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Robust, Light, and Ultra-Compact Connector for Automotive/Aerospace Applications

LEMO has added new High-Power connectors with gold-plated contacts to its existing range of M series connector portfolios. The new connectors offer robust, light & compact with high conductance. The conductors are capable of accommodating cables from 10 mm² (AWG 8) to 50 mm² (AWG 1) and come in various unipole & multipole configurations for single and three-phase requirements.

According to the company, these new configurations were developed to satisfy the most stringent connection requirements used in demanding environmental conditions and mission-critical solutions such as in robotics, automotive, motorsport, defense, aerospace, etc. The connectors are capable of handling up to 430A rated current, and the company claims that these products have the smallest shell size connector in the market to offer such a high current.

The M series of connectors are oil and fuel resistant which makes them suitable for high-temperature applications such as automobiles and aerospace applications. These connectors are available in different sizes and configurations and can handle current from 140 Amp to 430 Amps. These connectors also offer a complete 360-degree screening for full EMC shielding. The connectors come in a highly shock and vibration resistant compact design with a secure ratchet coupling mechanism.

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