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Power integrity software accelerates semiconductor signoff

Ansys Totem-SC and PathFinder-SC optimize power integrity and ESD reliability signoff, respectively, for automotive and 5G semiconductors. The two cloud-based software tools increase the speed and capacity of existing Totem and PathFinder products by integrating them into the Ansys SeaScape big-data platform for distributed processing. An open and extensible platform for semiconductor multiphysics, SeaScape is massively scalable for elastic compute, big data analytics, and AI/ML.

Totem-SC electromigration and IR drop analysis software delivers 10x faster performance on average for dynamic voltage drop signoff of transistor-level and mixed-signal designs. It has the speed and capacity to handle full-chip analysis of next-generation components like CMOS image sensors, DRAM, flash memory, FPGAs, and high-speed transceivers. Signoff accuracy is certified by all major foundries for all finFET nodes down to 3 nm.

PathFinder-SC provides a high-capacity solution for verifying the circuitry found on all chips that protect them from ESD and damage from voltage spikes. SeaScape technology allows the ESD simulation software to achieve 10x faster turnaround for ultra-large SoCs, making it well-suited for large, high-speed semiconductor designs in artificial intelligence, imaging, networking, and 5G/6G telecommunications.

Read more about Ansys semiconductor multiphysics analysis and verification tools here.

Totem-SC product page

PathFinder-SC product page


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