hours.

Best Features

  • All-in-one docking station for PS5
  • 6-in-1 multifunctional PS5 stand
  • Fans offer 4000 RPM speed
  • Fans generate about 12.6 CFM airflow


  • Best option for hardcore PS5 gamers
  • It has an additional USB port
  • It can store upto 17 games at a time


  • Comparatively pricier than other options

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Buying Guide For The Best Cooler For PS5

If you recently got your hands on a PS5, you must be excited to use the console for the first time and play your favorite games for long hours in a single sitting. Some might be doing that for about a year now already and noticing irregular performance from the console due to heating issues. Whatever the case may be, it can be resolved by connecting a decent cooler to your PS5. Just like a gaming PC or a laptop, the temperature levels of the PS5 affects its performance and you will notice a drop in the frame rates or loading times on a hot PS5.

But, if you simply go with one of the best coolers for PS5 mentioned on this list, you can easily avoid such situations and get the best performance out of your console for a very long time. In order to choose the best cooler for your PS5, you need to be aware of some important qualities of a cooler that affect its compatibility with your application as well as the performance of the cooler itself. Since coolers designed in different price ranges offer a different set of features, it can get a little confusing to choose the right option. To help you with that, we are offering this helpful buying guide for the best cooler for PS5.

1. Build Quality

As we already know, the overall build quality or reliability of a certain product depends upon some key factors like the brand that is manufacturing it, its price range, and the complexity of its design. It is especially true for additional accessories designed for consoles such as a cooler for PS5. So, it is important to consider the durability and build quality of the cooler before you place your order. As you move towards a premium option, you will start noticing better build quality due to the better material used for manufacturing the product.

The same goes for the quality of internal components installed in the cooler that are less likely to fail. On the other hand, generic options might be significantly cheaper, but they are not reliable and you might be looking for an alternative in a couple of months. Therefore, we have decided to include a list of trusted coolers for a PS5 in this guide today. So, you can easily choose the right option based on your usage. If you use your PS5 occasionally, then even a basic option will suffice for your needs. On the other hand, dedicated gamers should definitely prefer a high-end cooler for their PS5s for the best performance.

2. Noise Levels

While a cooler definitely helps with the performance and longevity of a console, it might create a noise problem that can be a deal breaker for many. The same is observed for all types of coolers, whether you are looking at a desktop CPU cooler, cabinet fans, or coolers designed for a PS5. Almost all coolers are powered by a fan or a set of fans that force the heat dissipation via convection. And the noise you will usually notice is the mechanical noise of the fan-generated when they are operating at full force.

As you can imagine, it is not the same for each cooler as the type and capacity of the fans installed in each cooler is different. And even the console itself becomes slightly noisier when it is overheated. So you certainly don’t want the cooler to add to the noise. Therefore, we will strongly recommend you check the possible sound levels of the cooler before you make your choice. Almost all of the options that we have selected for our list today offer a low-noise performance which is what most people prefer for a gaming console. But, you can still take a thorough look at the design and capacity of the cooler to get an idea about possible noise levels.

3. No. of Fans and RPM

When you are checking the cooling capacity of a cooler, the most important factor that you should check is the number of fans installed in the unit. It directly affects the cooling capacity of the unit as these fans are solely responsible to exhaust the excessive heat from your console. So, the general idea is more fans equals better cooling performance. Well, while it can be true in some cases, it is not the only factor that affects the cooling performance of a cooler. Another important factor that comes into play here is the speed of the fan.

In comparison, 2 or 3 fast fans can definitely offer a better cooling performance than 6 very slow fans. The speed of a fan is presented in RPM or rotations per minute unit. So the higher the RPM, the more air it can move per unit time, offering an increased level of heat dissipation. But with that, the noise generated by the fans also increases. So if you are going with a powerful cooler, you will probably come across options that are powered by high RPM fans. While such options will offer better cooling performance, you should be able to bear slightly more noise coming from these coolers.

4. Design & USB Ports

As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of options available for a cooler for PS5, and some options offer much more than just a mode of additional airflow for your console. Along with small and compact standalone PS5 coolers, you will also find a wide range of options that are much more than just a simple cooler. These options offer versatile applicability as they offer a secure platform to place your console, controllers, games and even some additional PS5 accessories that you might own such as the Pulse 3D headphones, media remote, or webcam.

With such a deck, you can easily store all of the accessories at a safe and secure location and it also increases the aesthetic aspect of your setup. Another great feature of such coolers designed for PS5 is the added number of USB ports. If you are connecting all of these USB-powered accessories to your console at the same time, you must run short on USB ports. In such a case, you can use the additional USB ports provided on the deck or cooler attached to your PS5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which orientation is better for the PS5?

As you may already know, the PS5 is designed in such a way that you can keep the console vertical or horizontal based on your preference and available installation space. While it does not have much of an effect on the performance of the console, some believe that it is better to use the console in vertical orientation since it allows coolers to pull the air from the bottom of the console. So, a vertical stand for your PS5 might be an ideal choice if you notice irregular temperatures on your console. But with a significantly powerful external cooler, the orientation does not really matter.

Q. Is a cooling stand really crucial for a PS5?

The answer to this question depends upon your usage of the console and the conditions you are keeping it in. Unlike desktop computers, consoles aren’t supposed to be opened and cleaned. Thus, if you live in a windy or dusty region, you are more likely to face heating issues with your console. In such a case, a cooling stand can really be the most important accessory for your PS5. The same goes for hardcore gamers that use the console for hours at a time. In such cases, the heavy load might introduce heating issues that can be prevented with the help of a cooling stand.

Q. What are the most attractive features of a dedicated cooling stand?

There is a lot more to see if you go with a special PS5 cooling stand instead of a standalone PS5 cooler. We have included a handful of all-in-one options on our list that offer many great features such as extended storage capacity for other accessories along with your controllers and the console itself. The cooling stands that offer a handful of extra USB ports are also beneficial for those who use multiple controllers or other USB-powered accessories with their consoles. Apart from that, you can check if the stand has LED lighting to make your couch gaming setup more attractive than ever.


We hope that you have managed to land the best cooler for PS5 on our list today. As we have picked the best options available in the market right now and explained each of our picks in detail, you can easily compare various choices and pick up the ideal option for your PS5. We have also offered some additional information about PS5 coolers in our buying guide for the best cooler for PS5 that will further guide you towards the right purchase. But if you are still struggling between 2 or more options, take a look at our top recommendations from this list to help you make your choice clearer.

When it comes to an all-in-one PS5 stand, there are not a lot of options as capable as the MAGETHUG PS5 Stand. This stand features dedicated suction cooling fans on the bottom to keep your console cool. Along with that, it also works as a charging station for your controllers for quick access. And, you will be able to store up to 17 games on the deck to avoid cluttering the space. The fans installed in the MAGETHUG PS5 Stand operate at up to 4000 RPM to generate nearly 13 CFM airflow to offer maximum cooling performance.

On the other hand, if you already own a docking station for your controllers or your PS5, going with an all-in-one option might not be ideal for you. Instead, you should go with the Nargos PS5 Cooling Fan which is available at nearly half the price of a cooling stand. This is a standalone clip-on PS5 cooler powered by 3 powerful fans to extract the heat from the system. And this cooler also offers a USB port so you will still have a free USB port after installing the Nargos PS5 Cooling Fan. This is a highly reliable option since it is backed by a year of warranty.

Lastly, we will suggest going with the OLYGIVE PS5 Cooling Fan if you want a compact and discrete cooling station for your PS5. It is arguably the smallest stand available on this list measuring only 13.62 x 7.8 x 1.89 inches in dimensions. Still, it has a dual cooling fan setup, each offering up to 3000 RPM speed. And it can also work as a docking station for your controllers and can charge them completely within 2 hours. You will also notice LED indicators on the charging station to alert you about the charging status of the controllers.

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