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PXI multiplexers sport 67-GHz terminated switches

Aimed at 5G and semiconductor test, Pickering’s PXI/PXIe microwave multiplexers switch 50-Ω internally terminated signals at up to 67 GHz. The 50-Ω internal relay terminations improve signal integrity by allowing unused channels of a test system to be terminated in the characteristic impedance of the signal path.

The panel-mount 40-785C (PXI) and 42-785C (PXIe) modules are available in single and dual, SP4T and SP6T configurations with relays on the front panel. Space-saving remote versions are also available and accommodate up to three multiplexers in a single slot. The remote-mount option connects each switch to the control module using a supplied 1.5-m interface cable. This reduces the length of RF connections, maximizing performance and minimizing cabling cost.

“To aid with test system health monitoring, the 4x-785C family is provided with a switch cycle counting feature,” said Steve Edwards, switching product manager at Pickering. “Determining the number of operations per channel can help manage the wear-out process by allowing alternate lower usage paths to be substituted for high-use channels.”

Request a quote for the 67-GHz 4x-785C multiplexers by using the link to the product page below.

40/42-785C product page

Pickering Interfaces 

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