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Vector signal analysis software analyzes IQ signals

IQ Signal Master MX280005A vector signal analysis software analyzes IQ data files captured on Anritsu spectrum analyzers in the field. The software assists government regulators inspect RF spectrum, security agencies track illegal or nefarious signals, and defense electronics companies analyze radar and EW signals. It can also help spectrum owners protect their licensed spectrum.

Functions in the post-processing tool suite allow users to analyze the modulation of captured signals or replay captured IQ data with enhanced resolution. The software includes an IQ file browser that offers a detailed view of IQ file metadata, as well as a capture control function for configuring the spectrum analyzer for IQ data capture. A basic IQ data viewer is used to validate that the captured IQ file contains information of interest before using the IQ Player or vector signal analysis modes for more detailed examination.

The MX289995A software works with Anritsu’s Field Master Pro MS2090A, Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27201A, and Remote Spectrum Monitor MS2710XA spectrum analyzers. Request a quote for the IQ Signal Master MX280005A vector signal analysis software using the link to the product page below.

MX280005A product page


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