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10 Best Amplifiers for Car Reviews

When you buy a car, you do not generally check the sound quality, do you? However, if you are an audiophile, you will not like the output audio of your car’s music system. This is because all car manufacturers ship pretty average music systems with speakers and amplifiers that get the job done somehow. That is why there is a need to replace the factory amplifier with a superior amplifier so that the output audio is powerful and matches the level of your expectation.

Buying a car amplifier is not as easy as you think because there are so many technical aspects you have to pay attention to. Starting from power output and level inputs to crossover and bass boost, there are several such parameters you have to get correct. If you are planning to purchase an amplifier for your car, here are some important factors you should watch out for.

  • Max Power – The first thing you should notice while purchasing a car amplifier is the max power rating. Max power is the maximum amount of power that the amplifier can sustain safely without damage. The higher the max power, the better will be the output audio. As a general rule, the max power of a car amplifier should be greater than the total power of the speakers in your car.
  • Number of Channels – A channel is the powered audio signal that the amplifier sends to the speaker. Amplifiers come with different number of channels and you will find amplifiers with a single channel, 2 channels as well as 4 channels. Every channel is used to power individual speakers. If you have one speaker, one channel amplifier should get the job done. If you have two front speakers, a 2-channel amplifier will do a better job.
  • Classes – The class of an amplifier signifies the amount of audio output signal reproduction. Different classes of amplifiers have different characteristics. Starting from class A and class to class AB and class D, you can choose from different car amplifiers as per your preference. Class A produces better signal reproduction while class B enhances efficiency while Class AB combines the characteristics of Class A and Class B. Class D uses a completely different technique of signal reproduction for better efficiency.

Apart from these three factors, there are several such technical parameters and specifications associated with a car amplifier. You have to compare different car amplifiers based on these parameters so that you can purchase the best one for your car. We have handpicked the best amplifiers for cars and specified their features, benefits, and drawbacks. We have also provided you with a detailed Buying Guide so that you can pick the best amplifier for the car conveniently.

Best Amplifiers for Car 2022

Best Amplifiers for Car Reviews

1. BOSS Audio Systems Riot Series Car Amplifier

BOSS Audio Systems

BOSS Audio Systems is one of the leading audio brands in the world and the company has been in this business for 30 years. The company has a wide range of audio products and BOSS Audio Systems Riot Series Car Amplifier is the best amplifier for cars from the brand.

The amplifier has 1100 W max power at 2 ohm impedance which makes it suitable for high-quality sound output. The amplifier is flexible in its output as it can also have 550 W max power at 4 ohm impedance. It belongs to class AB category which means it can reproduce better signal with high efficiency. The presence of Mosfet Power Supply ensures better output current and voltage.

The amp comes with low and high level RCA inputs that keep the noise level to the minimum for better performance. On top of that, the variable crossover can reproduce low-level audio signals efficiency for better bass effect. In fact, the Bass Boost option lets you control the low bass as per your preference. Moreover, there is a wired remote available to control the subwoofer as per your requirements.

Best Features

  • Mosfet power supply for high efficiency.
  • Class AB for better signal reproduction.
  • Variable crossover and input gain control.
  • Bass boost for amplifying low bass.


  • Wired subwoofer remote control.
  • Auto shut-off for protection.
  • High RMS power for optimal performance.


  • Overheating could be an issue.

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2. Planet Audio Monoblock Car Amplifier

Planet Audio Monoblock Car Amplifier

Planet Audio started its operation in 1997 with the main focus on producing high-quality car audio items that are powerful yet affordable. The brand has a wide range of car amplifiers and Planet Audio Monoblock Car Amplifier totally stands out.

The amp can produce 1500W max peak at 2-ohm and 750W max peak at 4-ohm into one channel only. You can connect the amplifier to your subwoofer for superior car audio. The high and low level inputs make the product compatible with different factory car audio systems. The low-pass crossover removes all the noises and distortions.

Moreover, the variable bass boost lets you adjust the boost as per your requirements. There is also protection against short circuiting and thermal overload. Besides, there is power protection, and you get a subwoofer remote control. It belongs to the Class AB category for efficient output. Furthermore, the MOSFET power supply ensures high-efficient output.

Best Features

  • Class AB for high efficiency reproduction.
  • Wider compatibility and bass boost.
  • Proper cooling system for continuous operation.
  • Illuminated design and compact structure.


  • High-quality power input terminals.
  • Auto shut-off and fuse for protection.
  • Variable low pass filter for better control.


  • The wattage is lower than advertised as per many users.

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3. Rockville 4000w Car Audio Amp

Rockville 4000w Car Audio Amp

Rockville is one of the most popular brands in the world as far as car audio systems go. Rockville 4000w Car Audio Amp is the most powerful car amplifier on our list. The max power of 4000W is totally unmatched by any other high-quality amplifier for cars.

The Dyno-certified RMS amp delivers superior performance. The high frequency response range is perfect for boosting bass to the next level. The RCA input is equipped to handle balanced and unbalanced inputs. It also controls the noise and interference. Besides, it comes with MOSFET power supply for efficient power usage and it belongs to class D category for efficient audio reproduction.

The amp comes with full protection circuitry for unforeseen circumstances. There are several controls available such as bass equalizer, subsonic filter, phase control as well as low-pass filter for getting the desired result. Moreover, you can use subwoofer control for better control.

Best Features

  • Dyno-certificated power ratings.
  • Adjustable bass equalizer and crossover.
  • Superior MOSFET power supply.
  • Low-pass filter with subsonic filter.
  • Class D amp for efficient output.


  • Protection against under and over voltage.
  • Remote subwoofer control and status indicator.
  • Balance input to avoid noise and interference.


  • Some have complained about overheating issues.

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4. Lanzar 2000 Watt Car Audio Amplifier

Lanzar 2000 Watt Car Audio Amplifier

Lanzar is a renowned brand of in-car audio systems, and the company has a wide range of car amplifiers. The brand has always come up with revolutionary products, and Lanzar 2000 Watt Car Audio Amplifier catches the eyes instantly.

The high-frequency response instantly improves the sound quality of your car factory speakers. The amp uses superior technology to deliver optimal performance irrespective of the audio input signal. The use of excellent RCA connectors ensures negligible noise and distortion-free output.

The 1-channel amp has power and protection indicators and a soft turn on and off. The amplifier can work with multiple amplifier systems without any compatibility issues. In fact, it can reduce crosstalk noise significantly. The bass boost circuit ensures superior bass and desired output. You can have 2000W peak power at 2 ohm and 1250W at 4 ohm.

Best Features

  • Modern technology for finest output.
  • Instant and adjustable bass boost.
  • High-frequency response rates.
  • Prevent noise and distortion efficiency.


  • Superior crossover network.
  • Complete protection from surges.
  • Wide compatibility with input jacks.


  • There is no bass remote control.

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5. BLAUPUNKT 750W Full-Range Amplifier


BLAUPUNKT is a popular manufacturer of car amplifiers and its 750W full-range amplifier can boost your car audio system to the next level. BLAUPUNKT has established itself as a powerful and reliable brand because it has been in the market for nearly 90 years.

This amp has dual channel and it can achieve 750W max power at 2 ohm stability. The amplifier has a slim structure for easy fitting and hooking it to the stereo system. Coming to RMS power, it has 160W x 2 at 4 ohm impedance. The crossover frequency stands at 50Hz to 400Hz which is more than decent though the low limit could be lower.

It belongs to the Class AB category for superior audio signal reproduction. The frequency response is decent and it produces clean and clear sound quality. The product could have better ventilation as it can get hot with heavy-duty usage. But it can improve your car audio system without punching a hole in your pocket.

Best Features

  • Class AB for superior audio reproduction.
  • Can work with mono and dual channels.
  • High max power and RMS output.
  • Full-range amplifier for all-round boost.


  • Budget-friendly for quality audio performance.
  • Dynamic and powerful specifications.
  • Good for boosting two front speakers.


  • Lack of proper ventilation for continuous usage.

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6. Skar Audio Competition Grade Amplifier

Skar Audio Competition Grade Amplifier

Skar Audio is popular for high-grade car amplifier brands with high max power. Skar Audio Competition Grade Amplifier has 4700W max power which makes it the most powerful car amplifier on the list. Even RMS power stands at 3500W for one ohm impedance.

The amp belongs to class D category and hence, the audio reproduction will be superior and efficient. The wide range of frequency response produces high bass. In fact, there is a bass boost of 9dB. The low-pass filter is highly adjustable to get output as desired. There are several controls starting from crossover to dampening.

Most importantly, the car amplifier has 4-way protection to withstand all unfavourable conditions. The MOSFET power supply ensures efficient output during continuous usage. You will also get a wired subwoofer remote control for convenient operation. Moreover, you will see a superior heatsink for better cooling and smooth operation.

Best Features

  • Full range crossover with bass boost.
  • Complete circuit protection for durability.
  • Superior construction and internal components.
  • Efficient power supply for handling peak power.


  • Wide range of frequency response.
  • Variable controls for optimal output.
  • Unique heatsink for advanced cooling.


  • The terminals could have stronger construction.

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7. Pioneer 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier

Pioneer 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier

Pioneer is a renowned brand that does not need any introduction. It is definitely one of the most reliable brands, and there are limited yet powerful car amplifiers available from Pioneer. Pioneer 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier certainly features strong specifications for optimal performance.

Pioneer car amplifier offers 500W max power, and it has 2-channel to power up dual front speakers effectively. It is a perfect combination of flexibility and superior performance. Thanks to its automatic sensing, it starts as soon as the receiver turns on. In fact, it can sense the input mode and powers up the input signal accordingly.

The frequency starts from 80Hz, and the amp can handle overvoltage situations to protect its circuit. The compact structure of the amp can fit in any available space in your car. Besides, the installation of the amplifier is super easy. The construction is also of high-quality for the device to sustain for years.

Best Features

  • Automatically senses input and turns on the amp.
  • Proper protection against high current and voltage.
  • Superior material for connectors ensures durability.
  • Low-pass filter and gain control for adjustment.


  • Compact structure for limited space.
  • Easy to install and durable construction.
  • Reliable product for optimal performance.


  • The amp gets overheated with continuous usage.

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8. DS18 Car Audio Amplifier

DS18 Car Audio Amplifier

DS18 is one of the most innovative brands in the audio system industry. DS18 Car Audio Amplifier is the best car amplifier for the brand with 1100W max power output. The amplifier uses the latest technology to make judicious use of energy and conserve the battery.

It is a full-range amplifier which means it can handle all the different frequencies thanks to its wide frequency band. You can connect power midrange, drivers, or tweeters and get the best performance delivered. Besides, you get a premium outlook and the connectors have corrosion-resistant finish.

The fully variable crossover ensures low noise and assists in easy installation. The amplifier has protection from outrageous current and voltage conditions. Besides, it can prevent the circuit from reverse polarity and short circuit. It features adjustable crossover settings as well as gain control.

Best Features

  • Control settings for optimal performance.
  • Protection from all unforeseen disruptions.
  • Class AB amp for better audio reproduction.
  • Superior material construction for durability.


  • Dual channel for front speakers.
  • Easy to install and high-frequency range.
  • Eye-catch finish with two color options.


  • Some users have complained about gain control.

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9. Alpine Monoblock 500W Car Amplifier

Alpine Monoblock 500W Car Amplifier

Alpine has been a top brand in the electronics industry with over 4 decades of dominance. The company always focuses on delivering high-quality products at reasonable price points. Alpine Monoblock 500W Car Amplifier is one of the best-rated and pocket-friendly car amplifiers on the list.

The amplifier offers 500W RMS for one-channel at 2 ohms or 300W RMS for one-channel at 4 ohms. It belongs to class D amp which ensures reliable performance, superior efficiency, and better signal reproduction. As a matter of fact, it does not drain the battery of your car heavily. There are dual terminals for connecting multiple speakers.

For instant installation purposes, the amplifier offers terminal covers. In fact, the amp also has 3-way protection against excessive current, voltage as well as heating. Even when there is under-voltage condition, the amplifier’s circuit does not get damaged. Moreover, the heat sink of aluminum alloy keeps the amp cool during long operation.

Best Features

  • Class D amp for better efficiency.
  • Superior bass with wide frequency response.
  • Protection from all extreme conditions.
  • Easy installation and superior material construction.


  • Unique heat sink for thermal absorption.
  • Dual connection for dual speakers.
  • Low noise and negligible distortion.


  • There is nothing wrong to point out.

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10. Crunch Smash Series 1100-Watt Amp

Crunch Smash

Crunch is a relatively new brand in the car audio industry. The brand has a wide range of car amplifiers under different series names. But Crunch Smash Series 1100-Watt Amp is the best-selling and best rated car amplifier.

The amplifier has a max output power of 1100W which makes it quite a reliable product to improve your car’s audio system. The amp is quite compact in structure and hence, it can fit any space. You can use the amplifier with speakers with 2 and 4 ohm impedance. You can also use the amp as mono as well as stereo amp for subwoofer and speakers as applicable.

The amplifier features a fully variable crossover for the proper distribution of signals among all the audio output devices. It belongs to class AB which also ensures better signal reproduction with high efficiency. Moreover, the use of RCA materials prevents distortion and interference. For protection and longer lifespan, the amplifier comes with a heat sink to resist overheating.

Best Features

  • Suitable as mono and stereo amplifier.
  • Compact and efficient power system.
  • RCA materials prevent distortion and interface.
  • 2-channel setup for best output from front speakers.


  • Unique heat sink prevents overheating.
  • Class AB and variable crossover for better output signal.
  • Efficient power supply for less pressure on the electrical


  • The output audio is relatively less powerful than other 1100W amps.

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Buying Guide For Amplifier for Car –

The amplifiers for cars differ from one another in terms of their specifications and parameters. Some of them are suitable for one speaker while others are suitable for dual front speakers. We have selected amplifiers with different max power so that you can choose as per your requirement, budget, and preference.

While purchasing an amplifier for a car, we have already stated that there are several technical factors to check. Most users only check max power and go for an amplifier with higher max power. However, there are parameters such as channels, classes, impedance, and crossover. That is where we have put together a detailed buying guide for you to pick the best amplifier for the car yourself.

Max Power –

Every car amplifier highlights its max power in watts, and it has become the measuring stick of car amplifiers. Max power is the maximum amount of power the amplifier can handle without any issue. You should calculate the total power of the speakers in your car, and you should purchase an amplifier that has more max power than the total power of the speakers.

Besides, the higher the max power of a car amplifier, the better will be the sound quality, especially when you play loud music. We have listed amplifiers with different max power to satisfy the requirements of the buyers. A 400W amplifier will cost less and can serve the purchase when you have small speakers. If you have powerful speakers, you can opt for a 4700W amplifier as well.

Number of Channels –

Amplifiers have different numbers of channels, and each channel discretely powers speakers. This means if an amp has one-channel, it can power one speaker. In other words, the amplifier with mono-channel is best when you power a subwoofer with the amp. An amplifier with two-channel can power two speakers, and hence, it is best for front speakers of the cars where there is one speaker on each side.

In fact, an amp with 2-channel is perfect for 2-way and 3-way speaker setup. Even though mono and dual channel amplifiers are more than enough for car audio system, there are amplifiers with 4 channels that are perfect for two pairs of speakers. This is useful when you have speakers in the front and rear end of the car. You will get the immersive sound experience with a 4-channel amp if you have such speaker configuration in the car.

Classes –

There are different classes of amplifiers available, and each class has its different characteristics. The most common amplifier classes are Class A, Class B, Class AB, and Class D when it comes to car amplifiers. The class of an amplifier generally defines how well the amplifier reproduces signal. Class A amplifier is known to reproduce the audio signal in the best possible way. But they are suitable for the reproduction of small signals. In comparison, class B amplifiers do not reproduce great audio signals but the efficiency is high, and hence, it is suitable for battery-operated amplifiers.

However, it is always better to opt for a Class AB amplifier because it combines the benefits of both Class A and Class B amplifiers. Even brands focus on producing class AB amplifiers for cars. Now, there is another popular amplifier class called class D. Over the years, class D amplifier has become the go-to amplifier. This is because they are compact, lightweight, and most importantly, they stay cool even when you use them for long.

Impedance –

The impedance of an amplifier is one of the neglected factors but it can decide the compatibility of the amplifier with your car’s speakers. The impedance of the amplifier should match with the impedance of the speakers. As a rule, the impedance of the amplifier should match with the total impedance of all car speakers.

You will see amplifiers have impedance of 2 ohm or 4 ohm and amplifiers supporting both 2 and 4 ohm impedance. Therefore, make sure that the impedance should make the amplifier and speakers should match for proper compatibility. Once impedances match, the distortions and noise will be minimal.


A crossover is basically a device that is responsible for taking input audio signal and creating multiple output audio signals in different ranges of frequencies. These different bands of frequencies are sent to different speakers such as woofers, subwoofers, as well as tweeters. Without a proper crossover in the amplifier, there can be congestion of output audio signal. Therefore, make sure that the amp you are choosing must have a crossover. The crossover should be variable and adjustable to handle all the different bands of frequencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does an amplifier do in a car?

A car audio system without an amplifier fails to reproduce high-quality audio signals. An amplifier amplifies the audio signal so that the output sound is more powerful and better than usual. You will instantly notice the upgrade in sound quality, and you will get the best out of your car speakers. An amplifier also helps to get rid of noise and get clear and clean sound.

2. How do I know what size amp I need?

You should calculate the total power of your car speakers, and you should opt for an amplifier whose max power is greater than that of the total power of speakers. If you have more speakers, you should opt for an amplifier with high max power for better output audio. A minimum of 500W amp is a must and there is 2000W amp also present for cars with front and rear speakers.

3. How many speakers can an amplifier handle?

Generally, an amplifier can handle two speakers. If you have one speaker, you should opt for one-channel amplifier. If you have two speakers, you should opt for two-channel amplifier through one-channel amplifier can do the job. If you have four speakers such as two front and two rear speakers, go for 4-channel amplifier with high max power.


If you want to upgrade the average sound quality of your car’s factory audio system, you have to purchase amplifier for your car separately. When you are travelling long in your car, it is the audio system that will make your journey entertaining. If the sound quality is not up to the mark, even your favorite song will sound average. That is why you should invest in purchasing a high-quality amplifier for your car.

Amplifiers for car vary widely in terms of their specifications. That is why we have provided you with a detailed buying guide so that you can understand all the parameters and choose the best one all by yourself. In fact, you can use these factors to compare and opt for the perfect amplifier for a car. However, if you are still confused, here are our top picks from the list.

  • If you are looking for a powerful yet budget-friendly amplifier for your subwoofer, BOSS Audio Systems Riot Series Car Amplifier is the perfect choice. The brand is reliable and the product delivers what you expect from it. All the good points starting from efficient power supply and bass boost to variable crossover and gain control are well-balanced. You can also control your subwoofer with the provided wired remote.
  • If you are looking for a powerful amplifier with maximum peak power, we recommend the Skar Audio Competition Grade Amplifier. You get max power of 4700W and it belongs to Class D for superior performance. The 4-way protection for the internal circuit ensures durability. There is a wide range of customizable options to get desired output and the advanced heatsink keeps the amplifier cool.
  • If you want a beast out of your car speakers, you have to opt for Rockville 4000w Car Audio Amp. Rockville always produces reliable products, and this amp is literally the best car amp on the list. You get 4000W peak power and RMS power rating. The subsonic filter improves sound quality to a greater extent, and the high frequency response boosts the bass significantly. All the technical specifications are perfect, and that is why it clearly stands out.

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