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Test platform characterizes mixed-digital RF devices

Keysight’s digital wideband transceiver test offering combines hardware and software to accelerate the entire design cycle. The test platform compares digital and RF signals between device input and output, measuring the transmitter and receiver responses independent from other test instrumentation.

On the hardware side, the N52xxB PNA/PNA-X vector network analyzer serves as a flexible microwave test engine for measuring amplifiers, mixers, frequency converters, and other active devices. For configuration assistance, S946001B device measurement eXpert software enables users to set up complex measurements for various types of devices.

A second program, S94610B digital wideband transceiver analysis software, offers test waveform creation and configuration assistance for setting up mixed-digital RF devices. Wideband stimulus waveforms are generated by the VXG vector signal generator (M938xB), while the PNA-X device measurement eXpert software provides device characterization and a control interface.

Keysight reports that these products reduce weeks of in-house measurement and data analysis effort to a few minutes. They can be leveraged at not only the component and subsystem levels, but also the system level, including whole signal paths of 5G phased-array antennas using massive MIMO technology. Together, they maintain high measurement accuracy with gigahertz bandwidth in millimeter wave frequencies.

For more information about Keysight’s digital wideband transceiver test solution, click here.

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