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Best Steering Wheel for PS5 Reviews in 2022

As we all know, games are getting more and more realistic and lifelike with each passing year. It is possible because of the new gaming hardware being released every year, offering more computing power and features to develop a mesmerizing gaming experience. It is the same for both PC as well as console gaming communities as both parties received hefty gaming upgrades in recent years. While PC gamers were gifted with the most powerful graphics cards yet from Nvidia and AMD, the console gaming community also got the release of the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Right now, the Xbox Series X and PS5 gaming consoles are offering the best console gaming experience for the user and allowing them to live out their fantasy in a digital world. For both of these platforms, there are a lot of sports-category games, especially ones that are designed around cars and car racing. These games are based on real-life car mechanics and let you drive the vehicle with utmost realism. You can further improve your experience in such games with the help of a dedicated steering wheel designed for these games. But before that, make sure that you check some important factors of a steering wheel while you are looking for one.

  • Wheel Size: To offer a realistic driving experience, a lot of brands that develop these steering wheels tend to design these wheels as close to the real thing as possible. Hence, you will generally notice the size of the steering wheels is quite similar to the actual steering wheels. But, based on the product you are going for, you will notice fractional differences in the size of these steering wheels. While these variations might seem unnoticeable to the eye, they will certainly make a difference when you are using the wheel.
  • Supported Rotation: Since steering wheels designed for consoles like PS5 are actually used as a controller for your game, you should also note the physical properties of the wheel like the supported rotation of the wheel to get an idea about its performance. The supported rotation of a steering wheel is basically the angle at which you can turn the wheel in either direction. So if you are playing the game at a higher sensitivity, you will need lower rotational freedom. But, a lot of professional gamers prefer larger rotational freedom to adjust the game as per their requirement.
  • Vibration and Feedback: Whether it is a standard controller or a steering wheel if there is one factor that determines the quality of the performance of the unit is its vibrations and force feedback. These are more of a feature than a specification that brings the steering wheel closer to a realistic driving experience. These features are dependent upon the vibrational motors implemented in the wheels that create the feedback based on in-game situations. As you can imagine, stronger feedback is only possible if the components used for the design of the steering wheel are similarly powerful.

Unlike desktop computers that are universally compatible with any/all USB-based sterling wheels designed for gaming, the story is a bit different for consoles, especially the new PS5. Ever since the release of the PS5, racing game fans have been eagerly waiting for Sony to release the list of compatible steering wheels that you can use with the console for racing games. Therefore, you can imagine why the options are so slim for a steering wheel that can be used with a PS5. To find the perfect option for you, we have selected these options to offer you a comprehensive review of each unit right here. You can also refer to our Buying Guide for the best steering wheel for the PS5 before making your choice to ensure whether you are investing in the right option or not.

Best Steering Wheel for PS5 2022

Best Steering Wheel for PS5 Reviews

1. Logitech G Dual-Motor Gaming Racing Wheel

Logitech G Dual-Motor Gaming Racing Wheel

We will begin our selection of the best steering wheels for the PS5 with one of the most trusted brands on the globe for PC accessories. Logitech has been in the tech business for decades now and you will surely get a satisfying experience with this steering wheel.

Our 1st recommendation for the best steering wheel for PS5 is the Logitech G Dual-Motor G29. It is a great option in terms of applicability and versatility since it is compatible with PS3, PS4, and the new PS5. So even if you were not able to get your hands on the new console from Sony, you can still use this steering wheel with your current console and be ready for the PS5. As for its durability, it is certainly worth the investment as it includes durable stainless steel ball-bearing, shifters, and even pedals. Even the wheel has a hand-stitched leather grip to ensure a comfortable user experience.

To imitate realistic vibrations and forces, the Logitech G Dual-Motor G29 features dual-motor construction. So the force feedback is strong and instantaneous. It also has the standard controller buttons on the wheel so that you won’t have to change the setup when you are playing a different game. The floor pedal unit of the Logitech G Dual-Motor G29 includes an accelerator, brake, and clutch pedals for a completely immersive and realistic driving feel.

Best Features

  • Supports 900 degrees wheel rotation
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty period
  • Durable solid steel construction
  • Dual-motor design
  • Highly-responsive floor pedal unit


  • Great option in a mid-range budget
  • Compatible with PS3, PS4, and PS5
  • Force feedback and vibrations are pretty strong


  • Wheel rotation should have been larger

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2. Thrustmaster T300 RS – Gran Turismo Racing Wheel


Thurstmaster is a brand that is particularly known for its controllers and console accessories designed for simulation games. Apart from standard accessories like headphones and controllers, Thursmaster also designs special driving gears and even flying gears.

If you are a fan of a particular video game like Gran Turismo, then the set of accessories you need to buy to play the game is quite easy to choose. Games like Gran Turismo select a handful of over-the-top perfectionist brands and offer official licensing to their products like the Thrustmaster T300 RS. This steering wheel set is licensed by Gran Turismo, so you can rest assured you will get the best experience with this set. It is known to be compatible with PS3 and PS4 so far. And recently, the unit was updated to work with the PS5 as well. This is a high-end racing simulator that offers 1080 degrees of wheel rotation, making it the most realistic driving wheel for consoles.

The Thrustmaster T300 RS also makes sure that you get real feedback from the system while you are driving way over the speed limit in the game. For that, the Thrustmaster T300 RS includes industry-grade brushless motors. With that the overall operation of the unit is smooth, but the force feedback is highly sensitive and strong. The set includes an 11 inches diameter steering wheel so you will feel like you are sitting in an actual car while using this wheel. For the pedal section, the metallic accelerator, brake, and clutch pedals are designed to be adjustable so everyone can use the Thrustmaster T300 RS driving set.

Best Features

  • Supports 1080 degrees wheel rotation
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty period
  • Uses industry-grade brushless motors
  • Large detachable steering wheel
  • Ultra-responsive force feedback


  • Officially licensed by Gran Turismo
  • Comes with a 28 inches steering wheel
  • Adjustable metallic pedal section


  • Costs almost as much as a new PS5

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3. HORI Racing Wheel Apex7

You might be wondering if the premium options are the only ones that get licensed by game developers to offer a reliable gaming experience. Well, the following option from HORI is certainly one of the cheapest options for a steering wheel for a PS5 and it still carries licensing from Gran Turismo.

If you are not familiar with the steering wheel gaming experience and are looking forward to getting a taste before investing a fortune in it, take a look at the HORI Apex Racing Wheel. This is the cheapest option in the market right now that is still a feasible choice for racing game enthusiasts. This is a full-sized racing wheel and comes included with pedals for an authentic racing simulation experience. The wheel of the HORI Apex Racing Wheel offers a 270-degree turning radius, tightly matching the radius of an official F1 racing car. However, the output of the wheel is adjustable between 180 to 270 degrees so that you can customize it based on your driving style.

Apart from that, you can also adjust the dead zone of the HORI Apex Racing Wheel via the companion application for an even more familiar driving experience. The HORI Apex Racing Wheel uses a clamp system for mounting so that the only feedback you will receive will be the intentional force feedback from the game, and not from your desk. For gear shifting, there is a dedicated lever below the steering wheel, again, matching the configuration of a race car. And the other 2 pedals on the lower section are full-sized pedals for accurate and precise use.

Best Features

  • Supports 270 degrees wheel rotation
  • Backed by a 90-day warranty period
  • Best option for a budget steering wheel
  • Officially licensed by Sony and Gran Turismo
  • Adjustable steering wheel rotation


  • Perfect option for beginners
  • Ensures an authentic driving experience
  • Compatible with almost all popular racing titles


  • Warranty period is very short

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Buying Guide For The Best Steering Wheel for PS5

While standard console controllers like the Xbox controller or Dualsense are pretty much perfect for a majority of games, they are not the most ideal options for sports-based games, especially ones that revolve around car racing. You can definitely play a lot of games via controller like action, adventure, RPG, etc. with controllers, you simply won’t get the same feeling while playing a racing game with these units.

For racing games, there are dedicated controllers, or to be specific, driving wheel sets that are specifically designed to be used for racing games or simulators. In these steering wheel sets, you will find a wide range of control options apart from the ones that are already available on the standard controller like gear shifters, clutch pedal, accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and a lot more, mimicking the actual driving peripherals of a car. Pairing that with realistic driving games like Gran Tourismo, Forza Horizon, Forza Motorsports, etc., you will surely find the best gaming experience. But, it is only possible if you choose the right steering wheel for your PS5. Since the available options for a PS5 are already pretty slim, you can easily find the best one for your console by referring to these factors.

1. Force and Vibration Feedback

If you are familiar with the recently released Dualsense controller offered with the PS5, you must know about the new dynamic trigger action and heightened vibrational feedback that brings more realism and action to the games. The same can be said for steering wheels designed for these consoles as there are dedicated motors implemented in these units to generate a strong force and vibrational feedback. This feedback is based on the in-game motion and track situations.

For example, you will receive stronger feedback from the driving wheel when you are driving over a rocky track compared to a professional race track. So, you can imagine why it is important for your driving wheel to imitate such feedback to offer a realistic driving experience. Steering wheels designed to be used with PS5 usually offer a wide range of forces, so that you can feel different feedback for nominal surface irregularities and car crashes. The force feedback is usually mentioned with the steering wheel in the N.m unit. Entry-level and mid-level steering wheels usually generate 2.5 to 8 N.m feedback. Whereas, high-end steering wheels are capable of going as high as 20 N.m feedback with variations.

2. Direct Drive Technology

Direct drive technology is a type of connecting mechanism implemented on steering wheels to imitate the movement and steering performance of an actual steering wheel. It is made possible by connecting the driving motor directly to the steering column of the steering wheel. As may have already guessed, this technology is a bit pricier to implement and only found with the premium range of driving wheels. So, these options are capable of offering peak immersiveness in the driving simulator games and racing games. It also manages to deliver stronger force feedback and detailed presence of vibrations on the wheel.

On the other hand, budget options for a steering wheel use alternate options like belts and pulleys to transfer the rotational force of the wheel to the steering wheel. While these options do offer a smaller form factor and the ability to work in compact spaces, it offers lesser strength in the feedback. Also, since there is no direct connection between the steering wheel and the motor with the belt and pulley mechanism, it introduces vibration and feedback loss that you are supposed to feel. So, make sure you go for a direct drive steering technology when you are looking for a steering wheel for the PS5.

3. Rotational Freedom

The rotation of a steering wheel designed for consoles is not so different from that of an actual steering wheel of your car. In an IRL car, the steering wheel rotation is about 1080 degrees on both sides. So if you wish to get the same feeling with a steering wheel connected to your console, you should look for such rotational freedom. 1080p degrees of rotational support enables you to spin the steering wheel 3 times around before it is locked. So, you can easily control the steering mechanism of the car and play the game at a lower sensitivity to test your driving skills. It also brings more realism to the game and allows you to perform adrenaline-fueled actions like burnouts and drifts.

While larger rotational freedom is important on a steering wheel, you might also need a smaller rotational motion if you wish to imitate the feeling of a race car. In such cars, the rotational movement of the steering wheel is usually limited to 360 degrees. Thus, the wheel is designed to offer a single turn before it reaches the locking position. This is important for competitive racing where sharp turns are required. So, for steering wheels designed for games, it is beneficial to have adjustable rotational freedom so that you can adjust the rotation as per your requirements and the game you are playing.

4. Additional Peripherals

Apart from the steering wheel, there are a lot of additional peripherals that you can connect to the set to increase the realism of the setup. These accessories include gear shifters, handbrakes, clutch and accelerator pedals, etc. In the majority of the cases, you won’t have to buy these items separately as most high-end steering wheel sets offer these peripherals with the package. And if you are buying the units separately, you must consider some important factors like connectivity options, compatibility, installation options, etc.

A lot of racing wheelbases have a connectivity hub so connecting the additional peripherals is not much of a hassle. However, most steering wheel sets have limited compatibility for external accessories and you probably need to get the accessory from the same brand as the steering wheel for compatibility. Therefore, it is always preferable to buy a steering wheel set that features all of these additional accessories included in the set. This way, you won’t need to shell out more money to buy 3rd party accessories and worry about their compatibility with your set. Instead, you can simply set up the driving rig in one go and enjoy your favorite driving games without any interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all steering wheel sets compatible with a PS5?

To put it simply, no. Unlike PC accessories that offer universal compatibility for all computers whether it is a desktop or a laptop, things are a bit different when it comes to consoles. The difference is there because of the difference in the layout of the controls. So, even if the steering wheel set is made for a console, the options available for an Xbox console and a PS5 won’t be the same. To avoid confusion and compatibility issues, Sony releases a list of compatible accessories for their consoles so users can buy the right option without any worries.

Q. Is force feedback important in a steering wheel?

Force feedback is a synthetic force simulation technique that imitates the vibrations and feels you will get on a steering wheel when you are driving an actual car. So, with stronger force feedback, you can experience an authentic racing feel which is why most people use a steering wheel instead of a standard controller to play racing games. So, you can imagine why force feedback is important to have on your steering wheel.

Q. Should I prefer a wireless racing wheel over a wired one?

While you are looking for a steering wheel for your PS5, we recommend that you steer clear of wireless options. Such options have been around for quite some time now but still failed to gain the attention of dedicated gamers for a lot of reasons. Since these are contactless steering wheels, they use a gyroscope instead of a connecting rod to sense the motion of the wheel and emulate the same in the game you are playing. While it does offer a relaxing couch gaming experience, the feel and input accuracy are simply not up to the mark. Instead, you will get a better experience with standard controllers using thumbsticks for navigation.


Racing games, or games in general, have come a long way since the old days when controlling a car would feel like directing an object in a straight line. Nowadays, car racing games are almost lifelike, whether you are talking about the environment, sounds, control options, or even the internal specifications of cars. And on top of that, there are racing simulators that offer the same environment as a professional race track with enhanced control over your car so that you can win a game based on your personal driving skill set.

But in order to truly enjoy these games, one must invest in a steering wheel set. These options are available for all gaming systems whether you are on a PC, Xbox, or PS5. Today, we have gathered a list of the best steering wheels we could find for a PS5 and presented them here along with detailed specifications and a brief review. If you want to know more about the technologies used in sterling wheels and how you can buy the best option, take a look at our buying guide for the best steering wheel for PS5. If you are still not sure which steering wheel is the right option for your PS5, go with our personal favorite pick.

If you want the best driving experience in a simulated environment, then it only makes sense to go over the top and invest in the Thrustmaster T300 RS. While this driving set costs almost as much as a new PS5, it will certainly feel worthy when you are using it to play breathtaking games like Forza Horizon 5 or Gran Turismo 7. This is a universal option that is compatible with PC, PS4, and PS5. So, you can use it with any gaming system you currently own. Plus, the Thrustmaster T300 RS is officially licensed by game developers, ensuring its performance and realism. The Thrustmaster T300 RS offers 1080 degrees rotation and it is built with industry-grade motors for smooth yet powerful force feedback.

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