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Matsuo Electric provides reliable technologies to meet customer needs

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Reliable technology to meet customer needs

The need for advanced, large-scale electronics continues to evolve, driven by improvements in performance and functionality, as well as outstanding technological innovation. Since its establishment in 1949, Matsuo Electric has continued its activities as a technology-oriented company under the principle of “Quality First.” In addition to our core tantalum capacitors, we have manufactured and sold circuit protection components and film capacitors to meet the needs of generations with reliable technology.

Circuit protection components began in 1994 with the manufacture and sale of the world’s smallest chip-type circuit protection components at the time. In recent years, we have been responding to the needs of small surface mount type high current fuses with a maximum of 100 A, and automotive circuit protection components that require high and stable quality.

The main plant, the Fukuchiyama Plant in Kyoto Prefecture, has acquired the quality management system, IATF 16949: 2016 certification for the automobile industry, and is engaged in design and production of chip-type tantalum solid electrolytic capacitors and circuit protection elements. In addition, all of our sites have acquired the environmental management system, ISO 14001: 2015 certification, are engaged in activities to analyze and reduce environmental risks associated with corporate activities, and engaged in product development to reduce environmental impact.

We will continue to contribute to society through the development and manufacture of products that respond quickly to user needs by utilizing our global marketing network and organizational structure.

■International standards for quality management systems in the automotive industry acquired

Obtained ” IATF 16949:2016 ” for tantalum solid electrolytic chip capacitors and circuit protection components.

Certification through DQS Japan.
Matsuo Electric Co., Ltd. Fukuchiyama Plant:
Registration No. 20001850 IATF16



■International standards for environmental management systems acquired

Obtained ” ISO14001:2015 ”
Certification through JQA.
Registration No. JQA-EM6829

Meet customer needs

Lithium-ion batteries are now used widely in small devices such as mobile terminals and smartphones, as well as in power tools, power-assisted bicycles and xEVs.

Lithium-ion batteries have a larger capacity than other types of batteries and have a high energy density that allows a large amount of current to flow stably. However, an overload or short circuit can lead to a serious accident. Therefore, safety standards in each country require protection for products using lithium-ion batteries. In addition, due to the improvement of the performance of various devices, there is a growing need for protection elements with high voltage, high current, and high breaking performance.

In response to these needs, Matsuo Electric will offer a lineup of small-size surface-mount, high-current, high-voltage, high-breaking fuses.

High Current Product (Microfuse JAG/JAJ/JAK)

Micro fuse type JAG / type JAJ / type JAK (size 3216) is an optimum surface mount fuse for circuit protection of small lithium-ion batteries such as notebook PCs. Features are small size, high current, even fusing characteristics. It is a product excellent in quick disconnection and rush current resistance.

Type JAG was lineup up to conventional 4 A, but expansion up to 10 A, and wide lineup from 0.5 A to 10 A, allowing selection according to various equipment and applications

The type JAJ / type JAK is a new structure unique to Matsuo Electric that adopts a metal plate as a fuse element to cope with a higher circuit current than 10 A or more. The connecting area to the external terminal is larger than that of the type JAG wire fuse type to improve the stability of the connecting section. The type JAJ /type JAK (size 3216) surface mount type has a rated current of 10 A, 12.5 A, 16 A, 20 A, and a breaking current of 100 A.

High Voltage/High Current/High Breaking Product (High Current Micro Fuse JHC)

The high-current micro fuse type JHC (size 7358/size 1173) is suitable for external short-circuit protection of medium-sized lithium-ion batteries such as power tools and power-assisted bicycles, and protection of power circuits such as UPS servers. The integrated structure the fuse element with terminal realizes a high current rating up to a maximum of 100 A, even though it is a surface mount type. It also has high breaking characteristics (1500 A, 110 VDC), making it ideal for circuit protection of lithium-ion batteries, for which performance is increasing.

The fuse has little influence on the surroundings, with a surface temperature rise of 75 °C or less when the rated current is applied. In addition, the case is made of alumina ceramic, and the case interior has a unique structure to improve the safety during fusing.

In the future, we will work on the development of fuses with higher withstand voltage and higher breaking performance.

Matsuo Electric’s high-current fuse


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