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Digitizer samples and streams at high speed

With 12-bit resolution, the M5i3321-x16 digitizer card from Spectrum performs synchronous sampling at a rate of 3.2 Gsamples/s on each of its two channels. The digitizer also streams the acquired data over a 16-lane PCIe Gen3 bus at up to 12.8 GB/s. Its ultra-fast bus allows data to be transferred directly to PC memory for storage or to CUDA-based GPUs for processing and analysis.

Capable of handling a wide variety of signals, the digitizer’s front-end electronics offer 1-GHz bandwidth, programmable full-scale ranges from ±200 mV to ±2.5 V, and variable offset. To allow the capture of long and complex waveforms, there is 4 Gbytes of onboard memory, upgradeable to 16 Gbytes. Memory can operates as a ring buffer or as a FIFO buffer. It can also be partitioned into segments for recording multiple events.

Part of the M5i series of 12-bit digitizers, the M5i.3321-x16 is available now. Other models include the M5i.3330-x16, a single-channel card that samples at rates up to 6.4 Gsamples/s, and the M5i.3337-x16 dual-channel card that offers synchronous 3.2-Gsamples/s sampling on both channels or 6.4 Gsamples/s on a single channel. Both of these cards offer 2-GHz bandwidth.

M5i.3321-x16 product page

Spectrum Instrumentation 

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