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8 Best Competition Subwoofers Reviews in 2022

When it comes to the scene of audio competitions, the combination of sound systems and speakers kicks in. Subwoofers carry the essence of the bass range in music. The heavy thump, paired with a smooth resonance makes subwoofers the center of attraction at the audio competitions. In these competitions, the amount of sound pressure level created by a subwoofer eventually decides the winner in the sound pressure category.

Your stock subwoofer might be the loudest but it won’t stand a chance against a competition subwoofer. In a competition where such high sound pressure levels are involved, the need for a properly modified subwoofer with some critical factors comes into the picture.

  • RMS power: RMS power is the constant level of power a subwoofer can sustain while in use. A higher RMS power rating ensures a consistent quality of sound level. It makes sure that a subwoofer gives constant output without losing the quality of the music. It gives an idea of the running power a subwoofer can handle on average. It is similar to peak power but with a major difference.
  • Peak power: Peak power capacity also plays a crucial role as a part of any sound system. Peak power is the highest amount of power level a subwoofer can handle in quick intervals without getting damaged. Sound systems sometimes develop these sudden spikes in power level for a shorter span of time. Peak power capacity makes sure that the subwoofer will be able to sustain these power levels. Peak power is always rated higher than RMS Power due to this reason.
  • Sensitivity: The sensitivity of a subwoofer is another factor that determines how your subwoofer will sound. It simply gives an idea about the volume levels a subwoofer can produce under certain power input. The volume is directly proportional to the sensitivity of the subwoofer. With a higher sensitivity rating, the subwoofer can offer a quite loud output. Sensitivity levels above 92 dB are considered a good and the most sought-after sound level.

Taking these factors into consideration, a good-sounding woofer can be bought. As a competitive subwoofer should be a star performer in the audio competitions, many manufacturers developed subwoofers focusing on the factors mentioned above. To help you pick the right competition subwoofer, a list of such subwoofers is stated below along with the necessary details and Buying Guide. This will help you choose a subwoofer that will outshine other options.

Best Competition Subwoofers

Best Competition Subwoofers Reviews

1. Rockville Competition Subwoofer

Rockville Competition SubwoofersWhen it comes to making good quality products, Rockville has proven its mettle in the subwoofer industry. The product listed below is one of the great offerings from Rockville.

Rockville Destroyer 12D2 12” Subwoofer actually justifies its name “Destroyer”. This beast subwoofer comes with a peak power of 8000 Watts which is the highest amongst its competitors. The high-grade black glue makes sure to handle hot temperatures produced while handling this level of Peak Power. The subwoofer can handle power due to the power handling rating of 4000 Watts and CEA-rated RMS Power of 2000 Watts, which makes sure the subwoofer runs without any loss in sound quality.

Paired with 4 Black Aluminum Layered voice coils and a sensitivity rating of 88.2 dB, Rockville Destroyer 12D2 makes sure that the subwoofer will sound really loud. With a frequency response of 37 Hz – 1 kHz, the subwoofer generates accurate sound notes. The triple-stacked 300 Oz magnets magnetize better than the 400 Oz magnets, resulting in a better performance. Sound distortion is also minimized by using extra thick foam.

Best Features:

  • Peak power of 8000 Watts
  • Handling Power of 4000 Watts
  • CEA rated RMS Power of 2000 Watts
  • USA voice coils made from triple-layered black aluminum
  • Improved bass and sound notes.
  • Competition Grade Ultra Stiff Paper Cone


  • High sound level
  • Stiff build quality
  • Light Weight
  • 1-year warranty


  • Expensive amongst the competitors

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2. Skar Audio Competition Subwoofer

Skar Audio Competition SubwoofersSkar Audio being a new entrant in the competitive subwoofer market has been strengthening its position with a variety of innovative products. Subwoofers with a hard-hitting bass signature and precise audio quality bring Skar Audio on par with its competitors.

With Skar Audio VXF-15 D4 15″ Competition Subwoofer, Skar Audio proved that they are here for serious competition. Crafted with audio competitions in mind, this subwoofer with a peak power rating of 3000 Watts handles the sudden spikes in power easily. Mated with the RMS rating of 1500 Watts, this subwoofer does wonders when it comes to producing bass.

The High-Temperature Copper Voice Coils make sure to react with the magnetic fields by keeping the temperature under control. A good sensitivity rating of 88.7 dB makes it sound loud. Sound notes play precisely thanks to a frequency response of 20 Hz – 250 Hz. The 300 Oz ferrite motor quickly delivers the power which helps the Subwoofer play perfect notes of music as well as intense levels of bass.

Best Features:

  • Peak power of 3000 Watts
  • RMS power of 1500 Watts
  • 20 Hz- 250 Hz range of frequency response
  • Sensitivity rating of 88.7 dB
  • Paper Cone which is competition grade surrounded with stitched foam
  • Powerful 300 Oz ferrite motor


  • Cheaper than the competitors
  • Precise notes with a good bass level
  • 2 Years of Warranty


  • Loudness is low due to low-frequency response

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3. Massive Audio Competition Subwoofers

Massive Audio Competition SubwoofersMassive Audio is one of the established brands when it comes to sound quality competition. With a variety of offerings in the aftermarket audio, Massive Audio’s SUMMO series is tuned for audio competitions.

With the launch of SUMMOXL104-10 Inch Car Audio Subwoofer, Massive Audio strengthened its hold in the audio competition market. The 3000 Watts of peak power makes it a no-nonsense subwoofer, handling the sudden rise in power levels. This helps in avoiding the “cracking” of the subwoofer in louder instances. With an RMS power rating of 1500 Watts, the subwoofer gives quality sound paired with a deep bass signature.

The 250 OZ magnet with high-energy double stack strontium magnet structure helps the Dual 4 Ohm voice coil create vibrations. This vibration helps in creating the juicy bass these competitions crave for. The black anodized pole plate helps in increasing motor force with increased stability. The sensitivity rating of 84 dB makes the SUMMOXL104-10 Inch Car Audio Subwoofer sound loud without affecting the bass or sound notes in any way.

Best Features:

  • Peak power of 3000 Watts
  • RMS power rating of 1500 Watts
  • Dual 4 Ohm voice coil
  • Sensitivity rating of 84 dB
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum basket.
  • Paper cones which are kevlar fiber reinforced
  • Heavy duty direct input wires to connect with voice coils
  • Triple stacked 250 Oz magnet.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Available in size from 6.5 inches to 15 inches
  • Sturdy built quality
  • 1 year warranty with extended warranty as an option.


  • A weaker magnet compared to the competitors.

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4. BOSS AUDIO Competition Subwoofers

BOSS Audio Competition SubwoofersBOSS Audio Systems is an older name in competitive audio systems manufacturers. On the basis of their experience, BOSS Audio Systems offers innovative and distinct products for audio competitions. Such a product is mentioned below.

Boss Audio Systems continued their 30+ years of legacy with the launch of their BOSS Audio P126DVC 12″ 9200W Car Power Subwoofers. BOSS audio P126DVC comes with 2300 Watts of peak power which is sufficient for preventing cracking of the subwoofer. To shine in the competitive conditions, 1150 Watts of RMS power rating promises smooth running of the subwoofer by handling the power levels efficiently.

The subwoofer tends to sound louder thanks to the sensitivity rating of 96 dB, which is expected from a competition subwoofer. The poly-injected cones help to produce precise pressure waves resulting in improved sound. Sound notes are generated precisely as the subwoofer’s frequency response ranges from 25Hz-2kHz.

Best Features:

  • Sensitivity response of 96 dB
  • Peak power f 2300 Watts
  • High temperature Kapton dual voice coils with impedance of 4 Ohm
  • RMS power rating of 1150 Watts
  • Frequency response of 25Hz-2kHz


  • Best in class sensitivity response leading to louder sounds.
  • Good bass signature
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Cheaper alternative
  • Body design looks good compared to the other subwoofers


  • Sound quality is average
  • Chances of coils burning when running at higher RMS power level.

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5. DS18 Competition Subwoofers

DS18 Competition SubwoofersDS18 Audio has been active in the audio system business for more than 10 years. Offering a variety of products, it is easy to find a good audio competition subwoofer from DS18. One such product which caters to audio lovers is mentioned below.

DS18 EXL-XX12.2D Subwoofer is DS18”s answer to the bass cravings of bass lovers. The subwoofer claims to offer the best bass quality and the specification tells us no different tale. An impressive peak power rating of 4000 Watts makes sure those power surges are handled easily. Three high-quality ferrite magnets are used to produce a wide range of tones. These 102 Oz magnets perform well even at higher volumes.

The dual voice coils matted with an RMS power rating of 2000 Watts takes the audio experience to a next level. DS18 EXL-XX12.2D subwoofer offers a rich bass signature without compromising on the sound quality. Dual voice coils also provide multiple setup options for wiring. A wide range of sound and musical tones are reproduced due to the frequency response range of 20Hz-2kHz.

Best Features:

  • Peak power of 4000 Watts
  • RMS power rating of 2000 Watts
  • 3 ferrite magnets of high quality
  • Frequency response of 20Hz-1.6kHz
  • Dual black aluminum voice coils with 2+2 Ohm impedance


  • Value for money
  • Competition grade sound quality delivery
  • Multiple wiring setup thanks to the dual voice coils, which other single voice coil subwoofers lack
  • Robust build quality
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty


  • Non-availability of stocks

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6. Diginex Competition Subwoofer

Diginex Competition SubwoofersAmerican Bass is another experienced audio system manufacturer, with a strong presence in audio competitions. Winning numerous world records and titles in various audio competitions, American Bass surely knows the nerves of these competitions. With this experience, American Bass introduced the following product.

American Bass XFL-1222 12” Subwoofer is a competition-grade subwoofer. With a peak power rating of over 3000 Watts, the subwoofer knows how to control those sudden spikes of power levels. The 2 Ohm 4 layered voice coils create enough vibrations to deliver the bass American Bass is known for. The rise in temperature from vibrations does not affect the performance of the subwoofer thanks to the perimeter vents around the voice coils.

With the RMS power of 1500 Watts, the subwoofer’s power and the sound output become alive. The 220 Oz ferrite magnet helps magnetize the voice coils which leads to a lossless audio experience.

Best Features:

  • Peak power of 3000 Watts
  • RMS power of 1500 Watts
  • 3” hi-temp voice coil with 2×2 Ohm impedance
  • 220 Oz high power magnet
  • Heavy duty perimeter vents


  • Pre-wired terminals allows easy installation
  • Cleaner bass signature
  • Sturdy built quality
  • 1 year warranty


  • Product is officially discontinued, affecting availability

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7. Generic Competition Subwoofer

Generic Competition SubwoofersNow that we have seen the 12” subwoofer from American Bass, our next subwoofer features yet another American bass product. American bass launched another product in the large diameter segment.

American bass introduced the American Bass 15″ Competition Car Subwoofer for the sole purpose of higher sound resonance which helps in creating punchier bass signatures. Peak power of 3000 Watts easily handles the power spikes without a cracking sound from the subwoofer. RMS power rating of 1500 Watts along with 4-ohm impedance voice coils enhances the sound delivery of the subwoofer.

The 240 Oz strontium magnet offers good magnetization to the voice coils leading to good vibration. This leads to the production of louder and better sound waves. The non-press cone added with kevlar fiber endures the pull and push created by the voice coil.

Best Features:

  • Peak power of 3000 Watts
  • RMS power of 1500 Watts
  • Triple stacked 240 Oz strontium magnet
  • Dual 4 Ohm voice coil using 4-layered coated copper wire
  • Double thick spider stitched with tinsel
  • Heavy duty cast basket coated with aluminum red powder


  • Deeper bass signature
  • Competitive pricing
  • Robust build quality


  • Larger size limits the use of subwoofer in small space
  • A bit heavier

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8. Gravity Competition Subwoofers

Gravity Competition SubwoofersThe last product on the list is from Gravity company’s Warzone series. Gravity brand is a popular name in the competition subwoofer market. They provide quality products with affordable price tags. Such an affordable offering is mentioned below.

Gravity Warzone WZ10D4 Elite Car Audio Shallow Subwoofer is small yet a loud subwoofer. It offers a peak power rating of 1200 Watts which takes care of those short bursts of power, without any damage to the subwoofer. RMS rating of 400 Watts ensures the running of the subwoofer at higher power levels with ease. A good sensitivity level of 86 dB boosts the subwoofer to sound louder.

Voice coil paired with ferrite magnet structure develops enough vibration to create good quality sound waves. An advanced cooling system with airflow allows control over running temperature. On top of that, the frequency response of 40 to 500 Hz helps the subwoofer to deliver precise musical tones.

Best Features:

  • Peak power of 1200 Watts
  • RMS Power of 400 Watts
  • Dual 4 Ohm voice coil
  • Competition grade fiber cone surrounded with treated rubber
  • Sensitivity of 86 dB
  • Frequency response range from 40-500Hz


  • Being a shallow subwoofer, it can fit in small spaces easily.
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Lightweight construction


  • Loudness is less compared to the other products

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Buying Guide for the Best Competition Subwoofers

Since there is a rise in various audio competitions, the market for competitive subwoofers is blooming at a rapid speed. Amateurs to professionals, everyone participates in these competitions with their best setups. Since winning is the only goal, any normal subwoofer won’t be able to match the level of these competitions. A competitive subwoofer must perform well in either sound pressure level competition or sound quality level competition.

Therefore, we have listed such subwoofers which qualify as competition subwoofers along with their detailed specifications. If you are somehow confused about the application of these specifications, make sure to check out our buying guide for the best competition subwoofers. This guide covers the important specifications and helps you to decide the best option for you.

1. RMS Power Rating

RMS power rating in the subwoofer determines the constant power levels it can sustain over continuous use. It helps in deciding whether your subwoofer will be loud and clear or not. In real conditions, a subwoofer ideally runs with a power level near to the RMS power rating, neither too low nor too high.

For a competition subwoofer, anything over 1000 Watts of RMS is considered good. Many competitive subwoofers commonly come with 1000 Watts, 1200 Watts, or 1500 Watts of RMS power rating. Some subwoofers come with 4000 Watts of RMS power rating too. Amongst these, the 4000 Watts rating subwoofer will handle more power levels and therefore performance will be better than others.

2. Peak Power Rating

Peak power rating is similar to RMS power rating, with a key difference. RMS power rating ensures the running of the subwoofer under constant power level, whereas peak power rating is concerned with the sudden spikes in power levels. Competition subwoofers might undergo such spikes in power level due to repeated playing of subwoofers over RMS power rating or due to distorted signal. Peak power rating makes sure to handle this problem without any damage to the subwoofer.

The peak power rating is double the RMS power rating. Even if the peak power rating is high, it is not advised to use a subwoofer at peak power rating for a prolonged period of time. It can handle only short bursts of power spikes, beyond which the subwoofer might crack or pop.

Any peak power rating is sufficient as long as the subwoofer doesn’t run on that level for a long period of time.

3. Frequency Response

Frequency response is responsible for producing accurate sound from the subwoofers from a wider range of frequencies. Hence frequency response plays an important role in competition subwoofers where sound quality and bass quality matters the most.

A subwoofer may support from a minimum 20 to 100 Hz to a maximum of 5 kHz of frequency, depending on the type of audio spectrum needed. 20 to 100 Hz is the bass zone, 100 to 250 Hz is the upper bass zone, 250 to 2000 Hz is the midrange zone and 2 to 5 kHz is the high-end zone. Hence a subwoofer with 20 Hz to 1.6 kHz frequency response will be able to respond and produce sound notes from the bass zone to the midrange zone.

4. Sensitivity Rating

A subwoofer might be able to process the right note of music but the level at which this musical note is heard matters the most. The sensitivity rating of a subwoofer simply means the level of sound volume it can produce.

Many competition subwoofers offer sensitivity ratings ranging between 80 dB to 90 dB. A subwoofer with a higher sensitivity rating will produce louder levels of volume. A sensitivity rating higher than 90 dB is considered as excellent for audio competitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to select a louder competition subwoofer?

Ans: The loudness of a competition subwoofer solely depends upon the sensitivity rating and RMS power level at which it runs. A High sensitivity rating produces high volume levels. Similarly, a good RMS power level will help generate powerful notes of sound.

2. Which size of competition subwoofer produces sufficient bass?

Ans: Competition subwoofers come in various sizes ranging from 6.5” to 15” or even larger sizes. Along with the size, various other factors do affect the bass signature. The lower size competition subwoofers sound a bit punchier while the larger ones sound deeper.

3. What power range is best for a competition subwoofer?

Ans: Competition subwoofers crave more power because bass notes consume more power. RMS power rating of a competition subwoofer helps in choosing the right subwoofer. A higher RMS power rating will make the subwoofer run at higher power levels leading to a better bass signature.

4. What is the importance of the magnet used in a competition subwoofer?

Ans: Magnets in competition subwoofers provide magnetization to the voice coils. The opposing magnetic field creates vibrations which turn into sound waves we hear. A larger magnet leads to larger magnetic fields which ultimately create high levels of vibrations and higher sound waves.


When the heat of competition rises, a good competition subwoofer outshines other subwoofers. It may seem difficult to find a good competition subwoofer but when certain specifications are kept in mind, the selection becomes easier. Today, we offered a wider range of competition subwoofers to select by keeping different factors in mind.

To help you pick the right competition subwoofer, all the options are listed with their specifications. We have also included a buying guide and common FAQs to help you choose the right competition subwoofer. With these factors taken into consideration, we have listed our favorites amongst the competition subwoofers:

  • Fulfilling your need for the deep bass signature, the most powerful option on this list is the Rockville Destroyer 12D2 12” Competition Subwoofer. With CEA rated RMS rating of 2000 Watts and a peak power rating of 8000 Watts, this subwoofer will destroy every other subwoofer out there. This subwoofer is quite loud thanks to the high power ratings and high-frequency response range. High-grade 300 Oz magnets help in creating the vibrations the subwoofer is known for.
  • When it comes to being affordable without compromising on the performance, the DS18 EXL-XX12.2D Subwoofer is the best choice. With RMS power of 2000 Watts and peak power of 4000 watts, the subwoofers sit right in the high-performance category. Along with these factors, multiple wiring setup improves the installation process. Triple stacked magnet setup adds the necessary vibrations to the voice coils to reproduce that competition-worthy sound quality and bass depth. All these important features come at an affordable price which makes this subwoofer a value-for-money product.
  • Our last suggestion surprised us with the variety of sizes it offers for a single product. Massive Audio SUMMOXL104-10 Inch Car Audio Subwoofer is a feature-rich product. It offers peak power of 3000 Watts and an RMS power rating of 1500 Watts which qualifies the subwoofer as a competition grade subwoofer. With a good sensitivity rating of 84 dB, the volume feels louder. Heavy-duty aluminum basket adds strength to the build quality. What makes this product distinctive is the availability of different sizes for the same specification. The subwoofer comes in 6.5” to 15” sizes to select from, as per the space available.

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