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RF analyzer gains enhanced dynamic front end

Outfitted with a new front end, the R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer delivers greater error vector magnitude (EVM) measurement accuracy. The modified front end is complemented by microwave hardware optimized for frequencies above 26 GHz. This makes the instrument well-suited for testing any high-end communication component or system, including 5G NR FR2 or IEEE 802.11ay/ad chipsets, amplifiers, user equipment, and base stations.

The analyzer features a wide internal analysis bandwidth, which allows the characterization of wideband components and communications systems. Its measurement applications simplify and speed up in-depth analysis of the physical layer, allowing testing at higher frequencies and wider measurement bandwidths.

The FSW-B24U enhanced dynamic front end addresses the challenging requirements for EVM performance in the mmWave range. It will ship as standard with the FSW43, FSW50, and FSW67 analyzer models. The FSW-B24U can also be ordered as an upgrade to many FSW signal and spectrum analyzers already in use.

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Rohde & Schwarz  

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