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Fibocom launches OpenCPU platform for 5G FWA

Based on its FG160 3GPP R16-compliant 5G module, Fibocom’s OpenCPU platform eliminates the need for an external MCU. The company says that OpenCPU for the 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) market not only accelerates product development, but also improves the price-performance ratio.

Instead of an external MCU, the OpenCPU embedded solution uses the FG160 module as the main processor, reducing power consumption of terminal devices. The platform supports secondary development based on application requirements, remote over-the-air firmware upgrades, and secure data transmission. It simplifies circuit design by reducing peripheral devices, which makes hardware design easier for developers.

With OpenCPU, the FG160 5G NR sub-6-GHz module can be configured for Wi-Fi 6E, up to 160 MHz of bandwidth, and 4096 QAM. The module provides maximum downlink rates of 3.5 Gbps and uplink rates of 900 Mbps under 5G. It can also be configured for wired network deployment, enabling 10-Gbps Ethernet. Rather than transferring data via UART, the OpenCPU FG160 system preconfigures encryption algorithms, allowing higher security for critical data transmission.

Fibocom’s OpenCPU FG160 has been successfully verified for practical use cases in the field, empowering FWA application scenarios such as mobile WiFi, indoor unit (IDU), and outdoor unit (ODU) access points. For more information, contact the Fibocom sales team.

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