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IGBT module tackles photovoltaic applications

Mitsubishi announced the development of a new version of its 2.0-kV IGBT module in an LV100 package intended specifically for photovoltaic applications. The power module, which fills the gap between 1.7 kV and 3.3 kV, enables product designers to reduce the number of power-conversion inverters, as well as overall power consumption, in photovoltaic equipment used for solar farms and other renewable energy sources.

“More and more power grids that use renewable energy require increasingly higher-voltage power conversion to support DC1500V,” said Adam Falcsik, senior product manager of Mitsubishi Electric US’s Power Device group. “The latest industrial LV100’s 2.0-kV rated withstand voltage has been developed for photovoltaic applications where conventional 1.7-kV-rated IGBTs are not sufficient for large capacity systems and simplifies the design of DC1500V power converters, especially for renewable-energy power sources.”

The 2.0-kV LV100-type IGBT module complements Mitsubishi’s existing versions for traction and industrial applications. The industrial LV100 modules employ the company’s 7th-generation IGBTs and RFC diodes to achieve simultaneous high-voltage operation and low power loss. With dimensions of 100×140 mm, the LV100 package offers an industry-standard pinout and footprint.

Mass production of the industrial 2.0-kV LV100 IGBT module for photovoltaic applications is anticipated to begin in early 2023. A datasheet was not available at the time of this announcement.

Mitsubishi Electric US

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