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EDN’s new associate editor—let me introduce myself

Hello readers, my name is Aalyia (ah-lee-ah) Shaukat and I’ve just joined the content team at EDN as an associate editor. It has been a pretty exciting leap considering EDN’s legacy in electronic design well before I was born. As a matter of fact, EDN is nearly twice my age.

My work in electrical engineering started in 2012 when I graduated from university and dabbled a bit in IC layout design while working with a company in Rochester, New York. After this, my hometown of Queens, New York, was calling me. I spent my time in NYC working in the RF field for some ‘local’ companies. During this time, I learned a fair amount from some engineers that I would consider mentors. However, for personal reasons, I had to move on. I did a bit of a lateral leap from the more traditional hardware engineering to design engineering-centric publishing industry. I’ve found that this is where I’ve thrived the most so far.

I’ve transitioned from learning very specific skills to serve niche engineering applications to a much wider perspective of the industry as a whole. It’s been incredibly informative. I’ve always enjoyed doing research and I’ve always enjoyed writing. Plus, I’m not a supremely social creature—I love sitting at my desk for hours while reading without a person in sight.

I’ve written on things from 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) to analog and power electronics. Even wrote a bit of content that was definitely outside of my wheelhouse, covering aerospace, thermal, and mechanical engineering as well as network security and AI/ML. The list runs on, but the gist of it is that I really enjoy learning and that’s what I feel I am already doing at EDN with all the incredible coworkers and contributors.

At EDN, I’ve been learning the ropes and there’s a lot to absorb between the contributed blogs, feature articles, and of course the EDN-specific genres like ‘Design Ideas’ and ‘Tales from the Cube’. Luckily, there’s a team of very capable engineers and editors that have my back. I’ve been guided through the process of creating some of the weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly newsletters for EDN. These are tailored based upon the near-constant update of published content from some fairly prolific contributors and engineering minds.

With that being said, I’m more than happy to assist any engineer that is interested in submitting a design idea proposal or maybe even wants to start a new blog series. The same goes for the marketing folks at semiconductor companies; I’m available to collaborate on any article proposals. I’m always interested in learning about new products, reference designs, development platforms, and design toolsets. Pretty much anything EE related. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Aalyia Shaukat, associate editor at EDN, has worked in design publishing industry for six years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, and has published works in major EE journals as well as trade publications.



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