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Arm debuts powerhouse Cortex-M processor

Arm’s Cortex-M85 processor is the highest-performing and most secure Cortex-M to date, with improved machine learning and enhanced security. The company is also expanding its Arm Virtual Hardware to more platforms, including third-party devices, to make the IoT and embedded development process more accessible.

Based on the Armv8-M architecture, the Cortex-M85 provides a natural upgrade path for Armv8-M applications requiring significantly higher performance and increased security. The device offers a 30% scalar performance upgrade compared to the Cortex-M7 and leverages Arm’s Helium vector extension technology to support endpoint machine learning and DSP workloads. It delivers over 6 CoreMarks/MHz and more than 3 DMIPS/MHz to enable demanding use cases to be realized on a single processor.

Along with the optimized security features of TrustZone for Armv8-M, the Cortex-M85 provides pointer authentication and branch target identification (PACBTI). The PACBTI extension is designed to mitigate return-oriented programming (ROP) and jump-oriented programming (ROP) security exploit attacks. It also helps developers achieve PSA Certified Level 2 security.

The Cortex-M85 is available for licensing now and can be accessed immediately as Arm Virtual Hardware in the cloud as part of Arm Total Solutions for IoT.

Cortex-M85 product page


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