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E-mobility battery test platform aids heavy transport electrification

Commercial vehicle provider Scania has outfitted its new battery lab with Keysight’s Scienlab battery test platform to support its e-mobility efforts. Scania, part of the Volkswagen Group, manufactures buses and trucks and is driving the shift to sustainable electric mobility. The lab’s main focus is on battery performance and lifespan evaluation in various climatic conditions from -40°C to +70°C.

To assist Scania in its goals, Keysight provided a customized turnkey lab platform, including a full range of Scienlab battery test systems for cells, modules, and packs. In addition, Keysight supplied its Energy Storage Discover software for test and control, along with PathWave Lab Operations for Battery Test. An integrated, web-based lab management platform, PathWave optimizes workflow, test throughput, and data management.

With the new lab, Scania can test the performance of battery packs on operational electric trucks and buses without removing batteries. Vehicles are parked close to the lab and connected to the testing equipment, or the powertrain can be tested in a huge climate chamber instead of running real-life winter tests outdoors. Engineers examine the best operational conditions for the battery, considering such parameters as temperature setpoint, state of charge window, and charging power profile for tailored utilization for optimizing battery life.

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