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Partnership allows cloud testing of enterprise apps

Keysight and Sauce Labs are working together to enable cloud-based testing of enterprise applications on mobile devices, browsers, and secure desktops. The collaboration combines Keysight’s Eggplant cloud-based test automation platform with Sauce Labs’ real and virtual device clouds and software platform.

Ensuring application device compatibility is a significant issue for enterprises. It impacts ratings, adoption, and ultimately revenue. However, testing across many devices is complex, time-consuming, and costly, requiring not just physical and virtual devices, but also a software platform for managing and interacting with the devices and operating systems.

The joint solution from Keysight and Sauce Labs provides AI-driven automated testing of applications across thousands of devices, browsers, and operating system combinations. This comprehensive coverage accelerates testing, while helping enterprise customers to rapidly scale. Keysight’s intelligent automation generates test cases and prioritizes areas that need additional testing, while the Sauce Labs cloud allows enterprises to focus on testing applications rather than managing devices.

For more information about the Eggplant cloud-based test automation platform, click here. To learn more about Sauce Labs’ continuous testing cloud and DevOps test toolchain, click here.

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