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Panel Discussion: The Path Ahead for Terabit Hyperscale Cloud Computing Networks and the EDGE with AI & ML

In the innovation age, technology advancements are always in development. The next technology node with Terabit hyperscalers will make huge improvements in bandwidth utilization, data delivery, and application enablement. The move to 800G and 1.6T in the hyperscale data center networks enabled by massive cloud compute power would lead to a gargantuan increase in end-user bandwidth & throughput, while significantly reducing power consumption and cost. It is expected that Terabit upload & download speeds with ultra-low latency & unlimited bandwidth will be the order of the day in the next one decade or less.

• Pradeep Jhunjhunwala, Vice President & Head of Cloud Engineering, Reliance Jio
• Vikas Chib, Senior Data Scientist, Infineon Technologies India Pvt Ltd
• Girish Baliga, Manager-Marketing, Business Development & Sales (EMEA, India) at Keysight Technologies
• Sudipta Saha, Practice Lead – IX Plant Engineering Operations, Accenture

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