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8 Best Motorcycle Shed Reviews in 2022

A dream motorcycle or just a daily commuter, we take pride in them and love them. And we tend to care about the things we love and hence taking care of your motorcycle becomes your responsibility.

The most important thing is how you keep/store your motorcycle when it is not in use. Storing a motorcycle properly may help in extending its parts life and eventually the life of the motorcycle. Your garage is an ideal place to store a motorcycle. But what if you don’t have a garage? This is when a motorcycle shed becomes the best alternative.

Motorcycle sheds keep your motorcycle away from all the dust, harsh sunlight, moisture conditions, and many more things which might damage your motorcycle. Buying a motorcycle shed is an easy task when some important factors are understood.

  • Size: When it comes to selecting a motorcycle shed, the size needed depends on the use of the shed. If you want to store only your motorcycle, a smaller shed will do the work. If you do need a little bit of space to do maintenance check-ups or repairs, a bigger shed is more comfortable. The number of motorcycles also determines the size of a motorcycle shed too.
  • Frame Material: The strength of a motorcycle shed solely depends on the frame design and the material used for the frame. A motorcycle shed is mostly used outdoors and it is bound to undergo various weather conditions. Moisture and heat attack the frame material which makes it an easy target for corrosion. Gusty wind conditions put stress on the frame too. Hence a material that can withstand such conditions will be ideal.
  • Water Resistance: Motorcycle sheds keep water from the rain showers away from the motorcycle. They also keep a check on the moisture level and its contact with the motorcycle. A leaking shed might lead to water into the motorcycle parts increasing the chances of damage or corrosion in the motorcycle. Hence a good shed must offer water resistance.

With these factors taken into consideration, good quality and durable motorcycle sheds can be bought. The goal of a motorcycle shed is to serve as a protective layer between your motorcycle and the harsh outdoor conditions. Various manufacturers offer a motorcycle shed that focuses on the above-mentioned factors. A list of such products with their detailed specifications and Buying Guide is discussed below. This will help you narrow down the suitable motorcycle shed for your motorcycle.

Best Motorcycle Shed 2022

Best Motorcycle Shed Reviews

1. Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Shelter

Abba Patio

The first product on this list is from Abba Patio. Being known for their high-quality outdoor motorcycle sheds, Abba Patio offers products that do endure the changing weather conditions. The next product follows the same motto of durability with quality.

Abba Patio’s Portable Motorcycle Shed is a good alternative for a garage. It allows protection for your motorcycle from harsh outdoor conditions. The size of this motorcycle shed is big enough to accommodate a long motorcycle and will still leave space for 2 more. This shed uses a high-grade galvanized steel frame which ensures resistance to rust and strength to the shed structure.

The shed cover material is an industrial-grade fabric woven into 3 layers, which offers water-resistance as well as protection from UV rays. This shed cover is tear proofed which keeps the cover away from cracks caused due to the changing weather conditions. The anchor holds the shed cover while a zipper door allows easy access to the shed.

Best Features:

  • Enough room for motorcycles due to the size of 120”x120”x104.4” (10x10x8.7 ft)
  • High-grade high-strength galvanized steel frame
  • Shed cover made by industrial-grade 240 PE fabric woven into a single piece of cover
  • Easily detachable door with zipper
  • Anchors and foot pads for a stable structure


  • Offers good space
  • Easy to install tools-free design
  • Good water resistance
  • Good protection from UV rays


  • Price is higher than the competitors

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2. Mophorn Motorcycle Shelter Shed

Mophorn Motorcycle Shelter Shed

Mophorn provides a variety of accessories that mainly focus on motorcycles. The products of Mophorn are known for being compact and for offering good quality. One such product made it to the list of best motorcycle sheds.

Mophorn Motorcycle Shed is one of the motorcycle sheds Mophorn offers. It is a compact motorcycle shed that can be expanded easily thanks to the spring-loaded frame. The frame is made up of powder-coated galvanized steel. This provides strength to the structure under working conditions.

The frame is paired with a waterproof 600D oxford fabric cover which is woven in a single piece. This makes the motorcycle shed waterproof for high-pressure showers. The shed cover is also UV ray resistant which saves your motorcycle from harmful UV rays. The shed also comes up with a lock arrangement, which adds security to the shed when the motorcycle is parked. The shed cover has ventilation windows on both sides to allow air circulation.

Best Features:

  • Size of over 106”x41”x61”(8.8x3x5 ft)
  • Water and dustproof 600D oxford fabric shed cover
  • Powder-coated galvanized steel frame
  • The shed cover can withstand 1200mm of water pressure per meter


  • Protects from inbuilt moisture attacks thanks to the ventilation mesh
  • Easy to install
  • Protection from UV rays


  • Size is compact and bigger motorcycles might struggle to fit in

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3. Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed

Quictent Heavy Duty

Quictent brand is known for offering shelter solutions for motorcycles. Making reliable and market-focused products, Quictent quickly rose to popularity. One such market product is discussed below which is a good alternative for a motorcycle shed.

Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shed is a portable motorcycle shed. It is made up of a black powder steel frame which is heavy-duty. This adds strength to the shed structure. The shed cover is made up of 600D oxford fabric which comes with added polyurethane coating from the inner side. The shed cover is a single piece and woven in a way to make it fully waterproof. It can withstand pressures of 1200 mm of water per meter.

The extra vents on both sides of the shed allow air circulation. The shed cover material is resistant to UV rays which keeps the harmful rays away from your motorcycle. It is also provided with a TSA lock for additional safety when the shed is kept outdoors.

Best Features:

  • Size of 136”x75”x54” (11x6x4.5 ft)
  • High-strength powder-coated steel frame
  • Water-resistant 600D oxford fabric cover
  • Water repellent up to 1200 mm of water per meter


  • Wide enough to accommodate bigger motorcycles
  • Easy to install
  • 1-year warranty


  • Absence of waterproof flooring

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4. ADVANCE OUTDOOR Storage Shelter Shed

ADVANCE OUTDOOR Storage Shelter Shed

Advance Outdoor is one of the outdoor shelter manufacturing organizations. It primarily focuses on manufacturing motorcycle and car sheds. They provide heavy-duty as well as portable sheds as per the customer’s requirements.

The Advance Outdoor Portable Motorcycle Shed is a good option for a motorcycle shed. The shed frame is made up of alloy steel poles which add strength to the shed structure. The shed cover is made up of 240G polyethylene material. This material is woven into a single piece and ensures the shed remains waterproof.

The cover is also UV ray resistant, which keeps the harmful rays from penetrating inside the shed cover. The motorcycle shed is also provided with two doors for easy access and two vents for the circulation of fresh air inside. For added stability to the motorcycle shed, L-type pegs are used.

Best Features:

  • The large size of over 8x7x6 ft
  • Shed cover made up of polyethylene 240G material
  • Heavy-duty frame poles made up of alloy steel
  • Heavy-duty ground pegs for increased stability of the shed structure
  • Waterproof and UV ray-resistant shed cover


  • Accommodates more than one motorcycle
  • Assembly and setup are easy
  • The front and back door provides easy access to the shed
  • 1-year warranty with a lifetime warranty for other accessories


  • Absence of waterproof flooring

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5. Outsunny Outdoor Storage Shelter

Outsunny Outdoor Storage Shelter

The next product is from Outsunny which specializes in outdoor sheds for motorcycles. The sheds offer a variety of configurations to choose from. This makes sure the market needs are fulfilled on time. Outsunny launched its motorcycle shed to compete with other brands.

Outsunny’s Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shed is a motorcycle shed. This shed has metallic frames made up of alloy steel that strengthens the shed structure. The shed cover is made up of polyethylene. It isn’t water-resistant rated but still offers good water wading capabilities.

The shed cover is not UV ray protection rated but still offers a good cover from direct sunlight. There is a door at the front which is easy to install and can be opened and closed with a zipper. To increase stability, the anchors can be buried deep in the soil thanks to the extra-long edges.

Best Features:

  • Overall size of 94.8”x 70.8”x 70.8” (7.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 ft)
  • The shade cover is made from polyethylene which offers good breathability
  • High-strength alloy frame structure
  • Easy roll-up door


  • A wide door which is suitable for a wider motorcycle
  • Good breathability of the shed cover keeps a check on moisture levels


  • The shed is not waterproof
  • Absence of protection from ultraviolet light
  • No vents for air circulation

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6. Happybuy Motorcycle Shelter Storage

Happybuy Motorcycle Shelter Storage

Happybuy is another motorcycle accessories brand that manufactures storage tents or motorcycle sheds. The motto is to cater to the consumer needs and the launch of the next discussed product surely follows their motto.

Happybuy Motorcycle Shed is a protective shed for motorcycles. It is supported with high-strength powder-coated steel poles. These poles are anti-corrosion and hence no problem with rust. The shed cover is made up of 600D oxford fabric which is polyester. The inner layer of this cover is coated with polyurethane which makes the cover water-resistant. The shed cover is strong and can take up 2000pa of water pressure.

The shed design can keep the structure stable without fixing it with bolts. Bolts can be used to add extra stability in stormy weather conditions. Two ventilation mesh helps the flow of air into the shed to keep the moisture levels in check. The locking system is added to the shed for extra security.

Best Features:

  • The dimension of the motorcycle shade is 133.9×53.9×74.8 inches (11×6.2×4.5 ft)
  • High-strength powder-coated steel frame
  • Shed cover made from 600D oxford fabric and inner layer coated with polyurethane
  • Water-resistant and offers protection from UV rays


  • Spacious for bigger motorcycles
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extra options to keep the motorcycle shed stable in harsh weather conditions


  • No extra space for storage
  • No flooring provided

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7. ABCCANOPY Outdoor Storage Shelter

ABCCANOPY Outdoor Storage Shelter

ABCCANOPY is a well-known organization in the market for motorcycle sheds. Developing innovative products and a strict “no compromise over quality” attitude made this organization more popular. This results in developing products that carry the essence of quality.

ABCCANOPY Portable Motorcycle Shed is one of the quality sheds the company has to offer. The shed has a frame made from galvanized steel which strengthens the structure. Metallic joints add to the stability and durability of the motorcycle shed. The Shed cover is made up of layers consisting of industrial-grade fabric and polyethylene layer which ultimately makes it waterproof.

The cover offers protection from the UV rays so that the motorcycle surface won’t be damaged from those harmful rays. There is one detachable door that can be used in case of harsh weather conditions. The stability can be increased by using the foot pads with canopy legs.

Best Features:

  • The dimension is 6×6 ft
  • Galvanized high-strength steel used in frames
  • Layered polythene and industrial-grade fabric
  • Water-resistant and offers protection from UV rays


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Suitable for small motorcycles or mopeds


  • No ventilation windows available

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8. Hwayslon Large Bike Cover Storage Shed Tent

Hwayslon is an outdoor shed manufacturer. Its primary focus is on the bike/motorcycle shed market. Having a variety of products specifically made for motorcycles, Hwayslon surely knows what the market wants.

Developed by focusing on such market needs, Hwayslon Portable Motorcycle Shed was launched by the company. This motorcycle shed comes with high-strength fiberglass rods which are strong yet add flexibility to the shed. The shed cover is made from 210T high-quality fabric which is waterproof.

The fabric used in the shed cover protects the inner side of the shed, from UV rays. There is one door that allows easy access to the shed. The shed cover is tear-resistant which makes sure the cloth will not develop cracks due to the long exposure to changing weather. The flooring is done with a polyethylene cloth which makes the whole motorcycle shed to turn into one waterproof unit. A small ventilation window is provided for air circulation.

Best Features:

  • Size of 87”x62”x66” (11×6.2×4.5 ft)
  • Tough and flexible frame made from high-strength fiberglass
  • Shed cover made up of 210T high-quality fabric
  • Water-resistant and provides protection from UV rays
  • Waterproof flooring


  • A spacious interior provides enough space for more than one motorcycle
  • The fiberglass frame is stronger compared to alloy steel substitutes
  • Easy to assemble and install


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Buying Guide For The Best Motorcycle Shed

When stored outdoors, motorcycles are bound to be attacked by dust, sunlight, and moisture. This is harmful to a motorcycle in the long run leading to corrosion of parts, fading of the paint job, creeping of rubber parts, etc. To keep these problems away, motorcycle sheds prove to be the best alternative for a garage. The portability of these sheds makes it easy to shelter your motorcycle anywhere.

We have explained such motorcycle sheds along with their detailed specifications. Narrowing down the right choice will be an easy task now. If you are still confused about the significance of these factors, make sure to read the buying guide to buy the best motorcycle shed. This guide will clear out every confusion and will surely help you choose the right option.

1. Size

The size of a motorcycle shed helps you decide the space for a motorcycle. The size specifications change depending on the number of motorcycles under the shed. If you want to turn your shed into a mini garage, you will need a spacious motorcycle shed. As per the requirements, a wider range of sizes are available in the market.

An average motorcycle length ranges from 6 ft to 8.5 ft, while the width average is a maximum of 3 ft. The common sizes for motorcycle sheds are 6×8 ft, 6×10 ft, 10×10 ft, 10x12ft, and so on. The 6×10 ft seems like a better option for a single motorcycle while the 10×10 ft size option eventually becomes the spacious option.

2. Frame Material

The motorcycle shed undergoes a lot of stress and attacks from the changing weather conditions. The frame is in contact with heat and moisture which makes it vulnerable to corrosion. The frame also has to go through stormy conditions since it is an outdoor unit. A high-strength material can withstand these harsh conditions without any type of damage.

The common frame material for motorcycle sheds is high-strength alloy steel. These are corrosion resistant and also provide good strength to the shed structure. Another alternative for the frame material is fiberglass rods. These are getting popular due to the high-strength properties and the high degree of flexibility of the material.

3. Weatherproofing

Being an outdoor unit, a motorcycle shed goes through a series of climates. From harsh summers to the wet rainy season to the cold winters, every season tests the motorcycle shed to its limit. The shed has to protect the motorcycle from UV rays in summer, high-pressure water showers in the rains, and the cold attacks from soft ice in winter.

Good weatherproofing allows the conditions inside the motorcycle shed to remain unaffected by the outer weather condition. Many manufacturers provide dustproof, waterproof, UV ray protection, and snow-resistant motorcycle sheds. These options help keep away the environmental attacks on the motorcycle.

4. Ventilation

You saved your motorcycle from environmental attacks. With these attacks restricted to the outside, the inner attacks are neglected. Ventilation proves to be helpful to keep these inner issues away from the motorcycle. Moisture inside the shed develops through the soil and enclosed tent.

When this moisture is not eliminated, water droplets form leading to condensation. This is an ideal condition for corrosion which increases the chances of developing rust on your motorcycle. Ventilation windows allow circulation in your motorcycle shed. These windows are easy to open and close. The moisture content is hence eliminated and saves your motorcycle from damage.

5. Budget

A good motorcycle shed need not be highly-priced. Many manufacturers compete and deliver affordable products which do not compromise quality. The price range for motorcycle sheds starts from 90 dollars which goes up to 500 dollars and beyond (as per size). The average price range for motorcycle shades is 230 dollars.


Motorcycles need to be maintained to increase their service life. Protecting your motorcycles from harsh environmental conditions is necessary if you keep your motorcycle outdoors. Motorcycle sheds are a savior for your motorcycles. They help provide shelter to your motorcycle and keep environmental attacks away from your motorcycle.

To ease the selection process for the best motorcycle shed, every option is listed with its specification. A buying guide is also discussed to help you choose the right motorcycle shed for your motorcycle. With these factors taken into consideration, a list of our favorite choice is given below:

Fulfilling your space needs, the most spacious motorcycle shed on the list is from Abba Patio. The Abba Patio motorcycle shed is a good alternative to a garage since it is nearly as spacious as a garage would be. The size of 10x10x8.7 ft makes sure you have enough space for your 2 to 3 motorcycles. Along with space, this motorcycle shed offers good water resistance to keep water away from the motorcycle. The frame made up of galvanized steel easily supports the weight of the shed cover and harsh wind conditions. The shade cover made from industrial-grade fabric does not allow dust, UV rays, or water inside the shed. The door can be easily opened and closed with a zipper to access the shed.

The next motorcycle shed is a feature-rich and value-for-money product. Mophorn motorcycle shed is a sturdy shed that is made up of a powder-coated galvanized steel frame. The space requirement is handled by the 8.8x5x3 ft size of the motorcycle shed. The water resistance is taken care of by industrial-grade 600D oxford fabric which can sustain high-pressure water showers. The shed cover also provides protection from UV rays and dust particles. The inner moisture is eliminated thanks to the ventilation mesh provided on both sides of the motorcycle shed. All these features at a competitive price make it a value-for-money deal.

Last but not least is the most affordable motorcycle shed which makes sure to go easy on your pockets. Hwayslon portable motorcycle shed comes with a fiberglass frame which is stronger than some metallic frames. The shade cover is made from a high-quality 210T fabric which ensures the waterproofing works fine. This fabric is tear-resistant which adds durability to the shed. The shed cover also protects the motorcycle from UV rays and dust particles. Air circulates better due to the ventilation window, eliminating moisture. This shed is waterproof from the ground side too, thanks to the waterproof flooring.

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