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Adaptive compute platform adds AI engines

The Versal Premium series with AI Engines, part of the Xilinx 7-nm adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP), boasts extreme signal processing. By combining AI engines with DSP engines, Versal Premium delivers a 4X increase in signal processing capacity compared to the last-generation Virtex UltraScale+ VU13P FPGA. It aslo eliminates I/O bottlenecks with up to 9 Tb/s serial bandwidth.

According to Xilinx, Versal Premium series with AI Engines offers significantly reduced size, weight, and power through heterogeneous, power-optimized integration of hardened, ASIC-like cores. In radar beamforming applications, for example, the heterogeneous compute engines enable 67% smaller footprint and up to 43% lower power with 2X beamforming performance. Available cores include 100G/600G Ethernet cores, 400G high-speed crypto engines, DDR memory controllers, and integrated PCIe Gen5 blocks.

ACAPs in the Versal Premium series with AI Engines are optimized for signal processing-intensive applications in aerospace and defense, as well as test and measurement. Primary use-cases include radar applications, signals intelligence, wireless system testing, and wireless device testing.

The Versal Premium series with AI Engines is expected to begin shipping in the first half of next year. Customers can start test driving now by prototyping with existing Versal Premium and Versal AI Core evaluation kits.

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