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SoC FPGA for RISC-V enters mass production

Microchip announced production qualification of its PolarFire MPFS250T SoC FPGA supporting the royalty-free RISC-V open standard ISA. Volume production of the MPFS250T, which provides 254,000 logic elements, extends the PolarFire portfolio of multi-core RISC-V SoC FPGAs, delivering an even smaller thermal footprint for low-power smart embedded vision applications. It can also be used in automotive, industrial automation, communications, defense, and IoT systems.

Equally important to RISC-V adoption is Microchip’s Mi-V ecosystem, which spans a comprehensive variety of IP, hardware, operating systems, middleware, debuggers, compilers, and design services. With more than two dozen partners, the ecosystem enables embedded engineers, software designers, and hardware developers to leverage the advantages of the RISC-V ISA and the PolarFire SoC FPGA’s combination of small form factors, thermal efficiency, and low power consumption.

The PolarFire MPFS250T and the previously announced MPFS025T are available for purchase now and are supported by the Libero 2022.1 SoC Design Suite. Sixteen Mi-V partners will be demonstrating their solutions for PolarFire SoC FPGAs at the Mi-V Virtual Summit Conference, July 20-21, 2022.

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