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Steps To Hotwiring a Car in Emergency

What Is The Meaning Of Hotwiring A Car?

By hot-wiring a car, you will be able to start the engine without using the car key. This technique has been used by criminals previously. Even car owners who have lost or misplaced their keys tend to hotwire their cars. Despite saying this, hot wiring in new car models is difficult. They come with computerized and electronic locking systems which will automatically shut down the different sections of the car. You must always confirm if your car allows you to hotwire it.

How To Hotwire A Car?

As said, you will be able to start the engine without using your key by hotwiring your car. You will have to insert the key into the ignition and give it a turn. This will make the engine of the car run properly. The battery generates the energy and directs it to the ignition to start the motor. When the motor is powered, it will automatically start the car by turning the engine over. If you are looking to hot wire a vehicle, you will have to make the electrical circuit yourself.

How To Open Car Door Without Any Key?

  • Use A Coat Hanger:You can take a hanger and bend it to make a hook. Do it from the inside of the car windows stripping. Open the car from the outside. Look for the locking mechanism by using your phone’s flashlight. Always know where the hunger is.
  • Use Shoelacse:Using your shoelace works only on some types of locking mechanisms. You will have to take both ends of the shoelace and use both hands to tie a little loop in the middle. Now loop it around the lock and make sure that it is around the locking mechanism. Finally, drop the unlock string up and make sure that the loop is tightened.
  • Use Plastic Strip:Compared to shoelaces, a plastic strip is more convenient. However, you will not be to use it on a sideways locking mechanism as it is only suitable for the upward locking mechanism. What you will have to do is to fold the long plastic strip in half. Slide it to the crack of the door. You will need a set of plastic wedges to open the door.
  • Use Slim Jim:Even a slim Jim or a long rod allows you to open the door without a key. Start by bending a long rod and making it curved. Place the rod between the window and the weather stripping to have a firm grip. Additionally, make some place for the slim Jim gadget by using a screwdriver. You need to slip the rod into the gap and then pull the button to open the door.
  • Use Tennis Ball:It may sound amusing but you can unlock a door by using a tennis ball. The process requires drilling a hole in the tennis ball. You will now have to lay it in the keyhole. Make sure that there is a great effort. The pressure of the ball will travel through the keyhole which will cause a locking mechanism.
  • Use Inflatable Wedge:You can make use of any non-metal object to unlock the door. In this method, the air is used for opening the door. One of the advantages of using an inflatable wedge is that there will be no paint damage. However, it can be expensive compared to a screwdriver.
  • Get Assistance: Finally, you can seek help and call the Department of Public Safety or police to unlock your car door. They use of car opening tool kit that will help to unlock the door. This will be perfect for people who don’t want to use any of the above hacks.

How To Hotwire A Car?

Hot wiring a car can be done by using these essential tools. However, you will also have to get confirmation from the car owner.

  • Wire stripper.
  • Flathead screwdriver.
  • Insulated gloves.
  • Electrical tape roll.

Method 1: Hotwire Steering Column

This method is by entering the car and works only for car models older than the mid-90s. Make sure that you check the steering column so that it can be overridden. You will also have to confirm the gear selector.

  • Remove Protective Cover:Begin by getting inside the car and removing the steering column plastic cover. This will let you have access to the electrical panels. Do note that breaking the locking pin can be extremely difficult, especially with your hands. For this reason, you can utilize a flathead screwdriver and insert it into the keyhole.
  • Spot The Wire Connectors:The next step will be to look for the wire connectors. As it comes with a lot of wires, you must stay calm. It can have three wire bundles which are wires on the side control lights and indicators, wires for wipers and warmers, and wires for ignition, battery and starter.
  • Remove The Required Cables: We now move on to the next step which is to remove the cables from the battery, ignition, and starter. These wires are mostly brown and yellow and can vary according to the manufacturer. For better accuracy, you must always read the manual carefully.
  • Strip The Ignition Wire:Now take a sharp blade to cut an inch of the wires. Follow by wrapping the two wires together. After you connect the cable, the electrical components of the car start to function. Before you strip the car, you will have to give a spark from the starter wire. It is important to be careful as the wires are fully charged. You will have to connect the starter wire to the battery wire so that there will be a spark. Just contact and peel the wire and don’t bend the wires.
  • Start The Engine: Once the spark has been ignited, the engine will start. However, you must wait for some time so that the engine can start properly. Also, you must know the ignition wires and detach them carefully from the battery wires to turn it off.

Method 2: Drill Lock Pins

The second method of hot wiring a car will be by utilizing drilling lock pins. The drilling technique can be done at the keyhole when you are inside your vehicle.

  • Keyhole Drilling: Keyhole drilling can be noisier. For this, you will be requiring a drill and a screwdriver. Start by drilling the metal keyhole by up to two-thirds of an inch. Each lock pin comes with two portions and you need to drill it two times. Make sure that you confirm if the screwdriver fits in the drill. The main aim is to use the screwdriver for pulling the locking pins down.
  • Place The Screwdriver: Now you will have to insert the screwdriver into the keyhole. However, going too far can damage the wiring. It enables you to use it just like your car keys. Just turn the screwdriver clockwise to power the engine.

Method 3: Power Car Dashboard

You can even start a car engine by powering the dashboard. However, powering the dashboard can be a bit effortful.

  • Locate The Red Coil Wire: This process requires more can when compared to drilling. You will have to begin by opening the hood and looking for the red coil wire. Do note that almost all the V8 engines feature the red coil wire on the back.
  • Use Jumping Cables: In the next step, you need to bend the cables. It is now time to connect the coil’s positive end to the battery’s positive terminal by using the red wire or any wire. This will help to power up the dashboard.
  • Locate The Starter Solenoid: Now look for the starter solenoid. This requires some research and you must read the general guideline carefully. In Ford cars, it is near the battery. Whereas in General Motors, it is under the steering wheel.
  • Unlock The Steering Wheel: Use a flathead screwdriver and insert it on the top of the steering column. Make sure that you push away the lock pin from the wheel. This will help you locate the solenoid.
  • Connect Battery Terminal To The Solenoid: Extract the solenoid’s ignition switch wire and use an insulated screwdriver to shorten the positive port of the solenoid. This will enable you to start your car.

Precautions On How To Hotwire A Car

Without taking precautions, hot wiring a car can be very risky. For this reason, you will have to take various steps.

  • Only the owner of the vehicle can hot-wire it. Else it is a criminal offense and you can be charged.
  • Always use electrified insulating gloves to prevent electric shock.
  • While performing hot wiring, the vehicle must be in neutral.
  • Switch off the vehicle by removing ignition cables and twisted battery.
  • Never leave the cables exposed. You must properly insulate the wires by taking insulating tapes.
  • The steering lock feature comes with anti-theft prevention. It is important to remove the ignition key barrel. It helps to use other equipment.

Can Car Get Damaged While Hotwiring?

Hot wiring a car comes with an expense. Your vehicle will suffer some damage. If you happen to hot wire a car in an emergency, you will have to go for repair work. Thankfully, a mechanic who is an expert in wiring will be able to fix your car. The process will not damage cause any damage to the engine.

As you will have to cut and strip cables, the most evident damage is wiring. Even the ignition system will be harmed as you insert a screwdriver into the keyhole. Again as you have to disable the steering wheel lock system, it needs to get repaired.


When you lose your car keys, you will not be able to start a car. However, hot wiring a car enables you to power it without using your car keys. By going through any of the above methods, you will be able to hotwire a car. It is important to get all the materials as well as the safety gear before you go for it. You must take necessary precautions so that there will be no electrocution. Finally, you must have car ownership and know the potential damages to your car.

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