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MEMS mics achieve precise audio capture

A trio of MEMS microphones from Infineon Technologies provides crystal clear audio pickup of the quietest and loudest sounds. Combined with selectable power modes, the high-performance XENSIV IM73A135, IM72D128, and IM69D127 microphones are well-suited for consumer electronics, such as headphones with active noise cancellation, TWS earbuds, and conference devices with beamforming capability.

The IM73A135 analog microphone offers a best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 73 dB(A) and an acoustic overload point (AOP) of 135 dB SPL (sound pressure level). Its digital counterpart, the IM72D128, has an SNR of 72 dB(A) and an AOP of 128 dB SPL. The IM69D127 digital microphone features similar performance condensed into a tiny 3.6×2.5×1.0-mm package.

According to Infineon, all three devices have extremely low distortion (THD), even at high sound pressure levels, and tight part-to-part phase and sensitivity matching. Each microphone is based on a sealed dual membrane MEMS design that attains an IP57 level of protection against the ingress of water and dust between the membrane and backplate.

The IM73A135 and the IM69D127 microphones cost $2.08 and $1.81, respectively, in lots of 1000 units. Pricing for the IM72D128 was not available at the time of this announcement.

IM73A135 product page

IM72D128 product page

IM69D127 product page

Infineon Technologies 

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