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10 Best Dash Cam Under $100 Reviews in 2022

Car safety accessories are usually very costly since 3rd party manufacturers have to invest a lot in terms of production costs and design costs to deliver a high-quality product. Thus, you may need to invest a significant sum in order to add a premium-grade safety accessory to your car.

However, dash cams designed for cars are slowly becoming an exception for that. Even though most dash cams are quite expensive, there is a wide range of options available within the $100 range, offering the best performance for basic as well as advanced users. If you are also planning to install a dash cam set in your car under the $100 price mark, here are some things you should keep in mind.

  • Resolution: At the very least, you would want your dash cam to record a high-quality video so that you can see all the minute details and get an overall sharp video quality on the display. Right now, the bare minimum you should have is 1080p FHD recording resolution on your dash cam. However, there are a few brands that offer up to 1440p resolution under a $100 budget.

  • Night Vision: Even if you are buying a basic dash cam set, you should check if it offers the night vision feature. If you usually drive around at night or park your vehicle in the open at night, this feature is a necessity for you. This allows the camera to record a perceptible video even in the dark so that you can use the footage to your advantage later on.
  • Display Parameters: Almost all dash cam sets come with a digital display, even if you are buying a basic unit under the $100 price range. But, not all displays are the same since they vary in terms of the display panel, digital resolution, and the physical size of the display. In this budget range, you will receive a display measuring between 2 to 10 inches, based on your choice. As for the physical size, it is important to have a large display if you are going with a high-resolution camera set.

Today, we have shortlisted the best dash cams we could find that fall under the $100 budget range. These are the best option for all types of users and you can find necessary information about each of our picks mentioned along with the product. Since we are offering detailed synopsis along with pros and cons, you can easily make a decision. If you want to know more about dash cams, kindly check out our “Buying Guide” for the best dash cam sets available later on this page.

Best Dash Cam Under $100

Best Dash Cam Under $100 Reviews

1. CHORTAU Dash Cam 

CHORTAU Dash Cam Under $100If you want to get a reliable dash cam set, take a look at the following choice from CHORTAU. This is arguably the most popular option for a dash cam set and currently being used by thousands of drivers.

In the 1st position, we have the CHORTAU Front and Rear Dash cam set. This is an affordable choice for a dash cam set that fits perfectly under the $100 price mark. You will get both rear and front cameras in this set along with a 3 inches digital display to access the camera feed. The camera offers standard 1080p FHD resolution along with 6 pcs IR LED powered night vision.

As for the recording angles, the front camera offers a wide 170 degree capture angle whereas the rear one offers 130 degrees coverage. There are many advanced features present in the CHORTAU Front and Rear Dash cam set such as continuous loop recording and emergency accidental locks to preserve important footage. You will be able to use up to 32 GB SD cards with this unit without any problem.

Best features:

  • Set includes a 3 inches wide display
  • Maximum capture resolution is 1080p
  • Up to 170-degree capture angle
  • 6 pcs IR LED night vision


  • Comparatively affordable than other options
  • Most popular option for a dash cam set
  • Supports standard dash cam features


  • Does not come with an SD card

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2. PRUVEEO Dash Cam

PRUVEEO Dash Cam Under $100You are probably wondering what is the best video quality you can get on your dash cam within a $100 budget. Well, PRUVEEO is here to answer that question with a brilliant offering for a dash cam set.

Our 2nd choice for the best dash cam set is the PRUVEEO Front and Cabin Dual dash cam set. This is the first option on our list that offers up to 4K resolution video recording which is quite surprising at this budget. However, the recording resolution will be limited to 1080p if you are using dual-channel mode on this system. On each camera, you will have a 150-degree viewing angle by default. But, you can increase it up to 300 degrees for 0 blind spots.

There is a 2 inches large LCD display present on this set that renders a sharp image quality thanks to the 4K camera support. You will also get super night vision support on these cameras along with WDR features for best performance in dark. Once connected to an ACC hardware kit, you can use the PRUVEEO Front and Cabin Dual dash cam set as a 24-hour parking camera for extended protection. It has an internal rechargeable battery which solves the problem of frequently replacing the battery.

Best features:

  • Set includes a 2 inches wide display
  • Maximum capture resolution is 4K
  • Up to 150 degree capture angle
  • Supports up to 512 GB SD card


  • 4K video recording support
  • Can be used as a 24-hour parking monitor
  • LCD display for crystal clear footage


  • Display size is too small for 4K resolution

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3. REXING Dash Cam

REXING Dash Cam Under $100Up next, we have one more high-resolution dash cam seat coming from REXING. This is also a perfect choice for a $100 budget since it offers many features that are available with products ranging higher than this budget.

Our 3rd choice for the best dash cam under $100 is the REXING Car Dash Cam. Similar to our last choice, this is also one of the few options available under this budget that offers a 4K recording resolution. On top of that, it offers a slightly larger 2.4 inches LCD screen with WiFi compatibility for an overall desirable user experience.

The cameras included in the REXING Car Dash Cam set offer up to 170 degrees capture angle that is necessary to get a great FOV on your screen. You will also get a built-in G-sensor with the REXING Car Dash Cam that offers many advanced features. Furthermore, the cameras are capable of WDR recording that offers unparalleled performance at night. It also has dedicated mobile app support along with support for up to 256 GB SD cards.

Best features:

  • Set includes a 2.4 inches wide display
  • Maximum capture resolution is 4K
  • Up to 170 degree capture angle
  • Up to 256 GB SD cards are supported


  • Offers 4K video recording
  • WDR feature available with the cameras
  • Supported storage capacity is suitable for 4K recording


  • Display size is too small for 4K resolution

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4. Iiwey Dash Cam

IIWEY Dash Cam Under $100Iiwey is yet another brand that has managed to enter our list of the best dash cam systems with its highly affordable dash cam unit. This is a standard unit that offers moderate features suitable for its price.

Up next, we have yet another affordable option for a dash cam system. The iiwey Dash Cam is a cheaper option, but it still includes front, cabin, and rear cameras to offer a complete view of the surrounding. These cameras have FHD 1080p recording resolution support along with an IR night vision feature. Also, you will get a 32 GB SD card included with the set which reduces further expenses after you buy the set.

The cameras included in the iiwey Dash Cam set are the perfect option for vloggers since you will be able to capture indoor as well as outdoor footage with the same set. To improve the night vision performance, iiwey has implemented an F1.8 aperture Sony sensor on the iiwey Dash Cameras so you will get recognizable footage even with no light.

Best features:

  • Set includes a 2 inches wide display
  • Maximum capture resolution is 1080p
  • 8 aperture Sony sensor
  • 3-channel dash cam system


  • Night vision performance is pretty good
  • G-sensor comes built-in with the system
  • 32 GB SD card is included


  • Most users would not need a 3-channel dash cam system

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5. VIOFO Dash Cam

VIOFO Dash Cam Under $100There are also a few other options like the one mentioned here by VIOFO that offer a higher recording resolution than standard FHD. If you are also looking for such options, check out this option which is perfect for the $100 budget.

The VIOFO Dash Cam set is also a high-quality option designed to fit the $100 price range. This set supports up to 1440p video recording which is much sharper than the standard FHD resolution. You will also get a much smoother video motion thanks to the 60 FPS recording feature. The VIOFO Dash Cam set cameras to offer super night vision support with Sony’s Starvis sensor.

The Sony Starvis sensor also allows the cameras to record content in HDR so that you will get the best color accuracy and brightness on the recorded footage. It has a 140 degree wide capture angle as the camera sensor is the Sony IMX335 sensor. Apart from that, there are some smart features that are exclusive to this unit such as advanced parking mode, auto event detection, time-lapse recording, and even low bitrate recording to maintain for low video size.

Best features:

  • Set includes a 2 inches wide display
  • Maximum capture resolution is 1440p
  • Up to 140 degree capture angle
  • Sony IMX335 Starvis sensor


  • Night vision performance is best in this class
  • Maximum recording resolution is higher than FHD 1080p
  • LCD display with HDR support


  • Display size is too small

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6. Biuone Dash Cam

Biuone Dash Cam Under $100Biuone also has an affordable dash cam set that fits perfectly under the $100 budget range. But, it still offers many outstanding features that you would want in your dash cam.

The Biuone Dash Camera is also a dual camera system that offers a front and a rear camera setup designed for cars. With these cameras, you will get an outstanding viewing angle of 170 degrees and 140 degrees from the front and rear cameras respectively. These cameras also support super night vision features thanks to the F1.8 aperture camera sensor with EDR technology.

The Biuone Dash Camera system offers a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged via a USB cable which you would definitely have in your car for charging your smartphone. The display of the Biuone Dash cam set on the other hand is a 3 inches wide display that consists of an IPS display panel to generate high-quality video footage. Unlike many other affordable options in the market, the Biuone Dash Camera set includes a 32 GB SD card as well as a USB SD card adapter for easy data transfer.

Best features:

  • Set includes a 3 inches wide display
  • Maximum capture resolution is 1080p
  • Up to 170 degree capture angle
  • 32 GB SD card included


  • File transfer made easy with the USB SD card adapter
  • Wide camera recording angles
  • Plug-and-play type dash cam set


  • Recording resolution could have been better

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7. 70mai Dash Cam

70mai Dash Cam Under $100If you are looking forward to installing a dash cam set with high-resolution video recording support, the following option form 70mai might be a decent pick. As you may already know, 70mai is known for offering unique solutions for a variety of car accessories.

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S, as the name suggests, is a professional-grade dash cam set that is not only suitable for basic video recording and monitoring, but also for content creation. The front camera included in the set features support for up to 2.7K or 1944p recording resolution which is pretty close to 4K UHD output. It also has built-in GPS as well as WiFi connectivity for added functionality.

You will find exclusive mobile app support for the 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S dash cam set that allows you to remotely control the system or view the real-time footage directly on your smartphone. The cameras included in this set are powered by Sony’s IMX335 lens which is specifically designed for high-speed video recording. You can also adjust the front camera recording resolution to 1920p or 1440p based on the storage condition.

Best features:

  • Set includes a 2 inches wide display
  • Maximum capture resolution is 1944p
  • Up to 140-degree capture angle
  • Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems 


  • Great pick for content creators
  • Camera design is very compact
  • Dedicated smartphone app support


  • Should’ve provided a high capacity SD card in the package

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8. Kingslim Dash Cam

Kingslim Dash Cam Under $100The display of the dash cam is a very important part of the system as you will use it every day to review the footage. Thus, we are including the next dash cam option from Kingslim which is offering a great display in the set.

The Kingslim D1 Dash Cam set is also a combination of front and rear cameras designed to be installed in a car. It offers the standard FHD 1080p resolution which is good enough for basic video recording and surveillance. But, you will be able to watch the content on a 3.16 inches IPS display that surely offers a detailed image generation with accurate color grading.

As for the recording angles, you won’t have to worry about any blind spots in the surveillance since the Kingslim D1 Dash Cam features up to 170 degrees recording angle for the front and 140 degrees wide capture angle for the rear camera. The Kingslim D1 Dash Cam system also includes a built-in G-sensor as well as a motion sensor that ensures security of your car 24×7.

Best features:

  • Set includes a 3.16 inches wide display
  • Maximum capture resolution is 1080p
  • Up to 170-degree capture angle
  • Built-in G-sensor and a motion sensor


  • GPS tracking feature available
  • WDR night vision for best results
  • 24-hour parking monitoring available


  • Storage support is limited to 64 GB

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9. Z-Edge Dash Cam

Z-Edge Dash Cam Under $100Z-Edge is also a well-known supplier of dash cam systems, specifically the ones that belong to the premium category. However, it also has an option under the $100 budget that offers similarly premium features.

The Z-Edge WiFi Dash Cam is a trusted and highly reliable option that we are including on our picks for the best dash cam sets. The Z-Edge WiFi Dash Cam set features front and rear cameras just like every other option we have seen so far. However, the overall design of the cameras in the Z-Edge WiFi Dash Cam set is quite attractive and discrete, to say the least. These cameras offer up to 1296p resolution which is perfect for the included 2.7 inches display.

Furthermore, you have the option of a completely wireless connection with the Z-Edge WiFi Dash Cam system thanks to the WiFi compatibility. It is a perfect option for extreme temperature regions, both cold and hot, as the system is ensured to perform well under the 14°F to 158°F temperature range. It also supports up to 256 GB SD cards that will surely be needed once you start recording the footage at 1296p resolution.

Best features:

  • Set includes a 2.7 inches wide display
  • Maximum capture resolution is 1296p
  • Maximum storage support is 256 GB
  • Built-in WiFi support


  • 26 ft long connecting cable in included
  • A dual port USB adapter included
  • Attractive cameras and display design


  • Display size should have been larger

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10. Volway Dash Cam

Volway Dash Cam Under $100In the end, we will introduce you to yet another high-quality option that is just shy of the $100 price mark. However, this option from Volway offers the largest display, similar to other high-end dash cam systems.

For the end of our picks, we have reserved the Volway Mirror Dash Cam which is the best option we could find under the $100 price mark. It is quite similar to what you would find above the $100 price range since it features a 10 inches wide IPS display with full-touch functionality to make the device extremely easy to operate. Furthermore, the cameras included in the set have Sony’s IMX335 image sensor that is mostly found on premium picks.

With the high-quality Sony camera sensor, the Volway Mirror Dash Cam manages to record up to 1440p resolution videos that are best viewed on the 10 inches IPS display. It is also a highly reliable option as you are free to install these cameras in -4°F – 140°F surrounding temperature range. And since this is a smart choice, it allows direct voice commands so that you can adjust the cameras even when you are driving.

Best features:

  • Set includes a 10 inches wide display
  • Maximum capture resolution is 1440p
  • Up to 170 degree capture angle
  • Touchscreen IPS display panel


  • Completely replaces your rear-view mirror
  • Sony Starvis sensor for clear night vision capture
  • Supports voice commands


  • SD cards below 128 GB are not ideal for this system

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Buying Guide For The Best Dash Cam Under $100

Installing a dash cam set in your car has numerous benefits. First of all, it offers a wide viewing angle for both front and rear views of your car which is impossible with standard mirrors. Apart from that, it also includes a range of smart features that can make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable than before. Before, the dash cam systems were not as affordable as they are right now.

Today, you can find a great selection of options even if you have a $100 budget for a dash cam set. On this page, you will come across all great choices available in the market for a dash cam set for the same budget. If you are not sure which option you should choose, worry not. We have prepared this helpful buying guide for the best dash cam sets just for you. Here, you can find all the basic information that you need to have before you can select the perfect dash cam set for your application.

1. Resolution

Just like any other digital camera, the most important quality of a dash cam set is the recording quality available with the included cameras. Similar to your smartphone cameras or a digital camera, the dash cams also have a camera lens with a certain capture resolution. As you may already know, the resolution is basically the digital size of the footage where a higher resolution means a sharper and more detailed video.

Thus, you should prefer the highest resolution dash cam set you can find in your budget. While most brands offer the standard FHD 1080p resolution cameras in the $100 price range, there are a handful of choices that offer up to 1440p footage recording. However, you should also check the recording resolution with both cameras active at the same time to ensure you can get similarly good performance with both cameras simultaneously.

2. Connectivity

Connectivity is a very important aspect of any digital device, especially for surveillance and monitoring devices like dash cam. If your dash cam has standard wired connectivity, it can be a little difficult to install the system and control it while you are driving. Also, you will have to manually remove the SD card from the system to take a backup of the recorded footage and keep the system turned off for the time being. These drawbacks can be averted if you go with the one that offers WiFi connectivity.

If you already have a local WiFi connection in your car, you can connect your dash cam directly to your smartphone or laptop and get quick access to your system without any problem. Since WiFi is available with almost all devices nowadays, it can be a universal connectivity option for your dash cam set. It also allows wireless data transfer, allowing you to manage the storage drive without removing it. It also offers remote access to the system along with real-time monitoring via your smartphone if the WiFi connection has an active internet connection.

3. Display

Just like the resolution and capture quality of the cameras, the display included in the dash cam set should also offer similar specifications in order to offer a reliable viewing experience. If your cameras are recording the video at a high-resolution but your display panel has a lower resolution, you won’t be able to spot minute details in the footage which can have drastic implications in some cases.

While you are checking the display of the dash cam set, make sure you check all display parameters, including the display panel type, digital resolution, touchscreen functionality, and most importantly the physical size of the display. Under the $100 budget range, most brands offer a 2 or 3 inches wide display, which is quite compact to be fair. However, you should prefer the one that ranges higher than 5 to 6 inches if it is under your budget for better display performance.

4. Extra Features

Apart from the technical specifications, you should also take a look at the additional features available with the dash cam set that makes your overall driving experience a whole lot more secure and enjoyable. One such feature is clip locking which automatically detects an incident on the street and permanently records the clip instead of keeping it in the looping footage. Another important feature of the parking assistance can be a lifesaver for new and inexperienced drivers.

It guides the driver while parking the car with helpful indicators and alerts for impact if the vehicle is too close to a wall or another car. You should also check if there is a mobile application designed for the dash cam system. There are many added features that you can get from the mobile application like remote monitoring and cloud storage support which can come in handy on an outdoor trip. It also helps if the dash cam system has a built-in GPS functionality so that you won’t need to use your smartphone’s GPS while you are navigating through crowded streets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any legal implications of using a dash cam?

Ans: Some of you might be wondering whether it is legal to use the dash cam since it records the number plates or faces of other people on the street. If you are worried about that, don’t be since it is not illegal to use a dash cam in the USA. With that being said, there are some regulations on where you install the dash cameras and the display unit. Mostly, these rules make sure that you get a proper view of the street without any obstructions.

2. Will the dash cam record my car’s speed?

Ans: There are different cameras that are specifically designed to record the speed of a moving object and this feature is usually not available on a dash camera. But, you may still get the record of the speed if your dash cam has GPS functionality. The GPS feature is able to calculate the speed of your vehicle based on the real-time location of your car and the distance it is covering in a particular time frame. Thus, you may get the speed recording feature with some dash cams that have a built-in GPS.

3. Do dash cams work when the car is off?

Ans: Dash cams can work even when your car engine is off since they are connected to your car’s battery. And, your car’s battery will supply input to the system as long as the power is not completely turned off. Almost all cars have this feature for powering a range of electrical appliances in the car like lights, AC, or the music player without turning on the engine. If you want 24-hour performance with your dash cam system, you should look for a rechargeable unit that has a built-in battery that can keep the device running at least 6 to 8 hours without needing a recharge.


Right now, it is the best time to invest in a decent dash cam set for your car since these units are getting more and more affordable every day. The sooner you get one installed in your car, the sooner you will get an enhanced security level in your car. Even if you are looking for an option under $100, you will have a bunch of options, and choosing just one can get a little tricky. To make this simple for you, we have shortlisted the best options under $100 on our list of the best dash cams given here. Thus, you are bound to find a handful of perfect dash cam sets under your budget right here. We also have a buying guide that will help you sort through these options and select the perfect option based on your requirements. On the other hand, we will recommend you check out our top picks from this list for a quicker approach.

  • If you are on a tight budget, then you can simply go with the Biuone Dash Camera without worrying about other choices. This is the cheapest option that we have for our list of the best dash cams. But, it still offers many great specifications such as standard 1080p FHD recording via a high-quality Sony camera sensor. It also supports super night vision and comes with a 3 inches display which can be easily installed on your dashboard. AS for the recording angles, the Biuone Dash Camera supports 170 degree wide angle for the front and 140 degrees wide angle for the rear unit.
  • But, if you want a standard quality option within the $100 price range, we will strongly recommend checking out the Volway Mirror Dash Cam. Unlike any other option on this list, this set includes a 1- inches wide touchscreen display with an IPS screen. So, the display won’t have any complaints at all. Even the camera sensor used for the Volway Mirror Dash Cam is the SonyIMX 335 sensor which is perfect for high-speed video recording. You also get up to 1440p recording resolution support with this set.
  • If the recording resolution is an important factor for you, then we will suggest going with the PRUVEEO Front and Cabin dash cam set since it is the cheapest option that offers up to a 4K recording resolution. However, you will be able to record only at 1080p resolution if you are using both front and rear cameras at the same time. It has built-in WiFi that ensures a flawless connection of the system with all WiFi-enabled devices. It comes with a 2 inches wide super compact digital display which might be the best option if you don’t have a lot of space to install the PRUVEEO Front and Cabin dash cam PRUVEEO Front and Cabin dash cam set.

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