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Multispectral camera hones defect detection

A line scan camera from Teledyne Dalsa provides spectrally independent RGB and NIR outputs to detect defects on and under the surface. The Linea ML 8k multispectral camera can be used for examining a wide variety of materials, components, and products, providing accurate defect detection without spectral interference.

Outfitted with a CMOS 8k quad linear sensor with a 5×5-μm pixel size, the camera delivers a maximum line rate of 70 kHz via a Camera Link High Speed (CLHS) fiber-optic interface. The Linea ML also has built-in SFP+ transceivers that convert electrical signals to optical signals. It connects directly to fiber-optic cables using LC connectors to allow extended cable lengths up to 300 meter. Independent exposure control for each channel achieves better white balancing.

The Linea ML 8k multispectral camera is 76×76×85 mm and operates over a temperature range of 0° to +65°C. It works with the Xtium2 series of CLHS frame grabbers for high-speed image transfers to host memory without CPU overhead.

Linea ML product page

Teledyne Dalsa  

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