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PCB design software adds collision detection

Version 12.0 of Pulsonix PCB software performs 3D collision detection to reveal space violations in multi-board and folded board designs. This allows designers to visualize boards in a stacked or folded configuration to ensure components fit together in the intended space. Automated clash detection flags any space violations, and designers have the option to ignore clashes that are intended for known connection points, such as plugs and sockets.

The PCB design software from Pulsonix is also faster, with 64-bit implementation and additional multi-threading capabilities to speed up time-consuming tasks. Users can quickly visualize design changes in 3D, even with large designs and stacked boards. New 3D capabilities are integrated into a consolidated 3D design menu that organizes setup and operation for a more intuitive workflow, while minimizing complexity.

Other features include a dark mode option to change the background scheme, along with compatible dark mode toolbar icons. Additional rules and DRC checking bring enhanced functionality to the software’s interactive high-speed mode. With new rules like stub routing length, loop antenna, return paths, SMD to corner, and SMD to plane rules, developers can achieve greater precision when designing critical advanced circuits.

To learn more about Pulsonix PCB design software, click here.


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