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Receiver shrinks wireless power implementation

The PMT 100 is a wireless power receiver from Powermat that enables up to 40-W power transfer for small device charging. It works without a microcontroller on the receiver side and requires minimal peripheral components, enabling smaller, more discreet portable products and reduced implementation costs.

Based on the company’s SmartInductive technology, the PMT 100 offers a hybrid solution between inductive and resonance wireless charging. Powermat says the use of SmartInductive charging enables more power, greater freedom of positioning, and longer ranges between wireless power transmitters and receivers. The PMT 100 brings these features to small form-factor IoT devices such as fitness trackers, wearables, medical sensors, smart locks, and small size drones.

In addition to maximum charge power of 40 W, the PMT 100 receiver features:

  • Maximum battery voltage: 30 V
  • Maximum charge current: 2A
  • Operation frequency: 100 kHz to 300 kHz
  • Up to 15-mm coil-to-coil distance
  • Up to 15-mm lateral misalignment
  • Software-controlled DC/DC functionality
  • Optimized power transfer efficiency in low-power mode
  • Foreign object detection based on Q factor
  • Powermat transmitter compatible

The PMT 100 can be tailored to meet customer product requirements. Contact the Powermat sales team here.

PMT 100 product page

Powermat Technologies

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