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GaN controller ICs optimize charger designs

Three GaN primary-side flyback controllers from startup Elevation Semiconductor enable efficient and compact 20-W to 65-W battery charger solutions. The HL9550, HL9552, and HL9554 each integrate a 650-V GaN power FET and offer wide VDD operating ranges up to 80 V without an additional clamp circuit for USB PD applications.

Intended for switched-mode power supplies, the controller ICs support quasi-resonant (QR), discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), continuous conduction mode (CCM) and multiple frequency hybrid modes of operation. The devices provide overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, and brownout protection, as well as an externally triggered shutdown function for safety.

Elevation also announced the HL9701 synchronous rectifier (SR) controller for switched-mode power supplies dedicated to the secondary side of flyback converters. The device drives the SR MOSFET and is compatible with high-side and low-side applications for QR, DCM, and CCM operations. It has a wide input voltage range up to 28 V and is optimized for SR gate turn-off threshold control. The HL9701 comes in a 6-pin SOT-23 package.

Full datasheets for these products are available upon request by contacting

HL9550 product page

HL9552 product page

HL9554 product page

HL9701 product page

Elevation Semiconductor 

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