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7 Best Box Fan Reviews in 2022

There are a lot of things you can install in your houses or offices to implement an active cooling solution. These accessories are especially important in summer when there is little to no natural airflow and the temperature keeps on increasing every day. In such situations, even a basic table fan or box fan can offer you the airflow you need to maintain your body temperature.

If you are planning to get a couple of box fans for your office, public lobbies, or just a single unit for your living room or bedroom, you have come to the right place. Before we discuss the best options available in the market for a box fan, let us talk about what you need to be aware of before you buy one.

  • Weight: Table fans or box fans are usually preferred because of their portability. And since there are battery-powered options available now for such units, you can also use these fans outdoors without any problem. However, it is only possible if the fans are easier to travel with. The portability of the box fan majorly depends upon its weight. If the box fan is too heavy, you may find it troublesome to move around the room, let alone use it outdoors.
  • Size: While you are buying a box fan, make sure you take its exact dimensions into account before finalizing your choice. The size of a box fan not only affects its overall performance but also your installation location as well as its portability. Larger fans are usually a bad idea if you are planning to keep them in a cramped space. On the other hand, smaller options will simply offer an unsatisfactory performance for larger halls and corridors.
  • Type of Fan: Even though you have decided that you want a box fan for your application, you should consider the fact that not all box fans are the same. While some options are designed to be installed on a table or a window, some let you put the unit directly on the floor. You can get an idea about the type of box fan by simply taking a look at its design and checking whether it has rubber bushings at the bottom or not.

Today, we are going to discuss the best option available in the market for a box fan. We have selected these options based on the features discussed above. With each of our picks, we will offer you detailed information and a brief review, allowing you to understand the box fan completely and decide whether it is suitable for you or not. Furthermore, we are also going to include a Buying Guide for the best box fan that will further help you with your purchase.

Best Box Fan 2022

Best Box Fan Reviews

1. Hurricane Box Fan

Hurricane Box Fan

Hurricane is the most renowned brand when it comes to home appliances, especially portable fans. Apart from the box fan mentioned here, Hurricane has a lot more to offer from their portable fan collection.

Starting off our list of the best box fans, we have the  Hurricane Box Fan. This is a 20 inches fan that is designed to serve all common purposes. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as homes, garages, workshops, and much more. It has a quiet yet powerful motor powering the fan which generates a pretty cool breeze.

For energy efficiency, the  Hurricane Box Fan features 3 speed adjustment options. The speed can be adjusted up to 2400 CFM where the fan will rotate at 1100 RPM. The feet on the  Hurricane Box Fan are adjustable which allows you to securely place the fan directly on the floor without any problem. This fan is ETL certified which ensures its safety.

Best Features

  • Box fan as 20 inches wide
  • Suitable for floor installations
  • Powered by wired electric connection
  • ETL certified box fan


  • Comes with 3 speed adjustment settings
  • Offers 2400 CFM air flow
  • Operates at 1100 RPM


  • Design could’ve been better

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2. PELONIS Box Fan


While we are listing popular options for box fans, let us talk about the following option designed by PELONIS. This is also one of the most popular options available in the market right now for a standard box fan.

In 2nd place, we have the PELONIS box fan. This is also a 20 inch box fan designed for floor installations. As it has a simple knob on the top for speed adjustment, you can easily adjust the speed settings between 3 preset options for an optimum amount of airflow. There are high-performance blades available on this unit since this is a premium range box fan.

The fans are safe inside a safety grill so that everyone else around the fan will be safe, especially children. Even with a high-powered motor and high-quality blades, the PELONIS box fan is quite a lightweight option for a box fan. You will also get a year of warranty on the PELONIS box fan which is perfect for a premium choice.

Best Features

  • Box fan as 20 inches wide
  • Suitable for floor installations
  • Powered by wired electric connection
  • Comes with a year of warranty


  • Quiet and lightweight option
  • 3-speed adjustment setting
  • Safe and durable construction


  • Other options are a bit more cheap

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3. BLACK+DECKER Mini Box Fan


If you want a compact option, then the following box fan made by Black Decker is the only choice on this list for you. This also happens to be the cheapest option for a box fan on this list.

Our 3rd choice for the best box fan is the Black Decker Mini Box Fan. Unlike every other option present on this list, the Black Decker Mini Box Fan offers ease of installation for compact spaces  as it is only 9 inches wide. And with that, it features a small motor which enables a quieter operation.

Since this is a portable option, Black Decker has decided to offer a battery-powered motor on this fan. Therefore, you can carry this fan with you on a camping trip and use it outdoors with the right batteries. Another distinct feature of the Black Decker Mini Box Fan is its frameless design. While it still contains a grill over the fan, the overall footprint of the unit is reduced by a lot.

Best Features

  • Box fan as 9 inches wide
  • Suitable for window installations
  • Powered by batteries
  • Unique frameless design


  • Most affordable box fan
  • Best option for portable usage
  • Features battery-powered operation


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4. Genesis Box Fan

Genesis Box Fan

Back to standard options for box fans, we have a great choice coming next on our list from Genesis. Apart from this unit, you can also find other types of fans from Genesis such as stand fans, window fans, clip fans, etc.

The Genesis Box Fan is also a standard 20 inches fan that we are including on our picks. You will notice a pretty familiar design aspect on this fan since most box fans in this price range are designed in the same way. However, this fan is designed for floor installations so that it is ready to use right after unboxing.

The Genesis Box Fan features a durable copper motor that is capable of maintaining a high-fan speed without any issues. Also, the motor is ensured to last a long time while keeping the performance same. You will also have the option to adjust the fan speed within 3 modes as per your choice.

Best Features

  • Box fan as 20 inches wide
  • Suitable for floor installations
  • Powered by wired electric connection
  • 3 speed adjustment options


  • High-quality copper motor
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Standard size box fan


  • It does not have the battery option

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5. Godting 1 Box Fan

Godting 1 Box Fan

Unlike many other brands on this list, Godting is a versatile brand which offers a wide range of products and is not limited to box fans. Since it has received a lot of positive response from users, we have decided to include it on our list.

The Godting box fan is the first option present on the list that features both, the standard 20 inches fan size along with a compact exterior design. With these specifications, the Godting box fan will offer a satisfying performance both indoor as well as outdoors. The safety grills of the Godting box fan do not extend further than the fan itself, keeping its footprint compact.

Even in terms of weight, the Godting box fan does not lose its portability as it weighs only 7 lbs. The Godting box fan can be used for a wide range of applications for indoor as well as outdoor applciations like heating, cooling, and forced air-flow generation.

Best Features

  • Box fan as 20 inches wide
  • Suitable for table installations
  • Powered by corded electrical connection
  • Lightweight and portable box fan


  • Design is pretty compact
  • Offers the standard 20 inches fan
  • Versatile in terms of application


  • It does not have the battery option

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6. Air King 9723 Box Fan

Air King 9723 Box Fan

Up next, we have the most premium option available in the market for a box fan. This box fan is made by Air King, a famous brand in the market known for its wide range of fans.

The Air King 9723 might just be what you are looking for if you want a box fan for commercial applications. This is a 20 inches box fan that offers 3 speed adjustment for offering optimum performance level. As for the motor, you will find a permanently lubricated 1/25 HP motor powering the fan on this unit. Since the motor is completely maintenance free, its performance won\t degrade over time.

As for the build quality, the Air King 9723 features an impact resistant grill that manages to prevent all sorts of external damage to the blades. Within the package, you will find an 8-foot long power cord that is certainly helpful if you want to install the fan a bit farther from the wall socket. Air King is offering a year of warranty on the Air King 9723 which is great considering this is a highly premium option.

Best Features

  • Box fan as 20 inches wide
  • Suitable for window installations
  • Powered by wired electric connection
  • Permanently lubricated 1/25 HP motor


  • Comes with 8-foot long cord
  • Offers 2140 CFM air flow
  • Maintenance free motor


  • Very expensive choice for a box fan

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7. Lasko Black Decor Box Fan

Lasko Black Decor Box Fan

We will finish off our list of the best box fans with a budget option for a box fan. This box fan is made by Lasko and it offers almost all necessary features within a suitable price tag.

Coming at the end of our picks for the best box fans, we have the Lasko box fan. This is also a slime and compact box fan despite housing a 20 inches wide fan. And as there are thin grills present on both sides of the fan, you can expect a powerful airflow once you turn ON this box fan. With the smart design and power-efficient motors, Lasko box fan manages to keep its running cost below 2-cents per hour.

You can also notice a control-knob mounted on the top of the fan that allows speed adjustment setting within 3 preset options. Even on the highest setting, you won’t notice much of a noise with this fan. For further safety, the Lasko box fan comes with rounded corners as well as a dedicated handle to make it easier to carry.

Best Features

  • Box fan as 20 inches wide
  • Suitable for window installations
  • Powered by wired electric connection
  • It has a handle and rounded corners


  • Great option for the price
  • Safe to use around children
  • Airflow capacity is great


  • Not the best option for floor setup

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Buying Guide For The Best Box Fan

So far, we have offered you the best option we could find in the market for a box fan. If you don’t already know, box fans are the best option for a personal fan that offers you the perfect amount of airflow. While there are many other alternatives available for compact fans, box fans are the most popular option since they are pretty simple and effective.

Right now, you can also find a decent box fan powered by batteries instead of a corded connection to allow portable usage. If you are not sure which of these options is the right choice for you, don’t worry. We are bringing this helpful buying guide to help you with just that. In this guide, we will talk more about the important features of a box fan and discuss their importance and how they may affect your application.

1. Noise Levels

Noise levels are supposed to be as low as possible for all types of home appliances. This factor is especially important for fans since you will be using one for multiple hours every day and a noisy unit can easily get on your nerves. And if you are buying a box fan for your living room or bedroom, it has to offer an absolutely quiet performance that will allow you to relax after a hard day at work in blazing summers.

The noise level produced by a box fan, or any type of fan for that matter, is dependent upon the motor powering the fan as well as its outer casing. If the motor is noisy, there isn’t a lot you can do about it except using the fan at a slower speed. But if the noise is generated because of a lousy exterior, you can try to disassemble and reassemble the casing and see if it makes any change.

2. Type of Fan

Another important factor that you should keep in mind while buying a box fan is the type of fan you are going to buy. Even though box fans are already a separate category from compact fans, there are a few sub-categories in this genre. The type of box fan you are buying will depend upon its power type or design.

Based on the design, there are 2 major types of box fans. Ultimately, it changes the preferred installation location of the fan. While some options are suitable for windows, some are simply needed to be placed on the floor. In terms of power source, you will find 2 sub-types that are corded electric options and portable options that are powered by batteries. If you want to know more about the power source of a box fan, takes look at the following section.

3. Power Source

While you are looking for a box fan, you will find 2 different options that are battery-powered fans and traditional corded electric fans. The corded electric box fans will require an AC port to work. In some cases, you may even need an adapter for the connection based on the AC outlet available in your house.

Even though these options are comparatively more powerful and reliable, they cannot be moved from one place to another. You will also have to find a permanent location for the box fan which is near an AC wall socket, which is not always possible. Battery-powered options on the other hand are more focused on portability. Thus, you will find these options a bit smaller in comparison. And to save power, the motor used in battery-powered fans is also less power-consuming.

4. Design

Coming to the most important quality of the box fan, the design. Since the box fans only have 2 important parts which are the fan and the casing, their overall design plays an important role in their applicability. The design of the box fans affects almost all other factors such as portability, noise levels, performance, etc. Therefore you should pay extra attention to the design of the box fan before buying it.

First of all, you need to check the dimensions of the box fan and make sure that it is the right size for your installation. Along with that, also check the casing has a thicker or slimmer mesh design. If the mesh is too thick, it might obstruct the airflow. An overly slim mesh on the other hand will make the device susceptible to damage caused by external impact. Lastly, make sure that the looks of the box fan are suitable for your living room decor and that its colors won’t go against your theme.


Q. Are box fans good for bedrooms?

Box fans are some of the most affordable, compact, and quite compact fans you can find in the market. And since these fans offer great performance and cooling effect in compact rooms, they are a pretty good option for bedrooms. If you are finding your bedroom too hot on summer nights, you should get your hands on a decent box fan to comfort you. For such an application, the best option would be a lightweight yet powerful fan that offers speed adjustment options.

Q. How can I clean a box fan?

Cleaning a box fan is pretty simple. As the box fans are very straightforward in terms of construction, you can easily take apart the fan yourself and clean the fan thoroughly without any problem. If the fan is already in good shape, it would only need a basic dust wipe and it will appear as good as new. You can also clean the fan without disassembling it by using a vacuum cleaner or pressure air blower.

Q. Are box fans expensive in terms of running costs?

Box fans are usually very small. The largest option you would find for a box fan will be around 20 inches in size. Naturally, the fans installed in such units will be equally smaller and powered by a low-power motor. As a result, the overall running cost of the box fans is quite low, especially if you compare that to standard ceiling fans or air coolers. Thanks to the low running cost, you can also leave the box fans active throughout the night without any problem.


Box fans are a preferred choice of compact and portable fans for a lot of users. As the name suggests, box fans are basically small fans enclosed in a square box, and that’s pretty much it. Even though these fans are quite affordable and simple in construction, there are multiple variations available in the market for these units such as window box fans, floor box fans, battery-powered fans, and standard corded fans. Etc. On our list, we have included a decent box fan of every type so that you can definitely find at least one suitable choice present right here. If you are not sure which one to pick, consider reading our buying guide for help. As for our suggestions, these are our favorite picks from this list.

Even though box fans are already pretty cheap, there are a few brands like the Black Decker that offer ultimate budget options that are perfect for basic applications. The BLACK DECKER Mini Box Fan is one such option that offers pretty good performance for a 9 inches box fan. Even though it is a small option, it still offers 3-speed adjustment settings along with a quiet air-flow circulation to help you relax at night.

On the other hand, you should prefer a larger option like the PELONIS Box Fan for larger area coverage. This is a floor box fan that offers forced air circulation with 3-speed fan control which makes it adjustable according to your needs. It also offers high-performance blades that significantly increase the airflow, covering a large area. And the 20 inches fan size certainly covers up compatibility for most applications.

Battery-powered options are usually low-powered units that are compact and suitable for smaller applications. But the Godting 1 Box Fan is definitely an exclusion for that as this 20 inches fan offers battery-powered operation. Therefore, you will be able to use this fan for outdoor trips and other similar applications without any problem. It also has 3-speed adjustments and allows you to put it directly on the floor for easier installation.

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