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tinyML apps team with radar sensors

Imagimob offers two tinyML applications for gesture recognition and fall detection using radar sensors from Texas Instruments. The applications are available as starter projects in Imagimob AI, a tinyML development platform for machine learning on edge devices.

Paired with Texas Instruments’ IWR6843 60-GHz sensor, these applications give developers a head start to creating and testing a production-ready application. The gesture recognition app recognizes six different predefined gestures that can be used for human machine interfacing in automotive and industrial settings. The fall detection algorithm works with the radar sensor mounted on a wall in a room or an appliance to detect a person falling down.

Download a free trial of Imagimob AI using the link to the product page below. The free trial program includes a number of starter projects and content packs, plus one month of free usage. Evaluation boards for the IWR6843 and IWR6843AOP (antenna on package) sensor chips are available from Texas Instruments

Imagimob AI product page


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