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Inductive position sensor improves EV motor control

Microchip’s LX34070 inductive position sensor aims to replace less accurate magnet-based designs for safety-critical EV motor positioning control. The IC provides differential outputs, fast sample rates, and features that make it functional-safety-ready for ISO 26262 compliance in the Automotive Safety Integrity Level-C (ASIL-C) classification.

The LX34070 inductive sensor offers numerous advantages compared to magnetic resolvers and LVDTs, at a fraction of the cost. Because it uses PCB traces rather than transformer-based magnetic windings and coil structures, the LX34070 has negligible size and mass compared to alternatives that weigh as much as a pound. Accuracy is improved since the LX34070 does not depend on magnet strength, and the device enhances robustness by actively rejecting stray magnetic fields.

Along with two independent analog channels with demodulation, the LX34070 provides a built-in oscillator for driving the primary coil. It also features differential output buffers with common-mode level and protection circuitry against output shorts, while automatic gain control maximizes resolution over large target air gap ranges.

The LX34070 comes in a 14-pin TSSOP with AEC-Q100 certification to grade 0. It operates over a temperature range of -40°C to +150°C, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial, industrial, medical, and automotive sensor applications. The part costs under $1 in lots of 1000 units and is available for purchase through Microchip’s distributor network or online at Microchip Direct.

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d is available for purchase through Microchip’s worldwide distributor network or online at Microchip Direct.

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