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Multiphysics simulation platform supports TSMC design flow

Ansys has collaborated with TSMC to ease the simulation and modeling of EM interactions on wireless ICs manufactured by TSMC. The Ansys multiphysics simulation platform works with TSMC’s N6RF Design Reference Flow for designing RF chips based on the TSMC N6 fabrication process.

Ansys RaptorX, Exalto, VeloceRF, and Totem platforms are enabled throughout the TSMC N6RF Design Reference Flow, from implementation to verification. The workflow accelerates design times and enables higher performance and reliability for chips used in 5G radio communication, Wi-Fi connectivity, and IoT networks. Extending its support for advanced-node technologies, Ansys partnered with TSMC to enhance both RaptorX and HFSS to accept TSMC’s encrypted technology files.

TSMC’s N6RF Design Reference Flow enables advanced design capabilities in the Ansys platform, including fast in-design analysis of electromagnetic coupling and the layout synthesis of coils, transmission lines, and other inductive circuit devices. It also supports circuit-under-inductor techniques that can significantly reduce the area and hence the cost of an RF design.


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