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Bluetooth LE SoC software hones location services

Silicon Labs’ hardware and software platform uses Bluetooth LE devices to simplify angle of arrival (AoA) and angle of departure (AoD) location services. The software maximizes the location-finding capabilities of the BG22 family of Bluetooth LE SoCs and SiP modules. These tiny, low-power devices operate for up to 10 years on a coin cell battery, while the software can track assets, improve indoor navigation, and better locate tags with sub-meter accuracy.

The new software features asynchronous constant tone extension (CTE) broadcasts from the device to the locator. Asynchronous broadcast eliminates the need for synchronized transmission timings between the device and locator. This enables locators to track a large number of assets simultaneously and multiple locators to simultaneously see the same asset at the same time for triangulation. The software also supports broad spectrum CTE broadcast across all 37 channels to reduce interference by moving the CTE transmissions from advertisement channels to data channels.

Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth Location Services platform comprises several parts, including:

The complete platform is available now from Silicon Labs and distributors, as well as ecosystem partners. To learn more about Bluetooth AoA and AoD location services, click here.

Silicon Labs

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