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What is Msmpeng.exe – Expert Guide

Your CPU needs to utilize its full power to offer you the best user experience. But does your CPU work to its full potential? You can easily check that by visiting the task manager of your Windows tab. If your CPU does not work properly, probably you need to visit the task manager once. There you will find that a certain program named msmpeng.exe consuming the available CPU.

This can slow down the whole system of your device. But is it harmful? Well, here you will find all the details related to msmpeng.exe and how to remove it for a faster device.

What is Msmpeng.exe?

Msmpeng.exe is a crucial part of the Windows security system. It is the executable that runs the msmpeng program. This built-in program is an anti-virus and anti-malware program specially designed for Windows 10 devices. It is also known as Anti-malware service executable.

Msmpeng.exe functions in the background and always checks if there is any threat related to a virus or malware attack. On top of that, msmpeng also prevents spyware attacks on Windows 10 PC. It searches for worms and trojan programs and eliminates the threats to keep your device secure.

Why is Msmpeng.exe Extreme CPU Disk Usage?

Many users have reported that msmpeng.exe often takes up a lot of space in the CPU disk. But, why does this happen?

Well, there can be multiple causes for this-

Often the msmpeng.exe scans the whole device to find out threats and issues. The scan can happen when you connect your device to a fixed network or visit a certain site. In some devices, the default scan also happens when your Pc wakes up. The frequent scanning leads to high CPU usage. This often causes your system to become lagged and may even cause it to hang and get delayed repeatedly.

Another distinct function of the msmpeng.exe is its real-time protection feature. It constantly scans the files and connections whenever you are using the device to eliminate real-time threats. This also leads to high CPU usage.

  • If the windows components and the software of his program are in conflict, it may consume higher CPU space.
  • If you have low hardware resources
  • This program also scans its folder(c:\Program Files\Windows Defender).
  • The windows system files have become corrupted
  • The self-scanning function of the windows defender directory is causing the problem.

If the msmpeng.exe is consuming a lot of CPU disk space in your device, it is advisable that you remove or disable it.

Please note that it is not a virus or malware. Hence there is no security threat with it.

How to Prevent Msmpeng.exe from Utilizing Too Much CPU Disk Space

There are multiple methods to stop the msmpeng.exe to prevent too much consumption of the CPU storage space.

Solution 1: Prevent Win Defender from Scanning own Folder

Follow the Steps

  • First, click on the “Start” menu or press the Windows button on your keyboard to open the “Settings”. Wait for the new tab to open.
  • Next, click on “Update and Security” from the list.
  • After that, select “Windows Security“.
  • From here navigate, “Virus and threat protection
  • Now, click on the “Manage Settings” link
  • From here, scroll down in the menu and navigate to “Exclusions
  • After that, click on “Add or remove exclusions“. A new page will open.
  • On this page, click on “Add an exclusion
  • Now, select “Folder
  • In the editor paste “C:\Program Files\Windows Defender
  • After that, click on “Select Folder“.
  • A massive modal will appear. Click on “Yes

The windows defender program will stop scanning the folders anymore.  the CPU usage will decrease.

Solution 2: Disable Real-time safety & Reschedule Win

Defender Scans

Follow the Steps

  • First, start the run dialogue box.
  • Now, in the run dialogue box type “taskschd. msc” and click “OK“. Wait for the Task Scheduler app to open on your screen.
  • Expand “Task Scheduler tab
  • From here, choose “Microsoft” and then select “Windows
  • After that, Scroll down & choose “Windows Defender
  • From here, right-tap on “Windows Defender Scheduled Scan
  • After that, “Properties” and wait for the general tab to open.
  • In this new tab, untick “Run with highest privileges
  • From here, visit the “Conditions tab“. Here uncheck all the possible boxes in the tab.
  • After that, visit the triggers tab and click “New
  • Here you can schedule the preferred time you need the Win Defender to start scans and select the frequency, time, and date.
  • Finally, click “OK” twice and save the changes.
  • Restart your device.

Is MsMpEng.exe a Virus

A lot of people often have a question, “Is MsMpEng.exe a virus“. Well, that is not. It is an antivirus that protects the security of the device from cyberattacks. It is not a virus. Hence, your device will not be affected by its presence.


Msmpeng.exe is a windows default antivirus scanning program. But, it causes the CPU to slow down. The best way to encounter such problems is to disable the whole program to prevent CPU disk space usage.

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