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AmberSemi puts AC sensing in silicon chip

The AC Direct Sensing engine from AmberSemi is a predictive analysis and sensing software engine in a semiconductor architecture. By essentially digitizing electricity, it enables real-time and continuous sensing and detection, sampling over 4000 times per second, 64 times per sine wave cycle.

AC Direct Sensing detects transient events, such as inductive kickback, overcurrent, overvoltage, ground fault, and arc fault. These typical anomalies can result in life-threatening electrical events like electrocution and electrical fires. With its predictive nature, AC Direct Sensing also detects false events and virtually eliminates false trips.

The AC Direct Sensing engine can be integrated as a standalone solution in a silicon chip. Additionally, it can be integrated with AmberSemi’s other two technologies: the AC Direct DC Enabler for DC extraction directly from AC mains and AC Direct AC Switch Controller for robust self and downstream transient protection. According to the company, the AC Direct Sensing engine brings a range of advantages to GFCIs, surge protectors, outlets, and electromechanical circuit breakers.

To learn more about AmberSemi’s AC Direct Sensing, click here.

Amber Semiconductor

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