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Universal development board eases prototyping

Mikroe’s 8th-generation universal development board, the UNI-DS v8, now packs a programmer/debugger that works over Wi-Fi. Other features that simplify and speed prototyping include extensive MCU support, additional standard interfaces, and and a connector for adding a TFT display.

The board’s integrated Codegrip programmer/debugger supports more than 3300 microcontrollers from different vendors. Along with its companion software suite, Codegrip allows programming and debugging to be performed wirelessly from a remote location. It also includes free updates when new MCUs and vendors are added.

Support for the SiBrain open standard for sockets and add-on boards enables users to install and exchange different MCUs from different families. The SiBrain socket supports 3300+ MCUs, including STM32, Kinetis, TIVA, CEC, MSP, PIC, dsPIC, PIC32, and AVR, with over 100 SiBrain add-on boards available. UNI-DS v8 also supplies five mikroBUS sockets for adding any of Mikroe’s 1200+ Click boards offering a wide range of functions.

In addition to 24/7 power source delivery via external 12 VDC, USB, or battery, the development board features a new display connector. The connector accommodates different resolutions, screen sizes, and technologies (resistive and capacitive) when used with one of the company’s 16 TFT display boards.

The UNI-DS v8 universal development board costs $889 and is now available for preorder. It is expected to be available in October 2022.

UNI-DS v8 product page


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