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10 Best Garage Floor Mat Reviews in 2022

A garage floor mat might not be on the top of your buying list, but it can do a lot more than just lie in the garage as an aesthetic addition. 

All seasons bring challenges for your car, and every time your vehicle enters through the garage doors, they bring in rainwater, oil, debris, snow, and many more unwanted things with it.

This can not only damage the garage floor but can even cause accidents. A good garage floor mat will help you get rid of these unnecessary guests almost instantly. 

If you want to invest in a garage floor mat, there are certain things that you need to consider. They are listed below.

  • Type: There are as many as 6 different kinds of garage floor mats to choose from. The parking pads are enough to cover the ground below the car while the roll out mats cover the whole garage floor. The water-absorbing mats and oil-absorbing mats are capable of absorbing and containing water and oil respectively. The garage containment mats are ideal for snow covered cars while lastly, the carpet mats give a premium look to the garage which enables the use of the garage as a kid’s playing room or a gym. Your ideal garage floor mat depends on the needs and the climate conditions.
  • Material: There are primarily three kinds of materials used to make the garage floor mats. The materials are Polyvinyl, Absorbent Polyester fibres, and PVC coated polyester scrim fabric. Polyvinyl is considered the best material as it is durable, prevents stains and successful in collecting debris brought in by the vehicles. The scrim fabric is only suitable for absorbing water but they’re not durable. It again depends on the needs of the user and the weather conditions. 
  • Size: Before investing in a garage floor mat, the user needs to be sure as to what they want the garage floor mat to be covering. If they want it to cover only under the vehicle or for the full garage. They need to be sure before fixing the ideal mat for them.

If you are looking to invest in a garage floor mat and have difficulties choosing the best one for you, then you have come to the right place. This article lists the 10 best garage floor mats with their best features, advantages, and disadvantages (Buying Guide). Let’s check each one of them. 

Best Garage Floor Mat 2022

Best Garage Floor Mat Reviews

1. Drymate XL Oil Spill Mat

Drymate XL Oil Spill Mat

This Drymate Oil Spill mat contains and traps all the mess in the garage. They wick the moisture away and contain and absorb all the fluids to protect the garage floor from spills and stains. 

The water-resistant layer prevents soaking all the liquids like brake oil, coolant, and gasoline and protects the surface beneath. Additionally, the slip-proof feature keeps the mat in place. The polyester material makes the mat durable and reusable which further makes it a better alternative if you compare it to other disposable oil mats. 

These mats are also easy to clean as soap water and a hose helps to get rid of dirt and debris and all the oil. They dry easily too. The top layer is made of non-woven polyester and 50% recycled fabric. The bottom liquid-proof layer is made using polyolefin which makes the mat phthalates and BPA free. 

Best Features:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimension: 36” X59”
  • Colour: Charcoal
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Special feature: Water-proof, Slip-resistant, reusable


  • It soaks all the liquids.
  • It protects the garage floor from damage and stains.
  • It is a better alternative to disposable oil mats. 


  • The mat melts in excessive heat.

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2. Armor All Original Garage Floor Mat

Armor All Original Garage Floor Mat

This mat is designed to protect the garage floor from tire marks, oil spills, stains and hides all the cracks to make the garage floor look new. It has an additional advantage as it looks like a carpet and the garage can be used alternatively as a playroom for kids, a party place or an exercise hub. 

The water-resistant fabric contains and absorbs all the fluids and drives away the moisture. It also prevents the surface beneath from any kinds of stain. The slip-resistant feature helps the mat to stay in one place. It can be easily trimmed with scissors to fit into any given space which is excellent. 

It can be cleaned easily with a vacuum, hose, or power wash with a mild detergent. Then, you just need to wet vac or squeeze the excess water and let it dry. The installation is quite simple with the double-sided tape provided in the pack. 

Though the mat will have some wrinkles, in the beginning, it will ease and relax into a smooth surface with some time. The top layer comprises 50% recycled non-woven polyester fabric and the bottom layer is made of polyolefin with liquid bonded waterproof backing. 

Best Features: 

  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimension: 17″ X7’4″
  • Colour: Charcoal
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Special feature: Water-proof, slip-resistant.


  • Absorbs all kinds of liquids.
  • The mat is soft and feels comfortable.
  • Easy installation with double-sided tape. 


  • A little on the expensive side.

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3. TruContain Containment Mat 

TruContain Containment Mat 

TruContain Containment mat has only positive reviews from the users and they deem it to be the ultimate containment mat that there is. This mat is heavier, stronger, better looking, and has a smart design. 

It’s made from heat-welded polyvinyl chloride which is the reason it has come out as flexible and strong. The PVC material also reinforces the edges so that spills can be prevented. Moreover, the durability is also increased with the use of PVC. 

Furthermore, the absorbency of the mat is also increased due to the material of the mat. The seams are placed under them, improving the mat’s texture, and making it light. This also makes the mat easy to clean and maintain. 

The installation of the mat is effortless and the mat can be installed in minutes. 

Best Features:

  • Material: Polyvinyl chloride
  • Dimension: 7’9″ X18′
  • Colour: Grey
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Special feature: Installs in minutes, no assembly needed


  • The mat is flexible yet strong.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Can be easily installed, no assembly is required. 


  • The mat might not stay in the same place.

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4. KALASONEER Oil Spill Mat


This Oil Spill mat is constructed with compact and thick fibres that absorb all kinds of liquids, including oil. Thus, making the mat ideal for the garage, maintenance shop, parking floor and driveway. 

The waterproof film at the backside of the oil spill mat prevents any greasy liquid or water from seeping through and damaging the garage floor. Moreover, the waterproof backside allows it to attach to the surface and stick to one place. It is slip-resistant, anti-wear and anti-tear which makes it last a couple of years for long use. 

The mat can be trimmed with scissors to fit all dimensions and can fit any size. It is washable and can be reused after cleaning. You can either opt for machine wash or water wash with your hand. 

Best Features: 

  • Material: Fabric
  • Dimension: 36″ X60″
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Special feature: Machine wash or hand wash, reusable. 


  • Spill-resistant and water-repellent.
  • Can be easily installed and maintained.
  • Anti-wear, anti-tear, durable.


  • Some people find it thin and extremely lightweight.

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5. ITSOFT Oil Absorbent Garage Floor Mat 

ITSOFT Oil Absorbent Garage Floor Mat 

This map by Itsoft is capable of absorbing and containing all the transmission liquid and oil to prevent permanent staining of the garage floor. The fabric used for construction is moisture-wicking and prevents water from spilling or overflowing. 

The mat has a double-layer design where the upper layer is made of non-woven cloth to make the mat damp-free and safe for regular use. While the bottom layer is made of non-slip TPR material to make it waterproof and slip-resistant. The dual layer structure of the mat is what makes it rugged and durable. 

The mat can be easily cleaned with soap and water and then normal drying or wet vac. It goes without saying that regular cleaning increases the longevity of the mat. It can also be trimmed easily to fit in any garage. You might notice wrinkles at first but they will stretch out with time. 

Best Features: 

  • Material: Non-woven cloth and TPR material
  • Dimension: 38″ X29″
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Special feature: washable, non-slip, waterproof


  • Oil spill mat protects your garage from any kind of damage or stains.
  • It prevents liquid from penetrating through the mat.
  • Non-slip and waterproof. 


  • It is flammable and should not be used near ignition sources.

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6. AiBOB Oil Spill Mat

AiBOB Oil Spill Mat

AiBOB oil spill mat is made of rubber and polyester fabric. The rubber below the surface makes the mat water-proof, anti-skid, and prevents slipping. While the ⅛ thick polyester above makes it super absorbent to oil and other spliaage. 

The oil spill mat is of compact felt texture which prevents wear and tear and makes it easy to clean with detergent. The mat can be easily cut with scissors and can be made to fit into any dimension. 

The best part is, the mat is odourless phthalate and BPA-free thereby 100% safe for you as well as the environment. 

Best Features: 

  • Material: Polyester fibre and rubber
  • Dimension: 36″ X60″
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Special feature: Reusable, durable 


  • The mat is safe for the environment.
  • It is durable.
  • It is leak-proof and super absorbent.


  • It is thin according to some users.

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7. IncStores Thick Garage Floor Mat 

IncStores Thick Garage Floor Mat 

This garage floor mat is robust and rolls out seamlessly to strengthen the floor in minutes maintaining a low-cost garage cover solution. It is made of super durable vinyl in a nitro garage and is capable of tolerating everything from floor jacks to heavy vehicles. 

They are built keeping maximum versatility in mind. These mats fit edge-to-edge in the room so that things can be moved easily. They are also easy to trim and can be adjusted to any dimension. 

They are the ideal workshop floor mats and mechanic mats and can fit under storage and machines. Their oil-resistance feature also makes them ideal for commercial warehouses, box trailer floors, and trade show floors. 

Best Features: 

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Dimension: 4’X4’
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Special feature: Durable, Anti-slip


  • It is versatile and works well for all floors.
  • Capable of withstanding heavy vehicles.
  • Can be trimmed and adjusted to any shape. 


  • The mat is thinner than some people’s choice.

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8. Golf Cart Mat for Garage Floor

Golf Cart Mat for Garage Floor

Garage floor mats are made of compact felt cloth and rubber backing which contains all liquids, absorbs oil and drives away moisture. It traps the mess and protects the floor from stains.

Waterproof film at the back of the rubber floor mat can easily prevent motor oil, brake oil, coolant, and gasoline from seeping and damaging the floor. It is also slip-resistant which keeps the mat in place and prevents it from moving around. The mat can be easily cut with scissors according to your need. 

The compact felt structure makes the mat anti-wear and tears and hence, durable. You can easily clean it with a hose or scrub with soap, followed by air drying. The mat comes with a 30-day warranty. 

Best Features: 

  • Material: Rubber
  • Dimension: 6’6″ X8’5″
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Special feature: Absorbent, water-proof


  • Super absorbent and water-proof.
  • Easy to trim and install.
  • Durable and reusable. 


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9. LINLA Premium Absorbent Oil Mat

LINLA Premium Absorbent Oil Mat

The oil mat is made of absorbent non-woven fabric which makes it damp-free and enables it to absorb all kinds of liquids, like water and oil. The heavy weight allows it to stay put even in the wind.

The rubber backing makes it slip-resistant and prevents it from moving around. The rubber backing also makes the layer waterproof which prevents the soaking of any liquid and protects the garage floor in all ways. It can be useful in multiple ways due to its versatile nature and can be put under motorbikes, golf carts, and gardening tools. It can also be used as repurposed floor liners for cat litter boxes or dog crates.  The mat can be easily trimmed and made to fit any dimensions of the garage. 

It is very easy to clean with a hose or a vacuum, just like the carpet in your house. At first, you might notice wrinkles but it straightens out with time. 

Best Features: 

  • Material: Absorbent non-woven cloth
  • Dimension: 6’6″ X8’5″
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Special feature: Washable, reusable


  • Slip-resistant and waterproof backing
  • Solid and heavy weight
  • It can be used for multiple purposes


  • Can be dangerous around ignition sources

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10. Delooant Parking Garage and Shop Floor Mat


Delooant has brought a versatile garage floor mat which is suitable to be used at the garage or any parking floor. The mat is constructed of felt fabric and protects the ground from any kinds of debris, dust, dirt, and stains. 

The water-resistant membrane at the backside allows it to adhere to the floor and makes it slip-resistant. It is capable of absorbing all kinds of liquids like water, oil and all other fluids which protects the garage floor from stains or spillage. The high-quality fabric coupled with compact structure ensures durability and makes it wear and tear-resistant.

The mat is washable and can be cleaned with hoses or similar cleaners. It is also easily portable and you can carry it by folding and taking it anywhere you like. The dimensions are enough to fit in most parking spaces. 

Best Features:

  • Material: Felt fabric
  • Dimension: 7’5″ X18’1″
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Special feature: Non-slip, durable


  • Is versatile, can be used on any surface.
  • Ensures floor protection. 
  • Easy to install and clean.p


  • Can melt in extreme heat.

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Things to Consider While Choosing a Garage Floor Mat

The floor mats can prevent staining your garage floor from acid or any other liquid when you are working on your car. Garage mats are usually not very aesthetic investments, it covers the pre-existing cracks and covers the concrete floor of the garage. Now, we must look at some basic features before choosing the best garage floor mat. 

1. Type of the Mat

There are several kinds of garage floor mats which have their advantages. So, let us go through some brief descriptions of each type of garage floor mat:

  • Parking pads or mats: As their name suggests, these mats are of the size of your car or slightly larger than those. They are even available for golf carts and motorcycles. 

Their primary aim is to collect any debris collected in your vehicle, like mud, water, road salts, dirt, oils, etc. These mats are easier to clean as you can pull them out and clean them in the sun once in a while. 

  • Roll out floor mats: These mats are much larger than the former as they are supposed to roll out and cover the whole garage floor. The advantage of these is they hide all the cracks and stains on the garage floor and give it a refined look. They even help to get rid of the horrible garage smell. 

Moreover, it prevents echo in the garage while working or talking. It can be trimmed by heavy-duty scissors to fit according to the size of the garage.

  • Water Absorbing floor mats: If you are a resident of a wet or humid climate place, then the Water Absorbing mats are the right choice for you. They are capable of holding a few gallons of water and help to soak the water dripping from the car after a rain or after the snow melts. This helps to keep the rest of the floor in the garage dry to prevent accidents owing to the wet floor.
  • Oil absorbing floor mats: These are similar to the previous ones as they absorb oil and other heavy fluids so that the garage floor is safe from greasy stains. They also help to prevent accidents and/or foot tracking of oil or greasy fluids into the house. They are available in variable sizes. One is the smaller one which gets covered when the vehicle is parked inside the garage. The other one is the roll-out mat size.
  • Garage floor containment mats: These mats are made especially to store and absorb high amounts of water due to heavy snowmelts. They are also designed to contain the road salts and absorb the deicing fluids during the winter season. These mats often feature raised edges so that the water can be pooled and overflowing can be prevented. Also, one edge is kept near the gate of the garage so that the water or the unmelted chunks of ice can be broom to later melt or drain out. They are also easily foldable so that they can be stored when not in need.
  • Carpet Mats: These mats are installed in the garage to give a premium feel to the garage. They look like carpets in the garage but are not hazardous like the usual carpets. They are resistant to water, oil and other petroleum liquids. They are non-flammable materials and do not disintegrate or break down easily. It also easily absorbs sound and protects from the cold concrete floor. 

2. Materials Used 

There are several materials which are used for the making of the garage floor mats. The most common ones are briefly described below.

  • 100% Polyvinyl: Polyvinyl is a sturdy material and is proven to be successful in case of making garage mats. They are stain-resistant, durable and do not corrode or delaminate easily. Polyvinyl is highly water-resistant and offers good traction when wet. It is also resistant to oils, and vehicle fluids and will guarantee that the stains do not reach the garage floor. They also collect the debris and save the garage floor from them too. Also, they can be cleaned very easily. Mud and dirt can be just swiped away while soap and water solution is enough for regular cleaning. Finally, it is the only material which is strong enough to handle all the garage projects required to repair any vehicle. 
  • Absorbent Polyester fibres: These materials are water-resistant and anti-slip. They are also very absorbent and can absorb anything from water to petroleum. The soft texture of polyester fibres feels like carpets and can be used for multiple things. They are recycled polyester fibres and are not thick if you compare it to something like polyvinyl. They can be cut by regular scissors to give the required shape. They can be cleaned easily with a vacuum or hose. They dry easily too in correct weather and temperature. They are more pocket-friendly than most other garage mats. 
  • PVC coated scrim fabric (polyester) : This is suitable only for the construction of containment mats. They are used to absorb water or oil. In the case of this fabric, long polyester strands are woven and chemically bonded which are then coated in PVC. They are 100% waterproof and are very strong and thick. To form strong waterproof seams, they are also heat sealed. Due to the same reason, they prevent leaks too. They are fairly durable but it is not advisable to use them for long periods. 

3. Size

You need to check the dimensions of the garage floor mat before investing in one. If you want to opt for parking mats, then it should be according to the dimensions of your vehicle. But, if you want to go for roll-out mats, then it should be according to the dimensions of your garage. 

4. Water-Resistant

Your car will come drenched in water when it is raining and during the winter months, your car will come wrapped in snow which will melt. Therefore, it is better if the garage floor mat is water-proof so that the garage floor is protected. 

5. Non-Slip Technology

Garage is usually the place where all the repair work for the car is carried out. So, you have to make sure that the mat you are opting for has a non-slip feature so that the activities in the garage do not lead to any accidents.

6. Budget-Friendly

You need to make sure that the garage floor mat does not burn a hole in the pocket. It should be effective and serve your purpose. It is not your living room, so the garage floor mat need not be aesthetically pleasing. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Are the garage floor mats worth it?

The garage floor mats protect the garage floor from stains, water intrusion and abuse. They cover cracks and stains and absorb sound to prevent echo. The installation for them is simple and they are quite easy to maintain.

2. What is the best garage floor mat for covering your garage?

If your primary concern is to absorb fluids then you should go for garage floor mats made with absorbent materials. If you live in a place with heavy snowfall, go for the large PVC mats which have raised edges and do not allow the water to overflow. 

3. How much do garage floor mats cost?

The price of the garage floor mats depends on several things. It depends on the kind of material you choose for the mat. Then, it depends on the area you want the mat to cover. These factors will help you decide the cost of the mat.

4. How long does a garage floor mat last?

With right handling and minimal care a garage floor mat should last you at least 5 years. 

Final Word

As you can notice, there are several kinds of garage floor mats and styles to choose from. It also depends on the material you are choosing for the garage and the dimension you want to cover. They are very convenient and you can even take them with you when moving out. 

The ideal garage floor mat depends on certain things of the user. But, if you would like our opinion, then we would suggest you go for the DryMate XL Oil Spill mat as it is durable and protects the garage floor from damage soaking all the liquid. 

The next one we suggest would be the Armor All Original Garage Floor Mat which is absorbent, protects the surface, and can be easily installed with double-sided tape.

Our last suggestion is a fan-favourite, that is, the TruContain Containment Mat. The reviews speak volumes for the performance and the durability of the mat. 

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