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Radar sensor packs built-in signal processing

Socionext’s 60-GHz sensor integrates range-finding and 3D angle-calculating circuity for detecting the position and movement of a person. The SC1240AR3 sensor’s wide bandwidth of 6.8 GHz enables the detection of minor movements as positional information, making it suitable for applications involving the tracking of human movements and operation by gestures.

Along with the signal processing unit, the SC1240AR3 contains multiple antennas, wireless circuitry, an 11-bit oversampling ADC, FIFO memory, and SPI interface. An integrated sequencer flexibly changes the duty cycle and controls power consumption. Average power consumption is 0.72 mW at 0.1% duty cycle. The sensor also provides autonomous activation and automatic intermittent measurement. All of these features allow users to obtain the height and positional data on the X, Y and Z planes for detection of multiple people, gesture without contact, and other high-precision sensing.

Sample shipments of the SC1240ARS radar sensor in a 4×7×1.2-mm BGA package are scheduled for Q2 2022 and mass production in Q1 2023. Socionext offers an evaluation kit for the SC1240AR3, which includes a USB cable, sensor driver/library and 3D location sensing evaluation software (GUI), control API specification, and application note with sample C source for API.

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