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RF probe measures high-frequency electrical fields

The HR-E 40-1 passive near-field probe from Langer EMV-Technik measures electrical RF fields up to 40 GHz. Designed to be connected to a spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, or similar device, the probe performs measurements on conductors, ICs, metallic housings, and RF structures during development. For example, the probe can help in analyzing the harmonics of 5G assemblies. The instrument also allows engineers to record the electric near fields and derive a detailed field image of the structure being measured.

A special probe head enables measurements to be taken directly on individual conductor tracks to localize E-field sources. The head ensures a defined distance of 0.5 mm, even for handheld measurements. The HR-E 40-1 allows a spatial resolution of 0.2 mm and transmits the measured signals to the measuring device. Transmission behavior of the near-field probe is almost constant over a frequency range of 8 to 40 GHz. For spatially reproducible measurements, the probe can be used in an automatic positioning system, such as a Langer scanner.

The HR-E 40-1 near-field probe is sold in a set that includes a USB memory stick containing probe characteristics and viewer software, a user manual, and carrying case.

HR-E 40-1 product page

Langer EMV-Technik

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