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Ultra-low power memory targets the metaverse

sureCore, an embedded IP specialist, reports that its ultra-low power memory designs need up to 50% less power than standard off-the-shelf memory. The company’s memory technologies reduce both dynamic and static power across a range of devices and aim to improve wearable metaverse hardware.

sureCore offers a variety of power-optimized standard products that deliver market-leading power profiles required by AR smart glasses and full immersion artificial reality goggles. These memory products include Everon and PowerMiser SRAM IP and MiniMiser, a tuneable multi-port register file architecture. Power savings can be realized both at nominal operating voltages and at low to near threshold voltages, allowing SoC developers to tailor the power profile to meet their application performance requirements. sureCore memories provide single-rail, low-voltage operation that allows direct logic connection and significantly eases system-level design considerations.

In addition to ultra-low power memory IP, sureCore offers SureFIT, an application-centric custom memory design service. SureFIT custom memories are optimized, verified, characterized, and ready for integration.

To learn more about sureCore’s Everon, PowerMiser, and MiniMiser memory IP products, as well as SureFIT, click here.


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