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Noninvasive blood sensor allows for continuous monitoring

HYLA is a noninvasive optical blood sensor designed by Inspira to perform real-time and continuous blood monitoring in patients. Sensor measurements of several key indicators, such as the levels of partial oxygen and carbon dioxide pressure, can alert physicians of immediate signs of changes in a patient’s clinical condition. It is also expected to reduce the need for frequent invasive blood tests.

The HYLA sensor is attached to the outer walls of a tube that has blood flowing through it. It is based on machine learning algorithms and technologies being developed for Inspira’s ART system, which serves as an artificial lung and minimizes the need for invasive mechanical ventilation. Like the ART system, HYLA aims to lessen the need for invasive medical procedures with the intention of reducing risk, complications, and costs.

Inspira says its sensor targets the $2.5 billion point-of-care testing, arterial blood gas (ABG) analysis market. The company sees broad application potential for the HYLA sensor, benefiting patients undergoing such procedures as ICU monitoring (approximately 40% of patients have a standard arterial line), mechanical ventilation, dialysis, and cardiopulmonary bypass.

This product technology has not been tested or used in humans and is subject to regulatory approval. To read more about the HYLA sensor, click here.

Inspira Technologies

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