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Windows Update Assistant – How To Fix?

Most types of Windows devices come with a built-in feature for updates. Thanks to Windows Update that helps to provide the latest version of the device. However, some systems don’t accept Windows Updates. For these stubborn computers, Windows 10 Update Assistant will serve the purpose. It comes in the form of a utility application for the download and installation of Windows 10 updates. The Windows 10 Update Assistant will make your computer in the latest version so that your system will stay secure. It also lets you enjoy the latest features.

What is Windows Update Assistant?

Windows 10 Update Assistant will update your computer system by looking for compatibility issues. To make sure that the installation begins, it will download all the necessary files. You will have to download the Windows 10 Update Assistant as an EXE file. Due to streamlined installation, there will be no issues.

Once done, you can get computer updates with simple clicks. It will give you notifications where there is any new update available. It also lets you configure it to have auto-updates.

How Windows 10 Update Assistant works is by checking for device compatibility. It will find out if there is enough space available on the CPU and memory. Once the computer has sufficient space, it will begin the installation.

User-Friendly & Efficient

The feature updates of Windows 10 will make your computer secure. It also offers new functionality. After downloading the Update Assistant, you can opt for automatic updates. The user-friendly design will let you install it with ease.

Even when you happen to get stuck in between, you can restart your computer. It is efficient and lets you download the updates for free. You can install Windows 10 Update Assistant without losing any system files.

Pros and Cons


  • Ability to install updates automatically.
  • Updates the system without any data loss.
  • Automatically finds the device compatibility for the latest upgrade.
  • Comes with a wizard to complete the update installation.


  • The installation can be very time-consuming.
  • It may remove incompatible software from your computer.
  • It does not support Education and Enterprise editions.


For Windows 10 computers, Windows 10 Update Assistant can be of great help. All you have to do is to download and install it in your system. The installation is simple and you will only have to make a few clicks for the upgrades. Your system will now have new features and it will be secure.

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